Most people diet to lose weight. Some people know that their blockage to losing weight is emotional. Arnoux Goran invented a technique to heal those negative emotions so you can stick to your diet and eat healthy. It takes a lot less effort when your mind and body are aligned.

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Good morning everyone I took the class in July for the first time and I started online before I came to the July class on clearing and my intention at the beginning of the year was to align my mind body and spirit so the body’s got to catch up now so I had gained a hundred pounds over a 10-year period because of an abusive relationship which you know you know I allowed that to happen but nevertheless so I start at the beginning of the year and when I took the class in July I had lost 13 pounds but it was like pushing a huge boulder up the hill you know it was a constant struggle with that well after taking the class in July I had a major breakthrough.

And now I have lost 25 pounds so I’ve done three weight loss and you know what two-month period and I feel it’s so it’s so much easier it’s no longer a big boulder I’m pushing up the hill so I’m still clearing I’m still working on on improving that but it’s just been huge transformational so I’m very grateful to our mentor yes would you say that your food cravings that are gone there yes there are greatly diminished they were gone totally for about a month but then these little leads started coming up which told me no problem I just recognized that there are other things that need to be cleared so I’m working on that but instead of being a huge boulder now I just have a little pet

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