I Released My Childhood Pain and My Shoulder Pain of 10 Years is GONE!

Arlene carried her childhood trauma for year and years, until she came to our courses. At our advanced course, Arlene was able to work on her old pain surrounding her parents. Once she released all the old emotional pain, her shoulder pain of 10 years went away too. It is amazing how our emotional body is connected to our physically body. Yay Arlene! Great work! Keep up it up!

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Subtitles to the video:

And I changed my life my mom and dad we’re great people for who they were but they weren’t great for me and I feel like I’m a different person and my life has changed and I really am grateful sorry Marlene are you saying that you had a lot of emotional pain around your childhood and how you grew up and then any released a lot of it in the last few days yes how much better do you feel now the pain in my shoulder is gone which I’ve had for years and how many years at least 10 years probably more than that but I ignored it but after when you have a lot of pain in other parts of your body and something disappears it’s an amazing feeling to be able to go to sleep and not have to take an extra drop a full of him so for me I didn’t have to do it last night and that means I’m gonna save money to be able to pay for my courses that I want to continue yeah because I’m coming into my power yeah

What my request would be Arlene because you’re also a curious value if when you walked in this this week you’re paying about your childhood was let’s say a hundred percent but percent is left now well I still have my brothers to deal with so I would say 40 percent and how much about your parents she has a question pregnant so does anyone notice that she looks different from when she walked in yeah how does she look different guys told her it makes a tremendous difference I highly recommend this course

You look great Arlene you’re welcome thank you

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