I Look and Feel My Best! These Courses Changed My Life

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So much I got tons of stuff one of the things that you just mentioned that I’ll piggyback on was an addiction I was severely addicted to sugar and ice cream I ate oh three big scoops of ice cream with a whipped cream caramel and nuts every night for 30 years and I had six gallons of ice cream in my freezer all the time I was only 15 pounds later but I should have done a freakin diabetic right and I also had candy in my purse in my car in my desk on my coffee table in the cabinet I raised my daughter not to eat any of it her idea of dessert was free and she was happy she really didn’t have sugar until their junior year and I couldn’t wait for her to go trick-or-treating oh my god and again

I was gonna get she didn’t care about it so I took your course and it’s funny because in the solution you’re talking about juicing and I thought yeah I’m never gonna juice that’s pretty funny it’s just listening to it going I’ll never do that it’s not gonna happen in my world and when I took the foundation right after and I gave up everything I became a vegan like overnight literally gave a dairy me sugar ice cream all of it all at one time dropped 15 pounds over three months and

I’ve never felt better in fact to have people on Facebook they’re like though private messaging go in how do you know my way I can tell by the way you look funny and Mary always knows if I’m not drinking my green juice she’s like I’m not drinking your juice are you so it was amazing it changed my life and I will agree with you on this seven steps for sure just reiterating it and going through it again and just doing it over and over and you always hear something different you always pick up on something differently penny course and so yeah that was great oh gosh intuitiveness since I’ve changed my diet that’s way better like I’m really intuitive now and he works with that which is really great that’s amazing there it’s a huge help with that as well gosh there’s so many things well you lost 15 pounds without trying right yeah I feel better and it’s also like I used to take vitamins all the time they get really sick from the vitamins and

I tell people in their way that’s just stupid get sick from Bergman’s I’m like okay I do every single time I’ve taken the vitamins I would get sick so I quit taking them and every time then I would think you know years later I should really need to take vitamins because I’m you know I just I’m down on my immune system is not good plus I never got sick anymore up until this last December along with Merritt I got the flu for the first time in over 15 years but I hadn’t even had a cold since I changed my diet but I so I I it’s true the vitamins were bad they were toxic all the vitamins practically on the shelf at the store are like you don’t want to take a look brick we did a study on that and they found that 97.5% supplements that you plant the local health food store are bad for you now in the chorus

I teach you the method to pick your own supplements and know if they’re good or bad so that way everything you take after will be actually good for you and you’ll stop wasting money on stuff that’s actually harming you that alone I think is where everything you’ll save so much money and your health because generic vitamins can’t kill you I saw a study on rats and they gave them help you buy the mint and they stock held dear rats and they gave them generic vitamins and they got yeah it’s true so in a sense it was like wow so now I won’t be at the store getting groceries or whatever no muscle test that’s my stuff fun foods and people are like just let’s just make sure it’s good for me there’s so much more I really recommend it it’s it’ll change your life and if you work with clients and you’re working with other people that you want to help in your world it’s

It’s huge just even if you learn ten things out of the hundred causing peace I mean that alone is huge and there’s so many things that can change your life he’s brilliant that’s all I can say he’s truly one of the smartest people I’ve ever met you remember everything you’re a great instructor I just I mean I have to give you so many kudos because it’s amazing and I was lucky enough to get the life courses and take all the life courses with a group and it was it was amazing so I just want to thank you all the education you got sorry you were sick but thank you for finding all the answers and helping all of us and for your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery us a.com the resultant benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private Association