THM Master Professional Health Consultant Merit Ma worked with Maria to overcome her negative patterns in her life, and her whole life shifted!

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Subtitles to the Video:

I just want to share a little piece of my life like a surely my dad maybe never wants me when when I born he didn’t want me so all my life I was feeling like nobody liked me

nobody loved me I feel like ham I think I didn’t I don’t have any value no feeling like I’m feeling pretty and that attracted me guys that they didn’t see me attracted treat me really bad the my ex-husband he can be really really really bad for years and years and years until I tried to change my life I went to a church and then they show me that the way that they should they teach you at the chart feeling better and then for for a long time I couldn’t support my normal mortal life then I chose 30 bars and didn’t want that life anymore but the still I tried to to attract people to me but it’s the same thing all those patterns that they come to your life back came to my life again God that they they they don’t probably I went telling them oh I don’t like you I don’t like you oh joy oh I am no pretty so the day were training dream really bad oh they were kidding me oh my god it was like that and then finally I find I found my my new husband run really nice guy but like the same thing something happen our marriage like a month two months ago

And then um I was feeling terrible even if I took all these classes with him I didn’t know how to do I did a lot of constellations a lot of beings and then the same thing the same thing I decide to to talk with Mary to tell me because I couldn’t do it by myself I was feeling depressed I was feeling that I was going to the pit and then if they I have to do something with my life because I have to stop these things instead burning myself for years and years and years and years and then when I started talking with married I I thought that Mary was gonna talk to me about Ronnie and me and Mary said no we are we’re not gonna talk about Ronnie are you you wherever you have we want to talk with you about you I want to heal you and then we start doing all these sessions every week and it was amazing because everything wasn’t me like I said today it’s uh it’s not like up if everything is you it’s not the person who are treating you it’s you it’s in you it’s in your in your and your mind and so she started helping me seeing my dad all this time

That my dad her me my ex-husband my mom and everything and then finally I hear myself I’m still working with it with her but I feeling great everybody in my work for we are working for one month we will start doing two to two times a week now once a week and I’m feeling great even I look weight that it was really really difficult for me and I’m feeling like that I am beautiful and a feeling I can do everything in my life and then even Ronnie my husband he’s changing I didn’t do anything I just I just worked myself that’s it I didn’t work in him I can tell a lot of things about him and all the things that he did for me I just I don’t feel anything

I feel happy I’m enjoying my life and I’m telling you this thing works it works if you can do it you do it the seven-step works because it’s up it’s amazing how this pin can help you even the fighter steps or having meetings with with with with marry it with Arnoux that help you is my life now story different I don’t feel like up like up before I feel like I’m 20 year old in there that he married on there they say to do it I’m just doing that I’m just changing anything and I feel like up I’m far too young and just really appreciate that Arnoux and Mary for all the work that I’m doing with me because with him I just I don’t know where to express all the thing that feeling myself there is this thing words

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