John Smith is a professional speaker whose readiness lies in sharing his gripping story with all types and sizes of audiences. He delivers on awareness, allowing a deeper understanding of expectations.  He reviews the consequences of ethical and unethical behavior. His presentations include his presidential pardon, having awareness, and overcoming adversity.

I was interviewed by John for his Podcast Integrity. His podcast is about finding integrity in people.  While identifying the ways each of us defines integrity for our lives.    In our interview, we talk about the Arnoux Goran Seminars  program, including:

  • The Goran Technique  and the different results that people can expect from it
  • The Goran Technique II, and how it compares to other techniques like NLP and Hypnotherapy. 
  • Other parts of our program, like the four major tools, Reiki, and our free course offerings. 


John is a professional keynote speaker on perseverance and integrity in overcoming adversity. He takes his audiences to the edge of the abyss and brings them back with a better understanding of integrity.   He covers how easily it can all be taken away from anyone of us. .Take a look at his podcast by visiting his website