I Witnessed My Mother Heal. With Each Session She Got Better & Better!

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the video :

Hello good morning my name is Alvaro such a nice to meet you all I am NOT here to I’m not here to talk about my story actually my mother has been coming to our nose seminars and classes and her husband too and well she’s and she actually came to the United States maybe 13 years ago we are originally from Costa Rica I remember when I was Costa Rica I was really John when she left yeah but she didn’t want to go because I mean she had both songs and she was really attached to us and she was actually really attached to the idea of never leaving in her husband because you’re gonna be a bad person whatever but eventually she

She went out she did she came here with all the guilt of living their songs and without the pain she had before what because of my because of her experience with my my father which actually came before because she had an abusive partner before and her father my my grandfather was abusive to her also so she came here she she spent some time you know working and trying to achieve the American dream right and but she still had the pain and she still had a lot of internal issues and you could see her you could see her that she was although she was eating very good food she was in a very good environment she was still it seemed impossible

She was attracting the same stuff again the same repeating partners even though it seemed impossible because the circumstances were really just a lot more boring back there but is the same people suffer everywhere and well eventually she she came to our nose classes and she started learning some stuff and then all of the repeating partner patterns to start appearing but she had a new tool to deal with them she actually had to ask married for help and that was really soon it was actually maybe one month ago if I’m not mistaking

And I came here three months ago so I could actually see the shift in how she looked and how she thought and how she experienced life and how she acted like you could see her taking lots of the garbage she was carrying from her ancestral remain remembrance of the stuff she carried from all the beating and punishment that she received when she was a little girl and watching her family receive also a lot of punishment and she went to married went through seven stepping and an emotional eraser and the polarization technique

Which is another one she yeah she got and you could see every session one session before the first session she was just blank nothing it was just depressed that’s how I have you saw her after the first session she was like angry I don’t know why had why this happens to me every time but she was changed the next session she was accepting a lot of stuff she was saying well I I don’t know where I what I want in my life but I know it’s not what I used to have next session you could see her smiling and being happy and even though the circumstances were still the same her experience changed totally she would just be free I mean things happen every day

But it’s how you act upon them when you receive and that merits the difference that makes the difference that actually makes the outcome different and now you see her it’s one month later it’s you can see this is a bright light coming out of her eyes she’s smiling she has a very different attitude to everyone and every everywhere every people see every person she knows studying her the same well I didn’t but that’s what she tells me right but you can actually see her the very great most emotionally shift she had mental spiritual it’s a it’s amazing and she house actually healthier for your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery us a.com the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association