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John Smith is a professional speaker whose readiness lies in sharing his gripping story with all types and sizes of audiences. He delivers on awareness, allowing a deeper understanding of expectations.  He reviews the consequences of ethical and unethical behavior. His presentations include his presidential pardon, having awareness, and overcoming adversity.

I was interviewed by John for his Podcast Integrity. His podcast is about finding integrity in people.  While identifying the ways each of us defines integrity for our lives.    In our interview, we talk about the Arnoux Goran Seminars  program, including:

  • The Goran Technique  and the different results that people can expect from it
  • The Goran Technique II, and how it compares to other techniques like NLP and Hypnotherapy. 
  • Other parts of our program, like the four major tools, Reiki, and our free course offerings. 

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John is a professional keynote speaker on perseverance and integrity in overcoming adversity. He takes his audiences to the edge of the abyss and brings them back with a better understanding of integrity.   He covers how easily it can all be taken away from anyone of us. .Take a look at his podcast by visiting his website

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Hello, and welcome to my show, searching for integrity. My name really is John Smith. And I’m searching for people with integrity. Why? Because our country suffers from ID D. Integrity Deficit Disorder. We have as our guests today Arnoux Goran, the founder of Total Health Mastery University, and is the author of the upcoming book, the answer? How to change your life and make your dreams come true Arnoux. Are you there?

Arnoux 0:46
I’m here. Thank you, John.

Unknown Speaker 0:49
Very good. Thank you for being here. And my first comment on my page here is there’s lots to talk about. And so I started with the simple stuff that caught my eye was a picture of you with your hands with your arms crossed, and in your, your one sheet. And so I thought, Well, let’s find out what an MS or excuse me an M seven s is. And apparently four days ago, there was a submachine gun with the same M seven s you know anything about that?

Arnoux 1:31
I did not know that I had a submachine gun. That sounds like fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:36
It’s been invented. And the good thing about it is that it’s silenced. And it shoots 900 rounds per minute.

Arnoux 1:45
Oh my goodness, 

Unknown Speaker 1:48
Mercy, The others were more a little more simpler and direct. We’ve got the mphc which is the master of primary health care. And tell me if I’m getting them wrong.

Arnoux 1:58
Yeah, that’s actually a professional health consultant.

Unknown Speaker 2:02
Okay, thank you. And I’ll let you define this in the MP H E.

Arnoux 2:10
M P, H, E. So that’s, you know, I haven’t even gone over these certifications for so long. I don’t even remember them all, and seven S’s and master of the seven steps to reprogramming yourself, which is of course, the first thing everyone wants to learn about when they go through my 29 courses. And then they want to learn about health. And it’s the Master of Professional Health Consulting, MP H. E. C.

Unknown Speaker 2:42
I wrote down Master’s in Public Health Education.

Arnoux 2:49
I’m not sure about that one. Honestly, I have to go back to my certifications. But you know, I have 17 different certifications. And

Unknown Speaker 2:58
you know, what else do you do besides learn?

Arnoux 3:03
That’s one of the things that I tell people is who can spend six months or longer just reading books for 1012 hours a day and investing 10s of 1000s of dollars just in learning and studying. Most people don’t have the time or resources to do that. Which is partly how I got to where I’m at

Unknown Speaker 3:19
would add and also have the patience to do something like that. It’s it’s quite admirable to have all those credentials hanging about you. I was looking at the your various Master’s certifications. One of those is NLP. Neuro linguistic linguistic programming. Can you tell me a little bit about NLP?

Arnoux 3:51
Yeah, NLP is about 50 years behind where my program is at. And that’s not an exaggeration. I have a lot of students who are masters of NLP, NLP trainers masters of hypnotherapy which I also have that certification. And what you can do with that training is you can understand the basics of the human mind. Sometimes you can use it to do fun manipulations with people but ultimately, what you can learn is how to put positive programs into the unconscious mind and you can get some basic fundamentals of how human beings are designed and how the mind is designed. But you’ll never learn through any of that training how to erase negative emotions permanently. And a lot of NLP trainers said that you can if you go to their courses, you’ll find out that you cannot In fact, one of my people that just went through my life coaching program said he gave up on being a coach because he didn’t really feel like he could help people with his NLP training. But now that he’s gone through my courses, sounds like he can help anyone musical reinspired to reach out and work with people that really need help. So I used to send people through NLP because they felt it was A good foundational program, and it is a good foundational program, but they would come back to me and complain that they didn’t learn anything new after going to my program first. So I would say it’s really good stuff. It’s very modern psychology. And you’ll be wasting your time, if you go through that, and then go through my courses, and they’re very, very expensive.

Unknown Speaker 5:22
Well, I’ve been exposed to a lot of those things in my professional life, I was a CPA for quite a while. And in that process, I realized that, that whatever I learned, was for me to pass a test. And not necessarily to take it and use it and, and go beyond just what those are.

Arnoux 5:51
Yes, I am a pragmatist. I don’t care how many certifications or PhD someone has, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is, can you make a difference in someone’s life? Can you actually change someone’s life? And someone comes to you with a problem, can you fix the problem, and if you can, well, then you’re amazing.

Unknown Speaker 6:11
Well, I’m gonna be one of them. I’m going to, I think it’s, it’s part of the empathic side of mine that I have. And I thought that was would be a good fit for me, by the way, what we’re talking about to my audiences that I signed up for our nose, seven steps. And we’ve decided to in the future, once I finished with the course, we’re gonna come back on, on the air and, and I’ll tell you all about it.

Arnoux 6:46
I’m excited for that time, you’re gonna love it. It’s only 12 hours online, 12 hour video, but it’s a 21 hour program. So you’ll spend some time doing the exercises, and you’re actually going to see significant changes in your own life and hear in you the desire to help others. And you’ll probably want to start doing that right away. And you’ll be able to write out for the first three day weekend course online.

Unknown Speaker 7:11
Another question for you. I ran across one of this, the one of the items was clinical, hypnosis, hypnotherapy. And my first thought was, do people ask you if you perform past life regressions?

Arnoux 7:31
That’s a really good question. You don’t really learn past life regression. When you get trained in hypnotherapy, at least I didn’t learn it when I got my master’s in hypnosis. But I did study quite a bit, that whole arena of regression therapy, and now there’s a lot of people that don’t believe in past lives because of whatever tradition they grew up in. And if they say the history, they might change their mind, but when we have students who say they don’t believe in past lives, we tell them, that’s okay. Just think about the fact that whatever metaphor your mind needs to clear the pattern is good enough, whether it’s a past life, or it’s just an unconscious imagery that you need to work through.

But the second program that I offer is called the five step, emotional eraser, it’s part of the breakthrough course, the second tool, I mean, so after you learn how to erase unconscious belief patterns with the seven steps to reprogramming yourself, then you’re going to learn how to go into the past, and undo the beginning of a repeating life pattern, energetic or spiritual level, you could call that how to do past life regression in five minutes or less. I don’t call it that, because some people don’t believe in past lives. So we can’t call it that. But you’re going to be able to go into previous memories from this life, you’re gonna be able to go into things that happened to your ancestors. So let’s say 717 generations ago, one of your ancestors was starved to death, let’s say in the potato famine in Ireland, and then you might still have this fear of starving to death, and you don’t know where it’s coming from, we’ll be able to undo those types of things with the five step emotional eraser, which works on a very different part of you than your actual mind or belief patterns. So yes, I’ve studied it. In fact, I’ve developed a method that is faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Because everything else out there, it usually takes about an hour to clear one previous memory, we’ll call it wherever it comes from. Whereas with my process, you can do it in five minutes or less. And every single one of them sometimes only takes a minute. And I figured out how to teach it so that every single person that goes to my program can do it, which often surprises people because they’re thinking how am I ever going to be able to remember stuff that happened when I was two, or things that happened to my ancestors and my methodology for teaching guarantees everyone can do it.

Unknown Speaker 9:45
Well, I would label that fantastic. It’s a five, five steps.

Arnoux 9:53
That’s called the five step emotional eraser. There is a similar process that I found out when it took NLP five years after I invented my process called timeline therapy. And timeline therapy basically has two of my five steps. And I’ve seen timeline therapy taught four times. And every time half the audience was upset, and literally got angry with the instructor because they said it didn’t work. And the reason they had the experience that didn’t work was because it’s missing. The other three steps that are necessary to clear a past memory or past texture. It’s called, which is the first time something happens that creates a repeating pattern.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
I have a picture on my wall that was drawn in a metaphysical session, Gosh, 30 years ago. And in that picture, one of the one of the persons in the picture for these are my past lives, or myself in a past life is was a comedian who struggled through the Irish potato famine. Ah, so I couldn’t I couldn’t let that one go. I could go and look it up there. I’m looking at him right now. So it’s fascinating, this this type of thing to do? Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah,

Arnoux 11:14
I have a student named Mrs. Who took the training where you learn how to do the five step emotionally raised her and the other two major tools for personal transformation is four major tools. And I teach and there were only original work can be found to my program, you can’t find them anywhere else. And he was saying how he had done the seven steps on so many issues that he had changed his whole life that he had gone from one source of income to six sources of income, he didn’t have money problems anymore, like everything in his life completely changed. He even made the seven steps a part of his company and everyone was required to erase their upset if they ever got upset before they got back to work, like this whole life change here was in the second program.

And he had a pattern of letting people down, but he couldn’t get rid of it using the seven steps to reprogramming yourself. And so we did the five steps. And he saw that one of his ancestors in I think it was in Scotland in the 17th century became king and everyone was excited because their the the country was doing well. And they were excited that he was bringing hope to the country. But then what happened was the British took over, burned, everything. destroyed, everything took everything. And everyone in the whole country was let down by his ancestor, which was the cause of the repeating pattern for him. It was amazing. Because right literally right after he did that, literally the next moment after he finished the first step, he received a text from his band manager because he and his girlfriend have a band, who told him that he had just gotten them a gig that paid $16,000. And they’d never made more than 5000 hours in that whole year with our band. So sometimes, yeah. So sometimes when you create these patterns, that it opens the space for the things, you’re allowing it to come into your life.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
That’s, that’s, that’s amazing. Simply amazing.

Arnoux 12:58
It is actually his videos on my YouTube channel. If you don’t believe me, you can go look at it.

Unknown Speaker 13:04
Believe what you’re saying. I, I was diagnosed by the VA a couple of years ago of having PTSD. And I’m going to also put the put the course to the test regarding that as well. But loves that thing. Yeah, yeah, I’m looking forward to that part too. I’ve been in some some therapy. But it’s hard being in therapy when it’s virtual. My first therapy in my life was when my first wife, who I saw yesterday, Thanksgiving, she Well, we both ended up in marital counseling. And of course, the marriage didn’t last but I continued on. I thought, you know, I think I’m gonna need some of this. I’m gonna try it. And I did. I was in therapy for for quite a while. Well, it was something that just was right in front of me and I had to do it. It’s one of those that you had to dues. Yeah. So it worked to an extent. And and of course, I recognize it when it doesn’t work as well. I’ve looked at one of the things that the programming, I’m interested in how you can be kept permanently released, you have to continue with, with basic daily exercises or thought processes, those kinds of things. And I’m probing now for something I’m about to learn anyway, but go ahead.

Arnoux 14:50
Well, that’s actually the most common question I get when I’m on the radio is how can your program be permanent? Because nothing else in the world is and the way that it works is you’re gonna think about something that upsets you, or previous trauma, it doesn’t matter how traumatic it can be being in a war and seeing someone get killed, or as bad as it could be watching your mom killed and suck me anything. And you’re gonna do the seven steps, reprogramming yourself, and you’re gonna release all the thoughts, and all the corresponding emotion from that event until when you think about it, you don’t feel anything, no more negative feelings. And the next day, you’re going to check and make sure it’s gone. And if you check again, a week or a month or a year later, you still won’t feel anything. That doesn’t mean that you’ll have erased all of your fear, or all of your anger from your whole life, it means you’ll have erased it or released it from that one particular event in your life. If you had a wonderful childhood, you probably won’t have very many. And you’ll see your life change very quick, very quickly. I’ve seen people change their whole life and a month or two, if you had a horrible childhood or went through years of war, for example, it might take you months and months and months to go through all the layers upon layers upon layers of all the things that happened to you.

And then you’ll notice your life gradually changing in correspondence with that, like, just recently, one of my certified practitioners started working with a gal who had been suffering from trauma. And she is working with a psychiatrist and she has severe anxiety was she said her biggest problem. And after the first session of 30 minutes only of doing the seven steps. And then she took the course and was doing it on her own every day. In her second session, she told my coach that her anxiety was gone. To the extent that her site, her therapist said that she had a complete turnaround in her anxiety. So it was layer by layer by layer every day working on all these layers. And she could see a big shift after whatever it was a week, 10 days. Other people it might take them months to get through hundreds of layers, before they feel like oh, I don’t have anxiety anymore. And then sometimes, like I’ve had people that only had one layer, I had a guy with panic attacks every single day. And she came to the course in person on the very first day, in 20 minutes, he raised her panic, it never came back. It was just one layer. And so as you go through the layers, you’re gonna see the shifts, the most important thing to notice is if you think about any of the specific things you started working on, those things are gone forever. How long, it’ll take you to weed all the weeds out of the garden of your mind depends on how many weeds there are and how fast you pluck.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
It’s, it’s, um, I’m excited about this. And I know I’m going to enjoy it as well. The I also ran across in the material, Reiki, Japanese known, I guess, creating a better life with your hands.

Arnoux 17:53
Yeah. I loved about Reiki tell us about a year. Before, I just want to tell you, John, with your registration for the seven subscores you have access to our private Facebook group. And I would recommend you post in there that you you’re looking for a clearing buddy or someone to work with you on your PTSD. Because we have a lot of graduates, I would love to partner with you. There’s quite a few of them, who say that’s what they want to do. They want to help people who have PTSD, that’s their focus. That’s their mission. And I’m sure they’d love to work with you. So Reiki means light energy. That’s the literal translation from Japanese. And it was discovered in the mid 1800s by a monk and there’s controversy of whether he was a Christian monk or a Buddhist monk. But in any case, this gentleman really wanted to find out how Jesus healed with his hands. And that’s what it is, it’s hands on energy healing.

Now, for a lot of people that might sound crazy or impossible, but there are a lot of scientific studies on it. And if you just Google Reiki and scientific studies, you’ll find all kinds of them. They’ve proven that it improves sleep reduces pain, even Harvard and Yale, medical school hospitals have Reiki there and over 800 hospitals in America offer Reiki I started teaching it over 20 years ago. And it is part of our our system to learn how to heal with your hands, because it’s just one of those things that everyone really ought to know. It’s sort of unfair not to know it, to be honest. So it’s a beautiful thing. And it works on the energetic part of you, we divide the human being into four parts physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. And then there’s inside and outside. For every part of you. There’s internal and external, and we have tools that’s in my programs really are it’s a collection of tools and of course, knowledge of how to deal with any problem in any of those parts of you. So Reiki would volunteer the external spiritual working on the energy body.

Unknown Speaker 19:48
Well, let’s, it certainly should be, should be used, but then again, people can sometimes take something like Reiki and and throw it in the closet with I’m going to get a rubdown or something, which isn’t the same at all.

Arnoux 20:04
No, they’re not the same. Massage works on the physical body. And it’s also an important healing tool because most Americans, specifically Americans are vastly deficient in touch. And touch is like food or our body requires touch. And people who are quarantining right now, during the pandemic know what I’m talking about, they are really present to the lack of affection and touch that they used to get on a regular basis. And massage helps to heal that aspect. It’s not the only thing it does, obviously, whereas Reiki is totally different. It’s working on the energy body versus the physical side of us.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
It’s, it’s all fascinating to me, the more I, the more I learn, the more I learn. I love it. How much meditation does the course require? Does it require meditation? Okay, go ahead.

Arnoux 21:04
It does not require meditation, the way that the seven steps is designed, meditation is not required at all. I do teach something called causing peace in the first Health Program, which is called the solution I have six courses on health, which is the physical body. And in the very first one, I teach how to quiet the mind down. You know, when you quiet the mind down, it releases stress and make you younger, there’s actually over 600 studies to show that daily practice of quieting the mind causes people to be physiologically younger than people of the same chronological age. It also is really important in becoming successful in life. And a lot of people who are successful say that meditation is the reason why they’re successful. It’s their secret. But it’s not required to erase your negative emotions permanently. They’re two different things.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
Yes, yes. I’m glad you defined it that way. Because I have spent lots of time meditating in the past. But then there were certain goals I wanted to achieve, but they didn’t come around. So I thought, well, yeah, maybe someday, and I kind of lost interest in it. And so yeah,

Arnoux 22:14
when it comes to manifesting your goals, the secret is to be able to align your vibration, which means get every cell in your body to believe that that goal can come to you, and that you can have it. And what happens when you meditate is that your mind becomes quieter and quieter. And therefore you’re more present. Therefore, you’re going to be more effective at everything you do. You have more energy to put into your dreams, even just visualizing your dreams, you have more energy to put into it. So you have more power to create what you want. And yet if there’s a part of you that says, No, that’s afraid that it’s not going to come true that is angry about things that happened in the past that is sad about horrible things that happened to that’s directly related to that goal, then it won’t show up. Because part of you is saying to the universe, yes, I want this consciously, most likely visualizing and so on.

The part of you, which is unconscious is saying no. And that’s really where people get stuck. Because they say, well, it’s still not manifesting. I’ve been visualizing it every day, I have a vision board, I pray about it, I, I tell my friends, I focus on my energy I meditate like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do. And it’s still not working well. It’s because the unconscious, there’s a pattern, there’s a part of you that is blocking it. And when you remove that part of you, and it shows up, sometimes instantly. I’ll give you an example of a student named Wayne, who came to the seven steps course in person in February of 2019. And on this third day of the chorus, on Sunday morning, he was partnered up with one of my instructors, and they were practicing during the seven steps, and they were racing something and I walked over and I said Wayne, what is your number one goal in life? So my number one goal is to get a job that pays over $6,000 A month after taxes. So okay, how does it make you feel? But you have not yet achieved that goal. And that’s the second of the magic questions to find within your unconscious mind that’s blocking you from achieving a goal or manifesting what you want. And you said I feel really sad. This is big basketball of sadness. And my Tony. I said, Okay, clear that right now.

And they went back to work. And then after lunch, because it’s so we had lunch right after that. He came up and he told the whole audience he was almost in tears. He said he hadn’t worked for a year and a half. He only had $100 in his whole world, which was in his pocket at that moment. And that he was really present to that sadness for a long time and he erased it during that last practice room. And then he went to lunch. And while he was sitting at lunch in the restaurant in the hotel, and odd number called and so we answered it. And it was a job recruiter, and she offered him an interview right there on the spot, and then offered him a job right then during the lunch break that paid $10,400 per month and I did The numbers with him and the tax rate. And so I came out to $6,445 per month take home. And he was practically in tears because it was like he didn’t even have the money to sign up for the course, if you know what I mean, he signed up on a $25 a month payment plan, which is why we do that payment plan because lots of people like him. I’ve had people say they couldn’t even come with $25 had to borrow it. And then they took the course. And then they were able to pay off the whole course. Because they were able to change their life quickly. And not everyone’s like waiting for the clear one layer and then boom. But it illustrates the point that once you clear all the layers in the way of you and your goal, then the goal comes into your life. And this is how we can manifest anything they want, even if we couldn’t before.

Unknown Speaker 25:44
Well, it’s it’s it’s a it’s a fantastic endeavor. And I know I’m going to be looking at layers and layers and layers going going going away away away. Absolutely. Oh, for me and for my audience, listeners, if you would, or know, tell them all the ways they can get ahold of you can find you on the internet, probably.

Arnoux 26:10
Sure, sure. Our website is total health, like your healthy Total Health Mastery. Total Health Master If you want to find my name, it’s difficult to build AR n o u x like X ray, if you type in or no go around, I’m the only one in the whole world. So you’ll find my YouTube channel, you’ll find everything if you can spell it right. But if you decide to in Total Health Mastery, even if you don’t get the URL correctly, we come up number one, you’ll be able to there’s a free webinar on our homepage you can take you can sign up for the pandemic special like you did for the seven steps reprogramming yourself course and there’s a whole bunch of free videos on my YouTube channel that you can go through. So that’s how you find me.

Unknown Speaker 26:55
Well, it’s been a pleasure having us our guest today Arnoux

Arnoux 27:00
thank you. It was fun to be with you, John and I’m really excited that you’re gonna be working on that PTSD. I can’t wait to hear about how it’s all gone.

Unknown Speaker 27:06
Yeah, yeah, me too. And, and I should say all my listeners out there, thank you for tuning in to searching for integrity. So long, and Happy trails to all