If you want some inspiration in your life regarding your physical and mental health, watch Wendy Pappas tell her story about how she was able to heal herself by applying what she learned at THM. She says she wakes up happy each day now.


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Subtitles to the video:

So I firmly believe that and I love all of her person she liked it but the foundation for me was absolutely the best horse for me and I think that it should be like a law that you want to be born your shaft of course it’s like the book that goes with your body that you should have gotten but it saved me a lot of agony I think that if you do nothing else in this lifetime definitely take this class it it really gave me the ability and the tools to create a life that I love to live I wake up happy every day and I’m super excited about my life and when things go awry don’t freak out like they do

I know that that’s a big sign that but they’re probably opportunities selling her and it’s just about such a blast akin to me the tools calling Jesus will practice it every day definitely has to change my being I can’t say enough about it it’s just he put the information together in the exact great order and this food better to you and you’d like to share with everybody you know testimonials and results and it was funny because I actually took this course because they’re really one of the seven steps and they’re like it was really garden so I rolled the classifieds a minute he gave that out it never even dawned on me that maybe it couldn’t work or all that kind of stuff we talked across my mind I went right out to my car with my binder and I see that four o’clock in the morning I was like oh shoot I had to go up

And sleep I hold on slow can I stay and since that day I’ve done the Sun so probably every day of my life for sure my brain just functions in that way and there was the everybody gathered it was in my garage in about my usual Britain on stuff and on occasion I will if I have something big I’m working on it will still write it out I think it’s fun to kind of go back and see where a lot more I am now and just how crazy some lovely so had that just were not supporting anything I was trying to create so are gnarly even the ability to believe in who I would point yeah we can work the essence of thank you absolutely so in the live foundation course there was a graduation party after the course and Wendy’s mom and a whole bunch of her family like ten people came and her mom came up to me and said

I bought Wendy’s ticket to the training because I can only afford one and I needed her to go because we all thought that she was going to die I had sent Twitter busting is that I had sent Wendy a letter telling her that I will raise her children for her because we all expected that she’s going to die she had been diagnosed with a severe problem with her brain and brain stem and swelling and she had basically a very very long 20 year long my dream is that right and every medication and every doctor in the world did nothing and then she met me she took the solution she took the foundation that was in 2011 I was a long time ago she’s like that it lifted my day actually lifted my diagnosis my neurosurgeons the neurosurgeon said that she no longer has this incurable disease I forget what the long-term loss protocol it and they said for your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery usa.com the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association