Have you ever wanted and needed something so badly, like a job, yet it never seemed to “manifest”? At a “7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself” seminar taught by Arnoux Goran, Wayne discovered how to manifest his dream job. After clearing his subconscious layoff trauma, he set the intention of find a job paying $6,000 a month. Watch as he shares his miraculous, almost instantaneous results!

The Law of Attraction cannot bring you what your subconscious mind is blocking. You cannot manifest what you are unconsciously preventing.

Learn how to get rid of the parts of your subconscious that stop you from manifesting your dream job…and learn to live the life of your dreams!

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Subtitles to the video:
It has been an amazing weekend. So today I’ve been kind of avoiding this all weekend and today was the day that this got cleared up. So I was laid off in April of last year and I’ve been unemployed ever since then. This has been a repeating pattern because it was exactly nine years and nine days when I was laid off from the same company… exactly nine years and nine days from the last time I was laid off by them.
So then I was unemployed for two years after the first laid off. So here I am 10 months into this and I still have no job, no one will return a phone call, no one will return an email, nothing and I’ve been pretty much very very difficult for this past 10 months. And I’ve basically at this point have exhausted every penny that I have. So I have a $100 bill in my wallet and that’s the last $100 that I have. So, so today one of the things we were clearing was… the question was how much money do you want to make a month? And so I said, “Okay I’m gonna clear this and I want to make $6,000 a month. So we did the work right before lunch and so we broke for lunch… I was like, “Okay I just need to have some time by myself.” And so I kind of sat off in the back over there to have lunch. And I’m sitting there another 15 minutes and eating and my phone rang. And I’m okay let me answer the phone. It’s a recruiter! So literally at lunch.
I interviewed for a job in Torrance which….I live in Pasadena but it’s in Torrance but it’s manageable and so it’s a contract job for a year with possibly they’ll hire and she asked me what rate do I want. And my rate I asked for sixty dollars an hour which equates to one hundred and twenty four thousand a year and then Arnoux and I kinda worked out the exactly what it turns out to be after taxes and all that good stuff, it turns out to be $6,448.
Merit came up to me and she said, Wayne, there’s an Angel that came by and paid for the More Money Program for me. So, so that was like so many, so much good information and I really want to take it all really and it’s just, I don’t have any money for any of that, really. I can’t, I can’t, do any, you know. So whoever the angel is …from the depths of my heart, I thank you so very, very much…..I will not let you down.

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