If you are feeling down in the dumps and need some encouragement, watch Shelly tell her story of how she turned her whole life around.


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Subtitles to the video :

Hi everybody well I first met our know at the new earth Expo it’s a health fair that they have the chops around I’m sure you guys maybe heard of it I looked down at San Diego County and I just felt this strong compelling force to drive to Van Nuys in the rain for some reason van Nuys yeah all the weight of Hanna he’s like where is this place so I went to Van Nuys and I have my choice of different speakers and when I saw the title of his talk while you’re like this way isn’t like yeah why is my life the way it is it really sucks like you know why this guy can tell me I went up I went and listened and I signed up for the chorus and it was the best investment I have ever made in my life because it has been so life-changing for me

And I know this one’s like a cliché but it really really is I had grown up in a very abusive environment at home everybody’s got stuff everybody’s got things for me I got to the point where I just couldn’t function I had been diagnosed with PTSD due to cumulative trauma from what happened when I was a kid the abuse growing up and of course I was sent to that frequency of attracting more of the same in my adult life and it just got to be more and more and more and I couldn’t deal anymore I couldn’t function at work I just had a hard time of everything I started having a lot of health problems I had a move rent a room from a relative which was really fun and and I mean I was literally you know cashing in the CRV and I was eating once a day and just always living in fear like how am I gonna pay the rent how am I going to eat I’m hungry I would like to eat again I’d like to eat a real meal I don’t –

I came out of the dollars I feel sick anyway couldn’t afford take my supplements I was diagnosed with like a borderline stage one cancer came home told my pen husband he was like whatever about it again I was attracting a bad vibration for relationships with males and I came home from work three weeks later and by the way he had been working for three years he was just you know tuned out doing his own thing hanging out and he was gone he completely disappeared took out the stuff left kind of seen heard anything from them at all filed for divorce in a newspaper that’s a nice humiliating experience and they call those relatives to show the judge that I can’t find him so it was early to create degrading experience but that led a lot with everything else had been attracting but anyway so when I learned this I did some work and it took about well I’m jumping ahead I did clear that by the way and now after

I cleared it that did take about two and a half months and when I cleared it I just everything shifted it literally it was like someone pick me up and put me on a another planet Earth they look the same but everybody was different I was talking different people I felt differently I was treated with respect for the first time I was being treated like I was a person of value because it started to feel like I was a person value finally and it was wonderful and I met my current husband not even two months after a gentle clearing work and yes it’s work you’re right you don’t sit there and go oh man falls in your lap I was doing meditations I was doing affirmations I was doing everything and anything I could think of at a very good friend open my mind to different ways of trying to process these things and they would help temporarily but it wouldn’t set my station off you know to where I wanted to be and so that was amazing but and I went ahead and I decided to get certified in it I did that a few months after because originally I’m like

I’m just going to take this to learn it for me got certified later because of what it did for my life and even in the class it’s a three day class but it’s great because everybody gets to partner up you get to work together you get to pick things you comfortable working on with somebody and you do it right then and there again I said add PTSD I was having daily panic attacks I was sitting in class having panic attacks just like white-knuckling at holding on the notebook shut up be quiet don’t move don’t move breathe breathe you know this isn’t going to therapy 150 bucks an hour two to three times a week for like three years and I’m not any better and I’m sitting there just just white-knuckling it just to stay calm and taking Xanax just miserable I partnered up with someone I met in class and we turned out now we’re great friends and forever grateful to her because she’s she was great and instrumental in my growth and she happens to be sitting back there but very wonderful because we sat down and did an exercise and we cleared my panic attacks and it took less than half an hour I never took another Xanax after that that day and that was July of 2015 I’ve never had one more Xanax

I’ve never had one more panic attack I’ve gone to a car accident death of one of my parents the drama and the family because look dead love your parents all of that and I never had one single panic attacks sense I’m a lot it is amazing yes thank you I’m a lot more in control more grounded and I’ve just used it for clearing all kinds of other things in my life and my husband is as good or better than I could have imagined or because I was writing down and creating him on paper who he is what he does and everything like that and it wasn’t coming until I did this work because there was some part of me that vibrationally was not aligning with what I desired consciously knows in the subconscious be able to get that out I mean I met him two months later so it’s really really amazing it’s super great investment and I

I had to do the $25.00 in that payment because that’s always going to happen I couldn’t do any more than that and I’m really grateful for you that you made that opportunity that way at least I never would have been able to take the course and I never would have changed my life and I never would have been living an entirely different life now for it so there’s I mean I’ve overcome health health situations I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and now I’m that’s reversed I’m off of the meds I’m losing weight without the medication my husband through your teachings has to reduce his type-2 diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol news having pain and pressure in his chest with any kind of desertion my cooking garden now he’s great he’s lost like 47 pounds and he’s just busting it out

And just feeling healthy and and that’s you know that’s that’s the physical stuff but there’s this addresses all the parts of your being all the things that he teaches so it’s really good stuff so yes let me show that thank you for your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery us a.com the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association