I Erased My Attracting Abusive Men Pattern and Manifested My Husband!

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Well I like our know began well not the first thing but the second thing I worked on had all to do with relationships actually so when I first learned the seven steps with Arnoux with you in July of 15 I actually was cleared my panic attacks in class during an exercise which was super powerful is wonderful and it helped me to get clear-headed enough to where I could function and then I started prioritizing what in my life do I need to change what in my life do I want to work on to really improve my life and get me into a different place and the thing that I chose to work on was relationships

I had a very negative pattern with men I grew up in a less than optimal environment at home we’ll just put it like that and so I had a very very bad example of a male figure at home as my father and watching how their relationship went they fought all the time too there was it was never the peace or the harmony or the affection or that kind of feeling that you would like to see in a relationship so that was my pattern that’s what

I grew up with so I decided to clear this pattern because it affected me in my life ex-fiancé ex-husband ex-boyfriends they’re all very neglectful dismissive rude disrespectful they cheat on me they’d lie to me they disappear sometimes for weeks or months at a time the last one did that so that was a new pattern I had to clear because I haven’t gone through that yet and that was with the current boyfriend

I was with when I was doing the sudden stepping so I it was so huge that when I began I felt super overwhelmed there was a ton to do there was easily a couple thousands a couple thousand cancellations easily there was a lot so I did work with our know a couple of months to help to guide me to clear everything in the order for the highest and best good to get through it the most efficiently so I didn’t get overwhelmed and burned out and so that’s what we did and I cleared it cleared and cleared and I cleared it every night on my own

And it was a lot of work it was hard work but it was definitely worth it so that relationship I was in I was ready to end it I was perfectly comfortable with with ending it when it ended I didn’t cry I didn’t freak out I didn’t feel oh here I’m alone again and my 40s you know all those things that would have come up before and I felt so at peace I felt so empowered and I felt great it was really really nice and people started to treat me differently and the people I would meet and especially the minute we’d meet we’re just totally different a totally different class of person it was like I got picked up and dropped into another planet it was absolutely amazing experience and it really manifested very very quickly I met my current husband Tim who’s here

and I just tried all those things before of meditating and doing affirmations of creating my husband creating he’s this he’s this he’s this and I had my ideal list why wasn’t it coming forward well I had to pull all the negative programming out so all those affirmations that I had made could actually take root and manifest because those weeks had to get out of the way they were choking out everything positive I was putting in so I met him within a couple of months and we’re now married and he’s a wonderful sweet kind respectful loving just wonderful guy he’s great he’s a beautiful being and he does stick around through thick and thin and like my last ones the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private Association