I Manifested My Life Partner! Arnoux teaches this method in the relationship course!

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Subtitles to the video :

I didn’t used to have the greatest track record attracting guys so I have been married two times before the first one was an annulment the second one was to an alcoholic of ten years and it was really bad so at the time I was in traditional Christianity and I was going to this church and this pastor said Marty you know what you gotta make a list I thought oh man I have a terrible track for how could I possibly put anything on the list

I think that’s a lot before so I prayed and I asked God to give me the things that I needed I was so proud of myself I’d go back to the pastor and he goes party how many chillin she hung on your list I go 65 and he goes go home and write some more you know okay so I did and I added some more end up with 82 things on my list and I went back and I told him and he said good okay now just get ready for God to change you and make you into the person to receive this person you want

I’ll choose okay eight years later I’m in this Bible study and we always pray for each other and stuff and so it was my turn to be in the hot seat so they sat me in the hot seat and they prayed for me and they said okay what do you want i what do you want us to pray for it is to look eight years man I’m tired of waiting I mean what it was with this guy you know and I already told God that I could make some of those things negotiables so I went for all my 82 things right

I put all those dots by these things that I thought well okay you don’t have to do if this is pretty hard then you don’t have to do this okay so so anyways I’m sitting in the hot seat and they’re praying for me and everything I say okay you know what I am sick of this either bring me a husband or take the desire out of my heart to be married so that I’ll be happy being single so this guy’s praying you know and he says are you gonna meet your husband in two weeks and I said you know what they did to those prophets in the Old Testament they storm them so you better be careful

I really you know two weeks later I met John we were at Florida Theological Seminary we were actually we were actually taking a class initially in ministry to the dying breathed it kind of appropriate for us to meet that way but anyways so we ended it wait a minute other class both pastoral counseling okay and so that’s where we really connected so we went out on a date that really wasn’t hot date on Friday night and to make a long story short

I mean it’s amazing testimony but we got married one week later and everybody at fuller seminary thought oh this is no way this is not going to happen you know people can’t do that you got a date for a year in blah blah blah you know and we just said no man God showed us this is that so anyways we got married a week later and in April we will be married some 27 years the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private Association