Marti Erased Her Depression & Money Blockages Using The 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself

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When John and I met Arnoux in February remenham on February 3rd and we were sitting in the room and John and I were going through a very serious financial situation and we both made tons of money in our life tons and we were at the age that we are right now and we were devastated we were like living on credit cards living on you know every time I would use up a 0% credit card I’d get another one and it got to the point where I couldn’t get any more you were like maxed out so we sit here we listen to our notes to our presentation and I said then I thought oh my god

Figure out a way to do this because we’ve got to get out of this homework and I knew I just knew in my heart this was the only thing that was going to help us because Jedi are trained we’re a master level trained in so many modalities it’s unbelievable or Reiki Master teachers or NLP masters I mean you name it we’ve done g-gone we have done everything you can imagine and that doesn’t mean those things don’t work they do work but they don’t permanently erase anything at this kind of a speed that we got okay so anyway we’re sitting there in the back room and I said you know what I don’t know how we’re gonna do this to you so I pulled out a credit card and

I didn’t know it was gonna work so we feel that our paperwork and everything and I told our no I said please our know don’t charge this credit cards that you know I have to go home and see and I might have to put ten bucks on one card and you know 1500 another part or whatever well I had a common experience they don’t turn to guard this not going to work so I did have another card and I’ve charged the 25 bucks and I managed to scrape up 25 bucks at the following month because we were taking the class in March so we got the online course and John and I sat and diligently watch this course and we started doing all kinds of clearing before we took the class so we were clearing some very heavy-duty stuff so by the time we actually got to the class in March Arnoux told us to to set intentions for different things that we wanted to do so I had four big major intentions one of them being financial when a movie in a relationship with my daughter and you know the other two whatever it doesn’t matter what this these were the two babies for me anyhow I got a chance to clear this financial thing and it was very very deep-rooted was something that had the reckless regard to my mom and I didn’t know that this actually related to the money thing until I got home.

And so we got home we took the class and you know Friday Saturday or no no Saturday Sunday Monday so on Tuesday morning I woke and one of the things that I cleared it was this depression that I had had for years and I just baked it now most that had no idea that I had any depression but that major clearing that happened for me at the workshop I actually cleared it when I woke up on Monday morning I did not have depression anymore and I kept trying to find it and on Tuesday morning after we were home I’m looking for to get because I woke up with this every day it would usually take me till about noon you know to even be able to function without this craziness going on so at any rate so I had no depression anymore and I’m like wow this is really weird I was really weird because I was so used to it it got to be oppressions house kind of weird whatever become my friend you know so it’s kind of strange not to have anyone so anyway Tuesday afternoon we go to the post office we had been we and we have been fighting an appeal since 2012.

And we hadn’t given up because we were never going to see this money Tuesday afternoon we go to the post office and we get a letter that are appealing and early we were getting this money it was close to $100,000 that was what we received I’m not saying everybody’s gonna get under thousand dollars or not but you know but the bottom line is what it did for us is in paying off every single one of these credit cards got us out of this hole we were in and we and I had already lifted the depression so it gave me home and so you know we’ve had nothing but up hill and I do since then and we’re still clearing for still clearing major things and one of the other thing that happened that was a really big issue for me and so we had a golden retriever then she was thirteen and a half years old.

And she got incredibly sick and she began to go downhill Berger fast and I called up Arnoux and I just I just you know I didn’t know how I was going to take the stuff and abet he ever put down I really did not I knew I just was a basket case suffering and he reminded me we also took his next class – we took his relationships class and so he said don’t you remember in relationships class that we taught about how you can clear grief before you actually have to go through the event so I actually did the seven steps clearing all this grief this heavy-duty grief regarding my dog which actually was connected to my mother’s death and also my older sister stuff but who should who was my best friend and so all these things were connected together it was totally clear so I am now neutral about it I can talk about it without Rossabi and so that was one of the other things in the seven steps did for us tons of stuff system the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private Association