I Used The 7 Steps to Reprogramming to Erase Subconscious Negative Beliefs Around Sex I Didn’t Even Know I Had!

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Subtitles to the video :

Guys good morning that was pretty darn cool yesterday but now I mean awesome

Today yesterday in the very beginning the very first thing that was said er maybe you guys have it written down and could say we’re out with League to me but you know no one can make you feel anything as that Helena said it’s like the second sentence I go down and I’m like wait a second that’s not true but he makes me feel something they you know member the buttons they push my buttons so if they were pushing my buttons then it’s then it was already inside he’s a big Star Wars actually pushing his but

Let’s talk about sex we’re going to talk about that yesterday so look I’m already I’m actually blushing I said so a lot of things were said yesterday so just talking about sex and you said you know when people talk about sex in public but it was it’s more actually that’s a subconscious level and everything that you said you know guilt and shame and dad I didn’t think that I had that but actually I do and it’s from my Catholic upbringing so my Catholic parents said that the best that they could but you know sex is bad and you know in premarital sex

I don’t know is it part of the seven deadly sins or is it not so we figure that out we should look that up Google knows but I so high you know so I started to to work on that and I’m like you know sex is not bad and sex is and so a lot of it a lot of clearing around that and not anything that I thought that I would ever you know need to work on and it really sung true to me when you said that everything he talked about with sex was actually there I had no idea and so that was a big breakthrough for me I’m still working on a card and I had some pillow talk about it last night and and it was it was great so thank you

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