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It is said that marijuana isn’t addictive, but many people feel compelled to smoke it and have all the signs of it being an addiction. How do you deal with it when you want to stop?

Arnoux Goran sheds light on why a person can crave something that is not typically “physically” addictive. In simple terms, an addiction is when you do something that you know you don’t want to, it might even be bad for you, and you can’t stop yourself. So if smoking marijuana is a habit you want to break, you’ll have to take a look at the mental/emotional/spiritual components of why you do it.

The 3 Questions that Arnoux presents to help a person get to the root of their addiction will bring up the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that will uncover the root cause of this craving. Then using the techniques from the Goran Technique I(7 Steps), they can permanently erase the cause, and take control of their life again!

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Subtitles to the video:

I want to take a break from smoking weed smoking marijuana but I’m addicted to it any advice any tips on how to break my addiction it’s not interesting because everyone says that marijuana or smoking weed is not addictive but then some people say they are addicted to it so if it’s not physically addictive like nicotine for example is physically addictive then why would someone be addicted to smoking marijuana why do they feel the need to smoke well it’s obvious to me it’s their best form safest form of anesthesia for their mental and emotional pain right I’ll give you an example okay i was doing a physical detoxification an intestinal or colon or large intestinal cleanse I was flushing out tons of accumulated poison and undigested food was coming out of my body from who knows how long ago and as I was doing that I felt amazing i mean every day i just felt more and more fantastic of course i know how to cleanse the body without cleansing reactions you know the books i read all said you’d be sick but i figured out how to do it without getting sick and i just felt better every day waking up with more energy every day and then one day i didn’t have any cravings for any bad food by the way then one day i went to see a movie and when i came out of the movie i just had this feeling that i wanted to have a hot chocolate from Starbucks yeah Starbucks no they didn’t pay me for that so i wanted to have this hot chocolate i didn’t go i didn’t go act on the impulse i didn’t go act on the craving which is different than a desire.

And how I define these two words they’re different a desire is when your body says i need this whereas a craving is spawned by something else it’s more of an addictive movement I know I don’t want to do that it’s against the program I’ve created it’s not good for my body but i have this feeling to do it what the heck so what caused the craving i felt a little bit of underlying sadness that was triggered by the movie something in the movie brought up this old sadness that was already there in me and my programmed way to deal with sadness was to drink hot chocolate from Starbucks anesthesia did i go drink the hot chocolate no i did the seven steps to reprogramming yourself sitting right there in my car out in the movie theater and i erased the sadness guess what happened to that feeling to go and eat the hot chocolate it disappeared as soon as the sadness was gone i think that probably happens to people who smoke weed that they feel sad or they feel angry or they feel anxious or nervous or afraid or panic or whatever they feel that’s uncomfortable and so then they smoke and they feel better and that’s what’s really causing them to feel addicted like they can’t stop because if they stop they’ll be in pain and so they just keep getting these cravings so we have to eliminate the cravings.

I’m really giving you an insight into my how to overcome addictions without willpower program it’s a 30-day program that eliminates addiction all addiction and it works on every kind of addiction any kind of addiction most addictions have some sort of physical component but not all of them when does shopping addiction have a physical component no it’s mental and emotional maybe spiritual so that’s why my program addresses all four parts of the human being so when you come to the idea that someone’s addicted to smoking weed or smoking marijuana it’s probably in the emotional mental and spiritual realm that we’re gonna find the cause of the cravings see the basic concept of my how to overcome addictions with that willpower program is that an addiction is when you do something you know you don’t want to do and you can’t stop yourself like my aunt who liked to smoke one cigarette a day she didn’t want to stop that was just part of how she enjoyed life who could blame her who could judge her no one should judge that now if she said i can’t stop my one cigarette a day even though i want to now it becomes an addiction it’s because we are suffering with this incredible disempowerment that we can’t stop doing something bad for us and it’s a super disempowering experience and when you get your power back it’s amazing you’re no longer addicted.

Can you imagine being addicted to nothing that’s me i did it i even removed addiction to food all of it i figured it out it worked it worked for me it’s worked for many of my clients now i say many of them have a physical component but all addiction that I’ve seen generally has a component of negative emotions that are actually generated by negative thoughts in the unconscious mind like my example of the sadness and wanting to drink chocolate right i think we can all relate to that example so if someone has an addiction like marijuana which is not supposed to be physically addictive then it’s very likely that there’s an emotional mental or spiritual component causing the cravings and that’s the next major tenet of my program is that if you eliminate all the cravings you don’t have an addiction anymore see the problem is that your cravings get so huge that you can’t override them with your willpower your willpower is strong but can you overcome these giant cravings consistently for the rest of your life well not usually sometimes people can and they do that by getting into groups often and talking about their problems and reminding themselves over and over and over again that they give in to their craving.

They’ll ruin their life it’s called a a right and that’s one way of doing it but what if you could actually erase and I’m not knocking a it’s amazing I’m just saying what if you could actually erase the cause of the craving every aaa meeting i went to as part of my research for my program had the same formula someone got up and shared that they have massive emotional pain which is why they drink too much alcohol and mess up their life and now they just live with their pain well I’m saying don’t live with your pain erase the pain don’t use drugs to knock it out I’m not saying you shouldn’t have any anesthesia either I’m saying make it your goal to eliminate the pain so that you don’t need the drugs anymore right and maybe at first you can reduce from the bad drugs that really mess you up to less bad drugs right like you can go from from cocaine to coffee right that’s they’re both stimulants one’s not nearly as bad for you do you get what I’m saying until you don’t even crave coffee because you’ve eliminated the real cause of why you have those cravings in the first place now sometimes it’s easy like my example with the hot chocolate one thing of sadness one layer of sadness erased it with the seven steps to reprogramming yourself that was it no more craving for hot chocolate.

One time I was doing a super health program and i got this craving for pizza a specific pizza that i got when i was a kid you see when I was a kid growing up my parents used to starve us for four years for the last week of every month there was no food in our house and if we ask for food we’d be threatened with our lives or even potentially beaten up depending on what age but that I didn’t get beat up during those four years but i was frightened to death often with a big scary fist if i even mentioned that I was hungry and so i would lay on the couch in pain with my stomach hurting and then i would go and check the fridge and I know it sounds awful but to me it’s funny now because I’ve erased so much of the pain that you know you know that you’ve really gotten somewhere when you can laugh at your tragedies right so i go check the fridge and check the cupboard for food even though it was empty 20 times a day right it’s like i know there’s nothing there but i just have nothing else i can do but just go open it over and over so this goes on for four years then i figured out how to get a Costco card before it was open to the public and get enough food to last a whole month and we stopped starving well the year.

After that my dad started dealing drugs instead of just doing drugs he had some more money so then when we were really hungry he would order us a pizza well he would tell us we could order a pizza and he would pay for it and we always got the exact same thing so what happened was i got programmed with when i get really hungry and i feel really sad that my family doesn’t care about me because they wouldn’t feed me for four years but that pizza is what i get and so i was having the craving for that specific pizza it had to be that company and that specific type to a t if it wasn’t that one it wasn’t going to resolve the craving and this craving went on for three days in a row without going away it was insane now how much willpower do you have that you could withstand this super strong craving for how for how many days can you go before you just say screw it i give up i’m just going to eat the damn thing and then then what then work on erasing the cause and it was a lot of sadness i mean it was layers of pain of feeling you know hungry and then not being cared about and getting yelled after asking for food and as i went through the layers and layers and layers and layers i finally erased them all and then i never had that craving for that food ever again so i overcame the addiction to that specific kind of pizza by addressing the real root cause and so if you have an addiction to smoking marijuana or smoking weed you’ve got to address the real root cause.

So let’s think about it what is the emotion that you feel that then comes a craving so first there’s this emotion and then you have a craving what is the emotion think back in time to yesterday what did you feel and then you felt the craving was it anxiety was it anger sadness what was it once you can see that there is a negative there was a negative emotion and then a craving you have found the first layer and maybe the only layer sometimes of the cause of the cravings on a mental emotional level then you can use the seven steps to reprogramming yourself to erase the negative emotion that causes the craving just like i did then you won’t have the addiction anymore it’s really that simple the hard part is a you’ve got to learn the seven steps which is even not that hard it’s only a three day course you can take at home right now on demand learn the whole thing in two days if you’re a really good student you might have to watch it a few times because a lot of new information most people have never heard most of what’s in the course.

But if you’ve taken a lot of courses and read a lot of books the first day will have a lot of fundamentals that you might already know then you’re going to get to the design of the human mind then you’re going to seven steps in the first day and you can start erasing the layers causing your addiction and specifically with addiction you ask what is the emotion they feel before the cravings and you raise them all and then secondly you ask yourself what is the thought that occurred before the craving and erase them all and here’s the third big question for addiction how does it make you feel that you have the addiction how does it make you feel that you’re addicted to weed do you feel angry sad disappointed frustrated you hate yourself what do you feel really how does it make you feel in your body go you have to go in your body can’t stay up here and be cerebral take a deep breath go down in your body.

How does it make you feel that you have this addiction there’s something there right where in your body is it what’s the size and shape of it that is the cause of the craving at least it’s the first layer learn the seven steps erase that and then make some comments about how you got over it okay i would love that you have no idea how much i love it because i know what it’s like to have an addiction and then get rid of it forever I’ve only given you a couple examples and it’s very empowering so I’d love to have that happen for you just go ahead and make some comments if you when you do make that happen oh and if you want to learn the seven steps there should be a link below just click on the link and you can learn more about it and how it works and so on man this is a really exciting topic for me because addiction is just so awful and if you can get rid of that i mean your whole life will be much so much better my name’s Arnoux thank you for hanging out with me today and i will see you real soon