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Some people deal with horrible anxiety and feelings of panic to the point it makes it difficult to function. Are prescription medications or recreational drugs the only solution? Hmm…

Arnoux Goran presents the case that his protocol, “The Goran Technique I”(Formerly known as the 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself), can resolve feelings of anxiety and panic permanently, yes… FOREVER! No matter how long you have suffered, despite the depths of the pain, you can get rid of it starting today by learning the Goran Technique I(7 Steps and freeing yourself from the shackles of those debilitating emotions!

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Subtitles to the video:

Do you have a way to cope with anxiety and panic attacks that is a great question thank you for asking that a lot of people deal with horrible anxiety to the point where they they can’t even function can you imagine waking up in sheer panic every single day i have i know exactly what that’s like and a lot of people suffer from that and a lot of times the only solution they really have is to take drugs take something to calm them down but then they don’t want to be medicated so to speak that’s frustrating to people I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but what a horrible experience to be in that state in a constant on a constant basis my brother lived in a panic attack almost his entire life up until about five years ago and he’s never had a panic attack again one of my students her name is shelly rogers she told us when she came to my live training that she literally had panic attacks every single day and then when she signed up for my course the seven steps to reprogramming yourself she was hoping she’d be able to resolve her anxiety and panic attacks at some point using my process on the very first day of the course she told us she was having a panic attack sitting in her chair the entire day and that she was literally hanging with her fingernails on a cliff trying to hold on through fear life and take notes and listen to what i was saying so she could learn the seven steps to reprogramming herself and actually do something about her anxiety hoping that there’d be a chance to practice that to day the seven steps to reprogramming yourself takes three full days and even then most people need some coaching and training after that to really get it on the first day.

However you do get to practice it in its most basic form and so there she was with her partner erasing her anxiety a panic attack she was literally having and she came up and told us that after 20 minutes it was gone 20 minutes and that it never came back ever years later she came to the seminar at 25 courses and she told the audience I’ve never had a panic attack since then that was 2015. interestingly enough then she switched with her partner and she erased her partner’s root cause of smoking cigarettes and her partner quit smoking that day never to smoke again isn’t that crazy you see the unconscious mind is so powerful it’s much more powerful than the conscious mind and when you work in the unconscious mind and make changes there you can see incredible mind-blowing changes in your life and in your reality now Shelly’s example is a really easy example only one layer of panic and it never came back that’s not actually how it happens for every person yes i have many many other examples like shelly but my example is very different i used to wake up in a panic attack every single morning every morning i wake up like this my body be freaked out and i didn’t even realize i just knew i had this anxiety i didn’t know that it should be called the panic attack until i went to some of my friends who are practitioners and they said oh no you’re having panic attacks in the morning and i said oh that’s what that is I’m waking up freaked out yeah that is a panic attack it was a result of years and years of horrific childhood abuse and trauma mind-blowingly evil stuff I’m not going to get into the horrors of my childhood but that’s where the panic ultimately came from that repeated abuse on a daily basis is a terrible thing to do to anybody and when you have repeated abuse every day for literally 15-20 years you can have more than one layer like Shelley.

And so every single morning when I woke up in panic i did the seven steps reprogramming yourself and erased one layer of panic and in my case each of these layers would take an hour to four hours not 20 minutes that’s crazy hardly anybody will have any layer even one layer that takes a whole hour most people don’t have any layers that intense but if you were abused as a child you might be like me and my brother and have some layers of panic that are really intense and could take more than 20 minutes to clear and that the thing was for me the next day wake up and another panic attack the next layer that’s all that it was it didn’t mean that it didn’t work the first layer was gone it was just the next layer and then the next day and then the next day for 300 days in a row and then one day i woke up nothing no panic no more nothing and guess what happened the next day nothing the next day nothing the next day the next year the next five years nothing gone forever in my case 300 intense layers why i had one of the most horrific childhoods imaginable Shelly’s case one layer only 20 minutes well you’re probably going to be somewhere in between 99 of people are going to be somewhere in the realm of Shelley one to five layers and then you have the rare person who was severely abused it’s going to be more than five layers like for example people with depression sometimes they got many many many layers okay what do you do you keep going until you get to the last layer because like i did no more panic attacks my brother was the same no panic attacks for him for five years you know how that makes me feel.

I mean he’s my brother we’re so close we love each other so much and to see him in that stressful panic feeling was terrible and to have him come up on stage in front of a huge audience and say i haven’t had a panic attack in four years that was more than a year ago that’s amazing so when people ask me do you have a way to deal with stress or anxiety or panic attacks yes i do now i know it might sound too good to be true because you might have been to all different types of practitioners who had no way of resolving your panic in fact they probably told you there is no way how many times have you heard someone say there’s no way it’s going to be there with you forever well don’t listen to them when someone tells you there’s no way to do it that just means they don’t know how that doesn’t mean there is no way that’s ridiculous that’s that’s not what winners say champions don’t say there’s no way to do it they say I’m going to figure out how to do it which is exactly what i did when i tried to find out how to get rid of negative emotions permanently the world told me there is no way to do that and what did i say to the world yes there is you just haven’t figured it out yet and then i did figure it out i used it for myself and then i realized other people wanted to learn it and use it too so i started teaching other people until it became this huge thing i didn’t actually realize at the time they invented the seven steps to reprogramming yourself that it was a monumental breakthrough in human consciousness.

And that no one in human history had ever figured out how to delete negative thoughts from the unconscious mind permanently I’m sorry if you’re a hypnosis or nlp practitioner i have a master’s in both those methods are all about putting positive things in the unconscious but not taking out the negative ones which is what you really want to do you can put all the happy peaceful programs that you want to the unconscious it’s not going to necessarily get rid of someone’s anxiety if you can delete the actual cause of the anxiety it never comes back Joyce Schumacher what an amazing story you know she came to the seminar and she got in front of everyone and said that she was having panic attacks for 18 years can you imagine 18 years and she did the seven steps she never told us how many layers she had when she shared her testimonial she just said i did the seven steps and i haven’t had any panic attacks since 18 years of suffering just gone it’s amazing it’s amazing and she said that when she would go on an airplane she i think it was was Joyce said she’d get panic attacks going on airplanes and it’s just not there.

I remember her specifically saying it’s just not part of who i am anymore and the people who suffer with anxiety feel like that’s part of who they are because it’s so stuck with them it’s like part of their life constantly and when it’s really gone it’s amazing because at first you wake up and you forget that you ever had panic attacks or that you ever had anxiety and then one day you realized oh my god i used to have anxiety all the time what happened to it oh yeah i erased it it’s like you wake up in a parallel universe where it never existed at all you can only imagine how it feels to be me to have so many people say i don’t have anxiety i don’t have panic attacks anymore after going to my program it feels amazing and i want everyone to know this it’s my dream that everyone in the world will know how to erase the negative emotions and thoughts from their own conscious in a permanent way so that we can change this planet nobody needs to live with panic attacks or anxiety anymore and the only reason why someone is still living with that is because they haven’t met me and taken my program.

That’s the only reason they just don’t know how and i have figured out not just how to do it but how to teach it so everyone can understand it you can take that course right now on demand as fast as you want go through the whole three day training in two days on your phone anywhere in the world you can do it right now you don’t have to wait and you can literally after four hours of training just like char lie you race the first layer oh my goodness what are you waiting for if you want to learn more about the seven steps to reprogramming yourself click on the link below and find out more i have a bunch of free webinars and free videos like this one where you can learn more about what i do and about how your mind works but really what are you waiting for just go right to the seven steps information page and learn more about it I’ll tell you all all the things you want to know about it how it works how you can do it and even how to be a practitioner if you want to help other people my name is Arnoux thanks for watching I hope you subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you soon.