Marti is certified in over a dozen of different healing modalities. She found the 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself (AKA The Goran Technique, and was finally able to erase permanently all her money blockages!!

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Subtitles to the video:

Well, we, my husband and I had the most gargantuous breakthrough off the charts. Off his planet. We took Arnoux’s class two weeks ago.  And prior to that, actually, we met Arnoux in February.  We were at an event down and down here in Southern California in February, and we were, we came to this event, and just miraculously, we’re told about Arnoux.  And so 15 minutes later, we were sitting in his class. Telling us about the seven-step workshop (AKA The Goran Technique) so we get all finished for the class, and we’re seeing they’re looking at each other, trying to figure out how the world we’re gonna pay for it

And he even offered $25 a month.  We were so desperate and such a mess with our finances, and here we are, you know, senior citizens, we’ve made tons of money in our life.  And never been, like, irresponsible with it.   To our knowledge, but we were just in a boat, that was really, really bad.  And we didn’t know what we were gonna do.  Ao I just made, I gave a credit card, but I didn’t know that that credit card was gonna work.   And lo and behold, I get home, and I’m thinking, oh my God, I can’t even charge $25 bucks on that credit card. So I had to come up with another one.

So I called in and told them to change the credit card number to the other one.  So that we could even come up with the March 25 dollar payment or, no, the February 25 dollar payment, okay?  Anyway, we go to the workshop then. Meanwhile, we get, he offered to give us the three-day video program.  So John and I worked diligently on that three-day video program, and we started getting some breakthroughs with that.  But it was just kind of minimal, but at least it, you know, set the pace for what was going to happen during the workshop.   

At any rate, we set intentions for the workshop,  and one of my intentions was to be able to have a financial breakthrough. And I didn’t really know whether It was believable.  I kind of was hanging on the faith of listening to everybody else’s testimonies hoping it would work for me. And I had some other intentions that down to and I guess it was on the last day of the workshop I got a chance to work with Merit.   And I had an amazing breakthrough regarding some issues with my mom, and these are things that I had worked through over and over again using about every kind of modality you can imagine. My husband and I are both trained, and we’re both masters in LP,  Master Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master teachers,  you name it.   We’ve trained in about every modality there is, and that doesn’t mean none of them worked before because they all did.  But, they didn’t work to the root of what the seven steps (AKA The Goran Tecnhique) do, and so I had this amazing.  I was crying doing going through everything.   You know, it was this time that Merrit was working with me, and I knew I had a huge breakthrough. I did not realize exactly what all that was, you know, connected to.  But it was definitely connected to the money issue.   So the breakthrough I had, was really is with my relationship with money.  Okay, so at any rate, we get home and on Tuesday, go to the mailbox, and we had a situation where we’ve been fighting this appeal for something of something that somebody owed us a ton of money since 2012, and we didn’t really think we were ever going to get it. 

On Tuesday, we got noticed that our appeal had been heard and we were going to get the money. You know, I’ve even told Arnoux before the money can actually arrive.  But we knew we were gonna get it anyway, so I told him, I said look, I said, we want to just pay cash, but it was soon as money cons we want to pay cash so we got to pay cash today for every one of the classes,  including the ozone class. 

I just know the other thing, too is,  I have been waking out like depressed like you wouldn’t believe because of this financial thing, and I just really felt like there was no hope. So every morning, I would fight this horrendous depression, and when I woke up on Monday morning after no actual Monday morning here.  Okay, I woke up, and I wasn’t impressed, and then on Tuesday, I wasn’t depressed.  I was like wow, and that was even before we got the letter.  And then we got the letter and was like wow, I was really free.  So how long have you been depressed for?  Well, I would say my whole life, but I really noticed it huge depression since 1983, so it no-one’s it’s been ongoing, so it was worse than 1983, but it was really depression probably, you know, because I’ve had a lot of the same issues that you’ve had, you know my childhood.  I am so proud of you.  So anyway, the day after the course.

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