I Erased Generations of Ancestral Trauma & I Feel Free

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So I heard about you know clearing going through back through ancestral and clearing the molestation and violence on my dad’s side and then also having to do that on my mom’s side and you know when we started doing the completion letters I thought that my dad was gonna be the first letter I did and and it didn’t happen I’m done with my dad I have been working on my dad for years and years and years and years you know I got 26 years of writing I made 12 steps four steps I’ve done find my dad and yeah it’s amazing it’s amazing and I feel I feel like I’ve lost 50 pounds you know I don’t look like and then I saw with the completion letter with my mom you know I realized a lot of things that that I didn’t have ever you know hadn’t thought of before but it turned out to be a really good letter and then I I ended up doing one on my older brother who is still alive and I surely are still pissing me off and .

But I have no anger right now and and he’s done some really really raunchy stuff to our family and and the anger is not there and I in and I’m always angry at him so that’s a miracle I also did a fight step on my kidney and went back to ancestor to past lives and during a tribal war I had a spear through my dual side so it’s just been it’s just been amazing it’s just been amazing the that though I can’t even explain how I feel and I think most of you know because you’re all feeling that way but I haven’t felt like this in Jesus probably since I was a kid and and I’m just just really really grateful and really really grateful that then it came and that I was open to that to that and open to coming because I was afraid to come cause it kept telling me oh my are coming out but no less than that and I was like oh no this is just been amazing thinking

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