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For many people, thoughts of suicide are real and overwhelming. Yet, Arnoux Goran promises that the 7 Steps can get rid of the pain and inspire you to live an amazing life, you can create a miracle! That isn’t an idle promise. If there is something you want that you don’t have (like an inspired, depression free life), it just means that there is something you don’t know yet in order to make it happen. You actually DO have the ability to change your life from bordering on the suicidal. Take “The 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself” course and learn how to get rid of the negative feelings that are causing you so much pain and hopelessness. Learn how to reprogram yourself for an abundant and satisfying life!

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Sometimes suicide seems like the right option what is your take on that suicide never made sense to me and I’m speaking from experience because growing up my mom tried to kill herself in front of me over a hundred times she literally tried to slit her wrists in front of me every single night for months and months that was years after she tried to jump off a bridge in front of me and I never understood why she’d want to leave the world because whatever is broken whatever is wrong there is always a solution there is always a way to fix it it just didn’t make sense to me to just give up and leave I mean it I didn’t get it as a kid I never had a suicidal thought in my mind I think it’s because I always knew I always had an inner knowingness that my life would get better wouldn’t it be great if you could develop that if you could find an inner knowing that life is going to get better that it is already better just because you’re watching this video right now and you’re on to something maybe you’re about to learn how you can get rid of the negative feelings that you have that have been causing you so much pain that you’d rather leave this world because it seems a hopeless and it hurts so much and what else can I do I’m telling you there are solutions out there and if someone says there’s nothing you can do and your pain will never go away don’t listen to them just because someone says that doesn’t make it true it just means they don’t know you have the ability to change your life everyone does it’s just a matter of learning how to do it I’ll tell you a story one of my favorite teachers is named Hard Ekor anywhere the best-selling book called the secrets of the millionaire mind so he obviously became a self-made multi-millionaire when he was 30 years old he was moving back into his parents basement again and his dad was playing cards with some friends and one of his dad’s friends was a rich real estate investor and he saw Harv 30 years old broke moving home to his parents basement again looking depressed and he pulled harvest side and that’s always something you should do if you want to teach someone something that might be kind of embarrassing never chastise people in front of other people so he pulled the harvest side and said Harv moving back home again huh yeah and he said Harv if there’s something that you want that you don’t have it just means that there’s something that you don’t know.

See when I was growing up I was always sick I always had a cold I had allergies my entire childhood I felt like I was sick half the winner every winner then I got asked when I was 13 and I was in the emergency room all the time when I was 16 I finally went to the doctor and they diagnosed with arthritis because all my fingers hurt all the time at 18 my stomach started hurting I never stopped at 19 blood started coming out of the toilet out of me and then I started going to every kind of doctor I could find and they all told me I would never get better that there was something they could do and I was already on the strongest medication but you know what I did I didn’t believe him I didn’t think it was hopeless that there was no way for me to get better I knew before I ever met Harv and heard that story from him that if I wasn’t healthy it was just because there was something I didn’t know and just because this person was supposed to be an expert didn’t mean that they had all the answers in the entire universe they only had what they got from school and honestly how many people get straight A’s all through college there’s plenty of things that they learned that they forgot and in reality even the world’s greatest experts don’t always know the right solution so every time someone a doctor of every type of medicine told me I wouldn’t get better I thought to myself just because you don’t know how doesn’t mean that isn’t a way I’m going to get better and eventually I did I mean look at me I’m still alive I’m supposed to be dead 20 plus years.

When I was told I would die I’m still here in fact I’m actually a lot healthier and stronger now than I ever was that was the thing right I didn’t give up hope on living I didn’t say well there’s nothing I could do so I should just give up I didn’t believe the experts who said there was something that could be done I believed that there’s a way that there must be a way eventually both my parents stopped doing crack cocaine and stopped doing all manner of drugs stopped acting super crazy and chilled out that was pretty amazing for years and years and years I prayed and tried to figure out how I could get my parents off the drugs it seemed absolutely hopeless for 12 years they literally did cocaine every single day that they had money which was pretty much all the time for four years they didn’t feed us for the last week of every single month you imagine what that’s like to lay on the couch in pain and go look in the fridge in the cupboard 20 times a day even though you already know it’s empty because it’s just nothing else to do and you’re so hungry that you can’t even think and that was my life for four years but I never imagined that it wouldn’t get better I knew that it would I eventually created my dream life from that now if I can go I’m growing up like that to creating my dream life well can’t everyone do that I mean if I can do it anyone can do it so no matter how bad you feel right now I want you to know there are solutions that you probably haven’t heard of before really there are it’s just that you have to be willing to open your mind and try them out you know my program has a 30-day money-back guarantee for a reason as it works and absolutely freakin works.

And because it works we get people a guarantee why shouldn’t we it works for everyone the only people it doesn’t work for are the people that don’t work the program if you learn the seven steps to reprogramming yourself a way to permanently erase emotional pain and you don’t do it well then it’s not gonna work and that’s the only way that it doesn’t work and you imagine that you know I had this client named Eric and I’m sure that there’s many layers to go for every person maybe even for Eric but last year he came to the third course in this series becoming our authentic self and he shared something with us that I didn’t know none of us knew about this he shared with us that he had been suicidal for most of his life sounds mayor and that he had tried everything that there is he had been given electric shock therapy I forgot now was it over 60 times over 60 times he’d been institutionalized he had taken and then been weaned off of every pharmaceutical drug that there is and he tried every modality that the world has to offer and he was taking massage and during the training he met a gal named Shelly Rogers and Shelly told him about how taking my courses had changed her life she’s that panic attacks every day gone after the first day of training she cleared out a lifetime of abusive men and married her dream guy true story and she was telling him that my training could help him get over his depression and being suicidal and he came to see me talk and he told the audience that when Shelly was telling him about me he thought that she was full of  yes.

I did use a swear word and that when he came to see me talk for two hours he knew that he was full crap but he signed up anyway because there was nothing else to do he literally had tried everything so he told us that at first he didn’t see a change by doing the seven steps but he kept doing it thirty minutes a day and after three or four months he began to notice a shift and after a year I think he said it was about a year and a half he didn’t have any more suicidal thoughts and that he hadn’t had any four months at that point that was amazing and during that course when he came in his face was really flat you know like emotionless not happy not sad just blank and that’s not really happy to me you know and I really watched his face during five days becoming your authentic self course and on the fourth day then the third anyway this is a massive breakthrough exercise that is very unique to my program and it really breaks down all the walls to giving and receiving love and it changes everyone it just changes them forever people who can’t hug can actually hug people who don’t have warmth are warm it’s mind blowing and the next day after that when he came in he actually had a genuine smile on his face it was almost like light was coming out of his his smile and that at his eyes and on the fifth day was even stronger that was amazing and that was when he shared with us what happened and I just saw it oh my god Eric first of all thank you for having the courage to not kill yourself and keep looking for a way and trying everything and even trying my program secondly thank you for not giving up after 30 days but continuing to do it every day until it actually worked you see he worked it instead of expecting it to just work overnight he had a lot of layers that’s what it is when people are really really in pain in their suicidal they usually have a lot of layers and how long is it gonna take to get through all the layers could take you days weeks months even years but the thing is he didn’t give up and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has more layers to go but just to see that smile and for him to say I hadn’t had a suicidal thought in months that must have been like a miracle well what are you gonna create your miracle.

I mean it’s really just waiting for you it took me two years to figure out how to teach the seven steps so that everyone I mean a hundred percent of people who take the course can understand it and do it and it took even more time it took more years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a really high-end online platform so that everyone in the world can watch the recording of me teaching it anytime they want on demand like you could literally click on a link put in your information and start watching the seven steps to reprogramming yourself course right now and after four hours plus exercise time you’ll be able to do your first practice round and erase your first layer that’s causing you pain and then you’re going to learn how to do it ten times as fast as you go through days 2 & 3 of the course how long is it gonna take for you to erase all those layers until you feel happy and you don’t want to kill yourself you couldn’t even imagine it well I don’t know it depends on how hard you work and how many layers you have but when you do that will you please send me a testimonial video of your story just like Eric’s you know Eric’s is on my YouTube channel you don’t have to take my word for it watch him and these are just real people like you that suffered and when they got better they wanted to share with other people to inspire I hope I inspired you today I hope you considered living what a precious gift it is I’ll see you soon make sure you subscribe to my channel and stay in touch it means are now