Do you create your own life? Or has fate, predestination, already decided things for you in advance? Listen as Arnoux shares his insight on the subject, his answers will awaken and enlighten you!

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Subtitles to the video :

Is the future faded and something we can determine or not determine that’s a fantastic question is the future already faded or do we create our lives you know i have actually pondered this question prayed about it and see uh searched out this answer almost my entire life my mom used to always say that everything’s fade and you can’t control fate you just have to accept it and i always felt like there was something wrong with that like it was a cop-out like that was her way of not having to take responsibility for how much she screwed up her life and how she wasn’t doing things that she knew she should well it was just my fate i don’t have to be responsible and to me it just felt pathetic but that didn’t tell the whole story it’s not enough to say that it’s all just creation either and then there’s some people who think it’s just randomness that it’s not fake or created that it just there’s nothing well who’s right I’m going to share with you my philosophy and I’m going to begin with telling you that i don’t believe in telling people what to think or believe i believe in sharing openly and letting everyone decide for themselves and in fact i think it’s everyone’s responsibility to decide for themselves and not just blindly follow anybody here is what I’ve learned through decades of researching this question some things are faded some things are chosen before birth why is that because before you’re born you get to pick your parents you get to pick your soul mission for living everyone has a soul purpose or i don’t mean only but i mean your soul purpose for living you as a soul have a reason for being alive and existing and you’re not going to die until you’ve fulfilled your mission.

Literally that’s how it is people who die and come back they often say the same thing well my mission isn’t completed so everyone has the mission they pick up before birth were those the only things you pick before you’re born no you can also pick other things but it’s all optional so for example let’s say that you decide you’re going to meet someone during this lifetime and you’re going to marry them and when you meet them they’re going to you’re going to recognize them and you’re going to know that they’re the one for you right the one everyone wants to know if there’s such a thing i have a whole course on that called how to manifest your soulmate and basically the answer is if you before you’re born predetermine and agree with another soul that you’re going to be together then you have a faded the one most people don’t do that so most people don’t have a faded destined soulmate they simply create a soulmate during their lifetime but some people do have a faded one I’ve actually met quite a few people that met their forever person and knew the moment they met them that they were the one i have some crazy stories about it that have proven without a shadow of a doubt that fated love relationships do exist but they’re pretty rare when you think about it most people don’t have that it’s a tragedy for someone who has not a fated soulmate something that was predestined who then looks and looks and looks and waits and waits and waits for that when this whole time they could have been getting down and having fun they could have created consciously what they want you know it’s not just soulmates that we can predetermine we can also predetermine things like talents skills abilities tragedies challenges belief patterns we want to overcome there’s lots of things that you can put into your destiny before you’re born you can write the whole script most people don’t put a lot of stuff into their destiny on purpose so that they can be free to create and experience what they’re creating they don’t want to put so much stuff into place that it locks the path up too much but there are some things that are predestined now.

I know that leads to another question which is how do you know which things are predestined and on and on and on the only way to know is to tap into that spiritual level and get those answers that way and that’s a whole other class and other that could take quite a bit of training to teach you how to do that and yeah i can teach you how to do that but like i said that’s a pretty advanced ability and you’ve got to go through a lot of training to get there if you’ve already been through becoming your authentic self what’s one of my courses you’re probably thinking did i learn it in that course um it would probably probably learn the basics of how to do that and then we could take it to the next level if we wanted to if you haven’t been through that course it’s not worth trying to even begin to teach it now it’s a journey of layers and many skills you got to develop before you get there okay now on the other side is it all just random or is it being created i believe that we manifest we create on purpose and mostly we create unconsciously and it’s the unconscious creation that makes us feel like it’s random that things are happening to us and here’s how i know that have you ever dreamed about uh like fantasize about daydreamed about or visualize a goal or set an intention or even just said one time i sure would like xyz to show up and then boom it shows up maybe not the next day but sometime in the future exactly as you asked for it has that ever happened to you now when i asked live audiences this and I’ve spoken to thousands and thousands of people in person when i asked this question almost everyone raises their hand yeah me that’s happened to me at least once right now i’m literally you’re in my living room I’m literally surrounded by things that i consciously asked for this painting.

I wanted artwork by this amazing guy his name’s Paul this coffee table 3500 coffee table i saw it in a furniture store and i said i want that coffee table and then later on it just showed up for me I’m literally surrounded by things that i consciously asked for because conscious manifestation isn’t just something that you can do on accident you can do it on purpose everyone has had the experience and if you’ve never had the experience god how amazing will it be for you to have your first experience of visualizing something say for five minutes a day then actually having it show up i did that i visualized having a convertible Mercedes when i was oh it was a while ago almost 20 years ago when i was a little bit younger and every day i visualized that i even went in test drive one and i didn’t get one right away but that’s what i drive now now why did it take so long you know for me to get this brand new Mercedes convertible that i wanted a while ago even though i visualized it i mean isn’t it true that if you visualize something that you want every day for five minutes you’ll get it of course it’s true but how long it takes for it to show up depends on something very important if you’re willing to receive it and that’s why for a lot of people they never get the things they visualize because part of them doesn’t want it an unconscious part of them and that’s why people get frustrated they say the law of attraction is bogus and they the law of attraction is not an idea it’s like gravity if you throw something up in the air it’s going to fall down because gravity is just how the world’s designed the law of attraction is just how the world is designed it’s just that within your design you usually are in conflict part of you says this is what i want and another part of you says no way and so what is the universe supposed to send you well you’re not going to get what you asked for.

That’s why because you’ve got this other part of you that says no i don’t want that so you don’t get it it doesn’t show up the reality is you can consciously manifest anything you want if you can get every cell in your body to align to believing and having it that’s how it works most of what you create happens unconsciously it’s old negative patterns from the past repeating themselves and you’re attracting the same crappy stuff over and over again that you don’t want and then you try to overcome it now there’s going to be some things that you can manifest easily and some things that you can’t because you’re blocked oh boy so what’s the secret the secret is to clear out the stuff that’s in the unconscious mind that’s in conflict with what you really want and you can manifest all the things that you really want that’s how myself and many of my students can take every area of their life being 1 out of 10 10 being the best and turn them all into 10 every area of life because whether it’s your health your love life your finances your enjoyment of your career your family uh your experience of fun and play in life whatever area of life you’re looking at the same problem exists if your unconscious mind is in conflict with your heart and your soul and your conscious mind’s desires you’re not going to manifest what you want and that’s where people get this idea that it’s all random because they don’t see and understand how this is working now if you’re still watching at this point you probably don’t think I’m crazy you probably think this guy is speaking my language right and then you’re probably thinking well how do i get the unconscious mind aligned with the conscious mind so i don’t have randomly bad things showing up and start attracting what i want on purpose more consistently and bigger things like one of my students he said Arnoux what’s the difference between manifesting a surround sound stereo system which i manifested literally within seconds that was one of the stories i told about and a million dollars.

And so the difference is that a million dollars is going to trigger a lot more unconscious blockages and therefore you have to clear a lot more layers of crap in order to manifest the million dollars Jim Rohn said manifesting a million dollars or making a million dollars is not about having a million dollars it’s about becoming the person you have to become who can make a million dollars it’s the personal growth that you get out of becoming someone who can do that that is actually the real value that you get making a million dollars not actually having the million dollars isn’t that amazing so we need to go into the unconscious mind and remove all the blockages to whatever goal you have in order to manifest it then you’ll see that you are creating reality on purpose and then it’ll intertwine naturally with the things that are faded and you don’t need to worry about them because they’re going to show up anyway.

They’re faded so don’t worry about it what are you creating consciously that’s what’s within your power to deal with right now so the seven steps through programming yourself if you haven’t already taken it and mastered it would be the first step in learning how to reprogram the unconscious mind and remove the blockages to achieving your goals it’s not going to be the only tool that you need it’s going to be the most important one then you’re going to need the five-step emotional eraser then you can start clearing out the unconscious patterns interfering with your ability to manifest what you want in life so the answer is it’s a combination of both it’s very individual and either way you need to focus on what you want to create consciously to how the life that you’ve always dreamed of if you want to learn more about the seven steps and if you haven’t taken that program already just click on the link below i got lots of free information lots of free training for you subscribe to my channel my name is Arnoux Goran I look forward to seeing your comments thank you