Healing from childhood pain and deep lifelong issues isn’t easy, yet Dr. Chari was able to remove these and much more through Arnoux Goran’s transformational courses. Now she uses these life-changing techniques to help her patients with miraculous, serendipitous results!

Go from emotional pain to inner joy!


Subtitles to the Video:


so I we did the seven-step course and then the life transformation course and in that last course really really cleared some deep deep issues that have held life long since childhood and so since then so many things happen I was starting to keep a journal and I couldn’t keep track because it was it was just amazing it and it kept happening and happening and then as my brother I did this then 5-step you know over the past few weeks before this course and then when my brother was doing the five-step we noticed that the positive changes were reflected on each other then and on and our mom so you know it was like you were saying spread to to everyone and so in our practice notice that the results that we’re getting with our clients is no comparison.

It’s like hard even find words to describe it because it’s literally now miraculous Wow and when we’re doing the seventh step with them it’s they’re just like transforming right away and we’re transforming as we’re working on them and then it’s like that feedback keeps going going and then other incredible serendipitous things happen like wanting something and then somebody said oh yeah we just got it so and so we could get it and I mean and people who we weren’t hearing from before suddenly started calling and we’re so loving and friendly and it’s just been like that ripple effect has trying to find the heart that keeps cascading though it keeps building and building yeah so and the inner joy since then has been incredible and when things come up immediately I’ve get my phone and start doing the recording and listening at night and then morning if I need to and then then seeing then what happens either with emails or phone calls or you know something that may happen that would clear whatever I had been working on so it’s just been miraculous so thank you so much I know

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