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I No Longer Attract Predatory Relationships – And I Found The Cause Of The Pattern

Michela shares about her patterns in relationships and how she no longer attracts people are are predators into her life. She erased the entire pattern that she saw during the course using The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself permanently!

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Subtitles to the video :

Yeah my name is Michelle Renee and you know the you’re supposed to be reasonable to me and the thing is by coincidence and so I say that because I found Arnoux through my video and he he already knew I was working with a lot of different students and I knew I had a gift for healing however there was you know he could see that I was looping over certain types of emotions and suggested that I take a course with Arnoux so we actually came to a place it was here actually and when I began the process it’s it’s almost so simple you miss it like it’s so simple you miss it that the brain could decide to release this pain that’s caught emotionally in the body and in your story

But as we were learning the course I began to see why I was attracting the certain types of people in my life over and over and over again what I was attracting was predatory people and I didn’t understand how that how that my experience that I had that I needed to clear was why I was attracting people that were predators and so predatory people didn’t matter if they’re women or men they just had a predatory nature and I was raised by a marine which is really interesting so you have a different type of sense you know the family Marines and down to my brothers and so there’s a different sense about things so I get sense that they were predatory

But very beginning but I would my something within me vibrationally so keep drawing them to me and I couldn’t stop the cycle and then find myself literally in a very bad circumstance over and over and over again to the point that I would not have home I’d be homeless with my children we always had food like that was the thing that what I’ve been people kids always have food but I would always keep attracting the same loop in circumstances so after we did the we learned the seven steps and my row and I went out on the patio deck outside just around the way by the water and we fully implemented everything that he taught me cuz we’re doing it in here and we were clearing just you know I was clearing some basic things when we dived into it and just released conditions released the judgement of the self of how it needed to let go so if you needed to cry and have snot coming out your nose always like

And that’s what wasn’t gonna happen because sometime we get caught up in our in our ego like I don’t want to look like that you know so we’re sitting outside and all of a sudden I begin clearing this statement regarding my mother and this the statement regarding my mother was the reason why we kept why kept experiencing this predator and but the statement didn’t feel like it had anything to do with this predator the statement was that I was tired of moving I was tired of moving and tired of moving though studying way into my mom and I was making these statements and all of a sudden it flashed where I was coming from I knew the story but didn’t know how deep it was

Because it was a piece of this story that was caught still in my in my body with it and so when Arnoux says that you have these bed drains afterwards that lets you know that the stuff comes out and I’m gonna tell you while I was out there it took me over 65 statements what you’re about to learn today how to do sixty five times in one space of expression that’s a whole lot so and and with tears I’m crying it’s just not pretty and he’s just literally saying it’s good you’re doing the and he’s holding space for me by the next morning I had one of these vent dreams and discovered exactly what it was five years old I was abducted on Fresno State campus University by the serial con killer

So I’m one of the surviving children and so I don’t I didn’t remember what happened after eating I just remember going into the the on Fresno State there’s these rolling hills and then there’s these kind of dugout sort of building areas and so he had taken me down there and told me to wait and so from they like to sunset I’m down there and my dad being in rain always taught me don’t ever let them see that you’re awake if you’re sleeping just stay away stay sleep with your eyes just have slit open you know and I remember saying if I call my dad and he can’t hear me call my dad and I’m calling on my mind my dad will come well that’s what I started doing so telepathy does work because my dad did hear me and he be can’t use my rescuer I couldn’t remember what happened during that trans that old like nine hours but there was very very sad experiences that that occurred and it was during the victory that I saw it but I didn’t wake up like oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s a horrible thing and I said I know what happened

It’s like what happened baby and I’m starting to tell him and I could tell him exactly what happened and where I was at and what it looked like and where everybody else was in this game and and that piece was released that in itself began the release of this predatory experience so that would’ve been in my life so-called friends in my life all of a sudden started dropping off because I was no longer housing this predatory energy anymore so I give thanks for our em for this extremely powerful tool for this beautiful person to hold space for me because once you begin to give the subconscious permission to let it go then yeah the whole year

I’m going to tell you it’s you get permission and so it feels good because I don’t get that thing in you where I want to cry and I can’t speak about it like I can’t I can visualize it and these things work and I just want to take this before I hand this mic over Merritt was talking about with children being afraid of the target and healing that thing being afraid of the dark my grandbaby who’s three years old saw her dad hit his hand on the ground and break it and it cost some emotional stress in her and I went and did that tool on a three-year-old and she told me maybe it flew away that’s how she expressed it it flew away and it took us a total of ten minutes to find the words that a three-year-old has about that experience flew away

That’s when you know you’re doing stuff yeah so just give things and tears come different ways now this is a really great time yeah left some zeros final I kept crying I’m crying yeah I can talk about this thank you for your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery us the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association