I Erased My PTSD From A Car Accident Using the 5 Steps Emotional Eraser

Subtitles to the video :

Or than any other tool recently like to share an experience with the five-step eraser tool which literally said my sanity when I was in probably tragic accidents you know distraction having my eyes off the road for couple of second and the meeting a homeless transient crossing right in front of my car

And after cover of night some intern PTSD I just said you have to do something and I said well that one uses specify the stones and over less than 24 hours as they were to reduce this horrible picture and the chorus literally takes the confidence it you know fading away fading away fading away so within two weeks of the incident

I was able to fix a phone because some close friends and shows experience and later Elizabeth mine known for the fact that we talk about it as if something that been 10 15 years ago so for me that sort of that’s one of the fabric for based on my phone

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