I Got Rid of My Arthritis By Erasing My Emotional Pain

At Total Health Mastery we believe in looking for the root cause. The root cause of a health challenge can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It may be rooted in one part of the body or a combination of all four. Every case is different.

In Maria’s case, her root cause of her Arthritis was 100% emotional. By erasing her emotional pain concerning her father because he was very abusive, her arthritis went away.

Negative emotions can be very acidic. With acid built-up it can affect joints. I am so happy Maria was able to heal her joint pain permanently. Go Maria!

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the  video:

I have already my fat my father was I will have you have used me a lot so but after I did all this work for a long time working working working now when something happened I said oh it doesn’t care I feel like up it doesn’t care it doesn’t care that did not happen but I’d say Ronnie I told my husband I feel like I’m like I don’t care but it’s not I don’t care like nothing is bothering me right now everything that come to my life it’s not bothering me I like up like I have a shield around me that everybody wants if everybody want to do something again me it’s like up I don’t know how to explain but nothing bothering me right now but in I can share a lot of things that I’m gonna share one small that happened to me maybe you know cold two years ago I went to the doctor because I I was having a lot of problems with my joints pain in my joints everywhere pain really painful I went to the doctor and he said he’d young not to me like I have Auster Krytus and I came and I told me this doctor told me that I wanna be like this when I am when I am all.

And I’m not John 65-year also when he told me that when you get old you’re gonna be like these and those Hospital Mercy those people and she said you are gonna be like that and like I came and told him that doctor told me that and afraid of that and then I start doing all this consolation when I tilt out that the cult Madonna and I just remove all the space in one that I I remove all that the pain that I suffer with my parent with my father all this pain they went away no more pain no more arthritis no more anything and it’s true is that something that you can imagine that you’re living with pain for years and years and years because somebody told you things and then all these things was the Stars in my body producing me all this pain and after I did all this work with with him and then this is the reason that I am so temple then that I when I see all these things because I have live seeing all these videos.

Because I’ve been doing this has had most has I can and when I see all these things touch my heart because I’ve seen these people how they are successful now that it’s no like AB that is you see them when you when they won’t that when they go there and they share you on what the life was it’s like you like me it’s no different it’s no different if you have these I have these my parents did this maybe for you at the same thing oh whatever abuse husband abuse it happened to me too so it’s your life is my life it’s same it’s nothing different it’s a parent that go and go and go and go so I want to share more that I know if you come to the chorus you are gonna tell a lot of good things and your life is going to change like me for me and for him our life change

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