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-What a cavitation is and how it may cause heart attacks, cancer, fatigue, breathing issues, immune weakness… and of course death.

-Why very few dentists are able to recognize a cavitation on an x-ray, even a CT scan.

-What causes them and why if you have EVER had a dental infection or root canal in your life you are in grave danger of having one or more cavitations affecting you right now.

-How it’s dangerous to quickly remove your cavitations without preparing your body first AND… HOW to prepare your body for the dental work needed to possibly save your life.

-How “mystery” health symptoms may be caused by a cavitation.  What minor ailments do you currently have that no one seems to know the cause of?

-How I had a “magical” recovery with 2 weeks of healing after just 4 days of recovery time after my 4 hour long surgery to remove 5 cavitations including one of the biggest infections my fantastic dentist has ever seen.

-How to re-grow the bones in your head and face that have been eaten away by the cavitation quickly!

-And of course.. how to find out for SURE if you have a cavitation or not AND who you can trust to work with to remove them safely and effectively.

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Arnoux Goran
Founder Arnoux Goran Seminars

Recently, I had a very severe dental infection and a four hour long surgery, followed by another dental surgery a week later. It was quite scary because it turned out I had five cavitations.

Do you know what a cavitation is? It’s a very dangerous infection in the bones in your face that is perpetually, constantly poisoning your body. It’s very unknown in the world of dentistry, and most dentists, even some of the best in the world, don’t know how to see them on an x-ray. Even on a 3D CAT scan, or Cone Beam CT scan they’re called.

The CT scan I had recently revealed that I was missing about an inch of bone in my right cheek because the infection had eaten it all away. How scary! What’s even more scary is that those cavitations, these types of infections, can be so big that killing them with antibiotics or doing the dental surgery can put so much pressure on the kidneys, lymphatic fluid and other detoxification systems that some (maybe most) people couldn’t handle it without proper preparation. Meaning their body wouldn’t be able to survive the process of removing the infection, or might be very sick for years after.

Thankfully one of my doctors, Dr Randy Freiberg, found an incredible dental office where they are able to not only find the cavitations correctly on an x-ray, but actually remove them effectively so that in most (or maybe all) cases they don’t come back.

After my 4 hour long surgery i went in for a check up 92 hours later… One of the doctors there said that the swelling usually takes five days before it starts going down after the surgery. I had five cavitations and a four hour long surgery. But after four days all of my swelling was gone. He called my recovery “magical.”

I was told I had two weeks of healing in just four days. How is that possible?

You may or may not know that I have a significant amount of knowledge about how the human body works. I spent 14 years of my life full time researching, teaching, researching and teaching, and transforming the lives of thousands of people with their physical health. This knowledge not only saved my life, but allowed me to have a “magical” recovery.

I know you’re wondering if you have a cavitation and how you can find out. And what about your friends, your family members? People die from these all the time, but they’re usually listed as a heart attack or cancer because cavitations cause heart attacks and cancer. And if you do have one is your body able to handle the process of removing it? And where would you find a dentist that would even know how to do that?

A lot of dentists might say they know how to do it. But at the end of the day the infection remains which is what happened to me. Here’s what I propose…

I’m going to teach you how and why I was able to survive the process and have a spectacular recovery and even better.  I’m going to introduce you to my dentist, Dr. Matthew Geddes; and together, we’re going to make sure you understand what a cavitation is and how to know if you or someone you love has one, and what your next steps should be to prepare to save your own life or the lives of those you care about. Yes, it is that serious. We’re talking about life and death and to be honest, I feel very grateful to be alive every day.

We’re going to have a meeting on zoom on Thursday March 7, at 6pm Pacific, where Dr. Geddes and I will share with you this life saving information.

Guess how much it’s going to cost? Nothing. I’m not going to charge you a $500 fee to attend this training. I’m actually really concerned about your health and all of those in our community. It’s crucial that you have this information right away.

I’ll make sure you have Dr Geddes’s contact information. So if it turns out that you do have a cavitation you’ll have the right people to help you And you won’t suffer.

It’s on March 7, at 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain Time. That’s 9pm Eastern time.

Feel free to forward this everyone you know, it’s open to everyone and anyone that you love and care about. See you then!

To your amazing life!