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The 7 Steps reprogramming techniques are the fastest way to PERMANENTLY release old emotions and change undesirable repeating patterns. And it is not taken from or related to NLP! (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Listen as Arnoux Goran, the inventor of The 7 Steps, points out some important differences between the two methods.

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Subtitles to the video:

Is the seven steps to reprogramming yourself from NLP or neuro linguistic programming no there is nothing in NLP or neuro linguistic programming that’s even remotely close to the seven steps through programming yourself I have many testimonial videos and written testimonials from NLP masters which I myself also am a master of NLP who say that the seven steps reprogramming yourself is the greatest personal transformation tool in the history of mankind and more useful than all of the NLP training took combined and it’s a fact I had many students complain to me saying I don’t know why I took NLP.

Once I took your course I knew everything I needed to know and it’s unfortunate to say that because I don’t want to disparage anything else I actually really enjoyed learning what I learned in NLP but the reality is very little bit ever causes any permanent change and none of it really can delete the negative programs from your unconscious mind there is not one tool in NLP which is really a collection of tools that can do that the seven steps to the reprogramming yourself is the only tool in the history of mankind that will show you how to go into the unconscious mind and delete the repeating negative thoughts and their corresponding emotions permanently think about this let’s say that you have the Past memory of something that happened that was terrible there is no tool in NLP that will show you how to erase the pain.

So that when you think about it you don’t feel anything anymore whereas with our tool you can take a rape trauma the death of a loved one a divorce there’s someone killing themselves in front of you your own feelings of wanting to clear yourself because of alcoholism or other childhood abuse and you can erase the feelings and the thoughts from those events still remembering everything that happened by feeling no pain about it at all that’s the definition of cleared that’s our definition but you can’t do that with anything else not it exactly not with NLP and if there is something else that does excite seen a few other things they’re very very very slow very painful usually and take a very long time we’re talking about going from taking a year or two months to taking 20 minutes the average time to clear something with the seven steps do you want to learn more keep watching