Is It Possible To Manifest / Attract Your SoulMate? – Do you really have the power to do it? Can you really create someone just from the power of your mind? I tried to manifest them into my life but it did not work and why?!

The truth is we attract everything we see around us. Most of the time however we attract exactly what we don’t want without even realising. In this video I make it clear that you can attract exactly who you want / the one or soulmate.


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Subtitles to the video:

So you want to attract your soulmate or create your soulmate relationship attract that dream person into your life and you’ve tried everything else and none of those other programs have worked for you why will mine work then well mines different than everyone else’s and I am as far as I know the only person that can show you how to find what’s in your unconscious mind that’s blocking the person you want from coming into your life I’m also the only person I know that can show you how to erase those blockages the three magic questions are the three questions that will show you what’s blocking you what’s in your unconscious mind it’s preventing the person from showing up that’s part of my training on how to manifest your soulmate that is a copyrighted process that’s mine you can’t find it anywhere else it’s unique which means it’s one-of-a-kind you’re also going to learn about the seven steps to reprogramming yourself the fastest and most powerful way to permanently get rid of your relationship baggage to get rid of the negative thoughts and feelings that keep recurring in your unconscious mind whether you want them to or not and those thoughts and feelings could be exactly why you’re not attracting what you want.

Your life and all the other books and all the other courses that tell you to do this strategy into that strategy if they don’t tell you to remove the blockages in your mind of attracting that person their course we’re not gonna work they’re never gonna work until you do that part then they’ll start working there’s other methods out there to reprogram the unconscious mind most of them don’t actually reprogram the unconscious mind most of they work on the conscious mind and they think they’re working on the unconscious mind because they don’t understand how the unconscious mind is protected how to access it and how to actually change it those types of pieces of information are unique to my program which is why mine is so different from everyone else’s and that’s the main reason why my program works when maybe all the other ones you’ve done didn’t work but there are other reasons for example in my course I have a very detailed and thorough method of helping you get clarity on what you want to create I’ve never seen that much clarity in any other program that’s different that’s unique also my program I’m going to teach you how to install the idea have this person in the unconscious mind in a way that gets past the protection on the unconscious mind I’ve seen people do it incorrectly all over the world.

That’s a pretty big piece as to why some programs or mini programs won’t work in mind well there are other reasons one of them being that I personally actually achieved this goal of manifesting a soulmate and I’ve taught other people how to do it you know being able to do it yourself is one thing being able to teach someone else how to do it is way different and I’ve been successful at both for a long time I’ve spent decades practicing and learning the art of teaching so my program will be unique also from that point of view there’s more but I don’t want to go on and on until you know this program is so great I just want to answer your question of why is this program going to work when nothing else has worked before and you won’t be the only client of mine who said that that’s a really common thing I hear all the time I know I’ve taken every training out there I spent a hundred thousand dollars I’ve been all over the world I’ve done this I’ve done that I know all these coaches I have all these modalities that all these certifications and nothing ever worked in Thai lighting that you yeah join the crowd that’s pretty normal so if you’re that person I’m really excited to hear your testimonial once you finish my course now be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you want more information on the training go ahead and click on the link below see you there