Michaela took Arnoux’s Money Course last fall. She was able to increase her money flow by erasing her blockages using the 7 Steps.

Michaela took her business from 3 clients to 65. She can now manifest any number of clients she wants…!!

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Subtitles to the video :

So last year we went to the seven steps training and it was just embarking on evolving the career that I have already had started in 2012 I was ordained as a minister in 1990 so I did a lot of my work volunteer and could not get out of my head the transition that it was okay to be paid for my work because that is the constant interjection from a lot of spiritualists that you can’t be paid for your work because that’s got work and so I had to really unwind a lot of that that teaching that was really difficult however that seven step process that everyone is learning and then being able to make the tips go faster with the recording was like a godsend for me so from that point of learning this seven steps then it was a way that I could integrate with my students and I understood that if I had to pay to learn a technique

And then give exchange for value just an exchange of energy then I could use that sort of thinking to to justify the same energy exchange between me and my clients so then I didn’t feel bad because if I had to exchange energy energy then then it was okay for them to exchange energy and in that process I went from having three clients to 65 students and each one would do a 30-day session with me and in that process they would they would come in either with a full price where they can pay monthly and 90 days to pay the fee the one student which was the turning point for me and understanding that this was crucial like I had to give my time to assist this process to not just building a business but that I could be compensated but that it was okay to be devastated one of the young ladies that

I assisted had been molested since she was three years old till she was 12 and then she tried to tell her parents and her parents that believer it wasn’t her parents that was doing it it was someone in the family and so she had the emotion caught in her body and so she was taking all kinds of psychopathic drugs and and and whatever else because of her body just began to develop these ailments to cope with the feeling of not being believed so she was a known home finally at 17 years old she was out of the home she decides are like a care facility she decides to come back home parents still won’t believe her but the perpetrators are still in the house so she decides to go on her own in and get her job and she was carrying three jobs just so she could not live at home so when I met her she was really

I mean just a frazzle just a fragile soul and she says it was her last ditch effort and so we sat with her i sat with her and shared with her the technique the seven steps and we did it yes and she began to feel the pain traveled different places like Arnoux said oh I feel it here when I’m here I feel here she could literally feel it going from the from the stomach to the chest maybe the breast and it would go into her uterus she could feel it and then she would even feel it when it made it may her go you before yeah I taped it because it was our zoom session and you see this transformation happening so here’s where this money part comes in I was just helping the Reuben so it was a very very very

very minimal feed come in however she could afford it so we broke her payment about three sections and she was able to clear her her this molestation trauma it took us an hour because of all the stuff that had come out it was just constant it almost sounded like chanting because she was literally pulling it all out about our 15 minutes so let me just tell you what happened three days later the parents call her unprovoked and said we believe you 24 hours from that the person that was molesting her called and asked for forgiveness and wanted to go to the family and confess that he had done it

Then 20 you know 48 hours from that she she became a death doula but she didn’t have the finances to complete the series for the class and she was talking to just someone about what she was doing and the person had been watching her on like her post because she would post eight different things on Facebook had been watching her post these different things on how she was feeling and how she says I I feel clear I can’t believe so by this time the person was so moved and she says well now I’m but I want to be a death doula and so I have a last class I’m about to take the pressure off that got another checkbook and wrote the check for her class i provoked she called me back and she says this isn’t happening I said well you cleared the vibration so now the everything that you were pushing away because you wanted it but there’s something inside he was so painful it was pushing in a way now they can come to you without without any you know blockage

And so here’s what this payment thing comes in she missed her payment and at first I just was okay this is where this very thing had to happen for me somewhere you help but it but you’re still working through some of her stuff so she missed another baby oh so I went to her and I said you start you know your your payment needs to be taken care of and she’s like oh that’s gonna be all whacked away and so that I realized well that was something to me that made her feel a specific sort of way and I didn’t know what it was I still did this at that moment and you know what it was I knew of something in me that felt bad for charging her in this healing process but it really it was this thing changed the rest of her life and there was an exchange that needed to happen

Because it was this Gilda started coming on in so she’s she had to stop communicating with me it was this guilt and the guilt was because she hadn’t paid as she was there carrying another type of energy and so I realized that I needed to clear that out of my systems so that I can give that person the opportunity to feel good to be well in exchange of energy it’s not even this thing we call money it’s just this current that we’re riding in that we call currency but it’s a current and if we can get into that current then we don’t feel bad for whatever’s happening in the current whatever is exchanged whatever’s brought to you whatever is how did whatever shifted and so whatever shift that is it could look like tangerines in the back and then it can look like digital zeros and then it can look like you know a ride or a check and I realized that I had clear that when I cleared that thing I have people referring people to me saying I heard you here to help someone someone sold soap so how much how much do I need a figure I’ll figure it out and that’s

How I started getting the client that was I’ll figure out how I’m gonna pay I’ll just figure it out so in the process how I did that was going to one of Argos courses about money and the belief around money my money story so what he is about to share with you I really encourage you to to make the the thought in the mind to clear whatever that blockage is that is connected to your money value or your energetic value and realize it’s just jumping into a current and whatever that current is you have to release whatever is keeping you from raising it to another frequency and so those beliefs do need there’s they’re caught up in these stories that we don’t even realize that a circle around money

And so what he’s about to share with you definitely going to be very empowering because it puts you in a other level another level and other level of current activity so that you can receive like you should be on TV thank you so much for sharing that and thank you for doing that great work and we gotta do something all Europe I think we deserve it for your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery us a.com the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association