I Erased My Blockages To Becoming More Intuitive In Just in One Course!

Subtitles to the video:

Okay I know again I’d like to thank you as well for just a phenomenal four days with you and there’s a lot of classes that come before this but I would say that this class connects people gives them an opportunity to actually have an experience of spirituality mixed in with the tools and techniques in order to get them there the fastest I have more than 25 years of being a part of a spiritual community in which we have a lot of different tradition and ritual but a lot of times the some of the old ways take a longer amount of time to do and this technique the five the seven steps

But this five-step emotional eraser and being able to erase pictures and when I had some trouble with that because I have a very analytical mind I know about the right brain I know about the creativity and it’s used in some areas but there was trouble with actually finding those pictures and you had the experience and the know-how to guide me into being able to see a picture that then removed a block so that I could see more pictures that were more important to see and therefore open up the intuition even more yeah now for a lot of people out there

If you haven’t had this course it might take you years to be able to develop your intuition so fast I would say this is the only course I’ve ever been to that could open up your intuition in a weekend or even in a day and so I appreciate the exercises the I see the beauty in you and what that did for each and every participant in order for all of us to see the spirit in each and one of us and bypass all of the job all of the dogma all the things that were put up as barriers in our mind eliminate those so we be even more authentic with that self so I thank you very much

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