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Why even associate with family members who make you feel bad? On the other hand, what can you do to turn the situation around? Here’s how to erase the hurt, and powerfully change things!

Before you give up on a family, watch this video. The solution to this situation is easy to learn, and will give you the power to change your life in so many ways.

No one should be a victim of, or allow abuse in any relationship. What is here said is not be taken in the context of an abusive relationship. Get away from an abuser quickly and safely.

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Subtitles for the video :

Would you continue associating with family members who look down on you for no reason would you still want to keep a relationship with them what a great question would I continue to hang out with or spend time with or have a relationship with family members who look down on me for no reason probably not but don’t give up on them yet I’m going to break down a few things for you first of all abuse is not allowed if you allow abuse that’s abuse you must not allow abuse in your life anywhere it’s your job to end all abuse in your life if someone is abusive to you let them know kindly that you’ll have a conversation with them when they’re ready to stop being that way personally if someone’s abusive to me once that’s the end i don’t even waste my time trying to give them um a second chance because usually they’re not willing to do the work but there is an exception a really important and really powerful exception there is very possibly something inside of you that’s attracting people being abusive to you have you ever noticed that it’s not just one person has it happened too many times in your life it’s a really common thing to repeat patterns of abuse right people date abusive people over and over people attract abusive bosses over and over and when you tell that person well you’re abusive or you look down on me for no reason so i don’t want to hang out with you anymore.

Then you find someone else who does it to you so what’s the point the point is you’re the problem but but they’re being mean to me i know it’s not that you’re doing it on purpose you’re not doing anything wrong and there’s nothing wrong with you the problem is not you the problem is that inside of you inside of your unconscious mind is programming that’s attracting the experience and you don’t want to attract that experience anymore so you’ve got to remove the magnet in you that’s attracting it you probably got it from your parents or your ancestry or maybe you were born with it but it’s stuck in you and once we get this magnet of you this negative programming enemy you’ll stop attracting the experience and you’ll end the pattern forever I’ll give you an example i know someone who always dates always dated women who are mean to him and this guy he’s like the nicest guy he’s so like romantic and smart and he’s like every girl’s dream guy in many ways and yet he always ends up with the mean girl why well because it’s program it’s a pattern inside of his unconscious mind and the way that he was able to release his last relationship and by the way so much happier was to continue to use the right tools to erase the program in the unconscious mind that would attract that pattern of course the right tools are the seven steps to reprogramming yourself and the five-step emotional eraser now there are a couple other tools that we teach that form the four major tools of transformation when i say we i mean me and my smith instructors because nobody else teaches our material it’s completely original and copyrighted so only we have it I’m sorry that’s how it really is.

It can be tough because it’s my dream for every person in the world to know how to do that and remove these repeating patterns you deserve that you really deserve that I’ll give you another example okay one of my students her name is uh Rocio at her job she had been there for years and years and years they brought in a new manager and this new manager her new boss was mean to her in fact the new boss was mean to everybody and Rocio couldn’t stand it she was so pissed off that this woman was so mean to her in other words looking down on her for no reason right just like we started with now the traditional method would be well I’m cutting them off because I’m not going to deal with any abuse in my life okay well that’s fine except what’s going to happen is you’re probably going to attract that experience again later somewhere else plus you really want to give up your job no she didn’t want to give up her job so her husband he’s an amazing guy he says we’re honey before you quit your job let’s try applying the seven steps for your programming yourself and erase all of your anger about this woman being so mean and see what happens first okay so she takes a week vacation they go to Costa Rica where she grew up and while they’re there they erase all her anger so when she thinks about this woman’s meanness she doesn’t feel anything anymore she is completely clear of any negative emotion about this boss’s meanness she can think about all those times that she was mean nothing she goes into work first day back from vacation and this mean lady runs up to her and hugs her Rocio said she embraced me and she’d never embraced me before.

And then the boss holder we all missed you and we’re so glad you’re back who is this person this is not my boss this is someone else where did my main boss go now the funny thing was that the story went on that Rocio began to notice that later on this woman was still mean to other people just not to her isn’t that interesting i have a whole uh training series called guide to better relationships it’s free it’s on YouTube you can just sign up for it maybe we can remember to put a link at the bottom for these viewers and in that there’s a whole video just about mirroring and matching energy or mirroring and matching patterns so Rocio cleared the match with her boss so there was not that mirror anymore between the two of them her boss still had her meanness issue and other people mirrored and masked other people had a magnet that was matching and attracting with the boss or Rocio removed her magnet so she no longer had the issue the boss anymore even though everyone else did isn’t that crazy so before you just give up on your family member who looks down on you for no reason at all try erasing how it makes you feel that they look down on you think about it think about a time that they looked down on you and said something that felt to you was wrong it was demeaning it was unkind it was abusive however you want to describe it.

Think about that time from the beginning to the end how do you feel where do you feel that in your body you probably feel anger sadness hurt something well those feelings are not because of what they said those feelings were already there this is a big secret of how the human being is designed listen carefully they did not put those feelings inside of you those feelings were already there all they did was trigger them and bring them up to the surface how do we know this is true because 20 different people that would hear the same exact thing would have 20 different reactions some people wouldn’t care at all because they don’t have a matching issue other people would be super super hurt other people would be very very angry the response depends on what programming is inside of you if you don’t have any negative programming for them to trigger any button for them to push you won’t care and the reality is you may not even attract the situation in the first place those feelings that are inside of you are yours you know what’s so amazing and fantastic about that is you can do something about that you can get rid of those negative feelings and thoughts and you can get rid of them permanently and affect real change without even having to talk to the other person without having to correct them without having to cut them off or have a fight with them or any of that stuff that people normally do you can be way smarter and way more powerful than that you can learn how to erase those negative emotions permanently if you don’t do it permanently it doesn’t work.

You understand almost every method out there is temporary and the ones very few that are permanent take forever like my student who’s a yoga master who said yeah we can erase your anxiety with 20 years of breathing exercise or we can erase it in 20 minutes with the seven steps which would you prefer she’s also now a seven steps practitioner once you permanently erase all those feelings that you feel and i mean every layer all the feelings that you feel about how they look down on you for no reason at the very least you won’t be bothered by it anymore you’ll be being a different person and when you’re projecting a different feeling a different energy a different posture because you’ve erased that unconscious crap that’s been weighing you down your whole life and you’re actually with them they might start treating you differently they might say you know you seem pretty cool to me now i don’t know what happened but you cut your hair new new clothes what’s different is you’re going to be different this reminds me of Karen.

Karen said her mom criticized her her entire life every single time she talked to her she didn’t want to talk to her mom or go visit her mom because her mom would always find something to criticize her hair her weight her clothes her relationship her job there was always something she wasn’t doing right and the very first day that we learned the seven steps reprogramming herself that day she erased all of her feelings about her mom criticizing her and then she saw her mom for lunch and then she came back and told us that the next course you guys are not going to believe what happened i saw my mom and for the first time in my life she did not criticize me at all i didn’t say anything i didn’t do anything different i just erased how it hurt me that she used to criticize me and then she stopped i can’t believe it it’s like i said that’s how it actually works and then she told us that she erased all her negative feelings about her brother and her not talking and he called her out of nowhere and she literally cried and said i got my brother back isn’t that crazy so if you want to deal with someone putting you down or looking down on you for no reason be powerful.

And first deal with yourself deal with your own energy and how you feel learn the seven steps reprogramming yourself erase every single thing that you feel learn the five step emotional eraser erase all the energy that might cause you to attract that experience and then talk to that person and see what happens because you might find that it’s gone and now you like them and they like you now you’ve actually resolved the real problem which was much deeper and below the surface than it actually seemed at first so you don’t have to cut everyone off but you do have to keep in mind every once in a while you’re going to come across an evil person associate about someone who is abusive to everyone no matter what you do and you might want to cut that kind of person off.

Remember what i said in the beginning abuse is not allowed but before you just cut someone off do the work i think the same thing in love life in in your love life in your relationships don’t break up with your sweetheart until you’ve cleared every button that they pushing you unless they’re actually physically or emotionally abusing you then separate yourself until you create every button and then see what it’s like you might just find that it wasn’t them it was just that there was this pattern between you and once you clear that you’re back in love again so check out the link below to learn about the seven steps to reprogramming yourself and about our program so you can learn how to do that i hope you’ll subscribe to my channel because i got lots more videos for you my name is Arnoux I’ll see you soon