Level Up Your Goran Technique (The 7 Steps)

July 10th Saturday, on Zoom 
One day course for graduates who want to reboot, restart, and relaunch their Goran Technique tool to enrich their lives.

Prerequisites: The Goran Technique or The Foundation Course

Location: Online, on Zoom

Date & Time: July 10th, Saturday, from 9:30AM to 6:30PM Pacific Time


Leveling Up


Have you have attended a Goran Technique course but have not been able to make it a part of your life? Do not find the time to do the Goran Technique? Do you think “if I just had a partner that would really help motivate me?” 
This course is for those who know that the Goran Technique works but have had difficulty integrating it into their lifestyle.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

We will address how to integrate this technique and make it a part of your life; change it from being a task to a tool to help you create the life you want. 


We will also provide an opportunity for you to find a partner, which in our experience, is a game changer. We will work on specific catch-22s such as “procrastination”, “I don’t have time”, “I’m too busy”, or whatever comes up.


 If you know the tool works but you put it in a box in a garage and you would like to see what it can really do, come to our workshop. 

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About Us

Merit Mayati

Born to a Chinese American father and Japanese American mother, I grew up in a culturally diverse area of San Francisco. My childhood was filled with traumatic experiences ranging from school-related gang bullying to parental emotional neglect and toxicity. Over the years, many traumatic experiences rooted in these events leads me down the path of suicidal thinking. Fighting for my life, I tried every form of therapy out there. I had reached the end of my rope when I discovered two new modes of therapy called the Goran Technique and The Goran Technique II. They saved my life and ignited my calling to be a healer. Certified Goran-Technique 1 & 2 instructor/consultant since 2013. 

Vangelis Guenther

Vangelis Guenther is a pioneer, a trailblazer. Vangelis obtained his university degree in Accounting, Finance, and Investments.  He began working at IBM in 1979 as an administrator, engineer, salesperson, and instructor, which allowed him to be an active participant in all the leading edge technologies – the Internet, voice over IP, cable companies, Artificial Intelligence; all in the early stages. Started his own corporation in 1993. Vangelis became a co-owner of a company in the tech field in 1997 where he taught workshops for 25 years to such companies as Cisco and IBM.  Achieving multi-milionaire status as a result of Arnoux Goran’s training Vangelis and his wife were told by their doctor that according to various tests they are 10 years younger after three years of training with Arnoux.  Vangelis has been a Certified Goran-Technique 1 & 2 instructor/consultant since 2014. 


Student Highlight

“I had panic attacks that I was taking medication for on a regular basis that were debilitating. On the 1st day of The Goran Technique course in July of 2015 I was having a panic attack and it took all that I had just to pay attention. During our first opportunity to use The Goran Technique, on day 1, I erased my panic attack and it has never come back.”

Shelly Rodgers-Hauser


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“I used to be very angry about my divorce and towards my ex-husband. After using the Goran Technique, I cleared all my anger. I saw my ex-husband at the farmer’s market, and I could talk to him in complete neutrality. I didn’t think that was even possible.” 

Teresa Maltese CEO, Sterling Staffing


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I can’t wait for you to get started transforming your life! I don’t know what issues you are dealing with…what pain or bricks of emotions you’re carrying. I don’t know what your story will become. But, I do know that having a life you’ve always dreamed of is possible for you. The Goran Technique is the method to take you there. Total transformation is literally at your fingertips. All you have to do is invest in yourself and set aside some time for you to practice the method.

You can take your life back…overnight.