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Subtitles to the video :

I really love Arnoux’s health courses he hastens troop meters so I’ll get them on these articles three and white are now check this out check that book out he’ll like look through it and his truth meters like but of course it’s great because everything he teaches backed up by scientific studies I kill say where it’s from and then you know go investigate that yourself too and so when you take in a course you don’t have your willpower

You don’t need to you know psych yourself out to like eat healthy and not people they all they start eating healthy for two weeks or in January you know for a month and we need to take this course your truth about health is so strong that whatever article or book or personally you’re studying

You can see if it’s like the truth or not truth and I feel like that was the best benefit to me so I mean I research a lot but taking your course I’m just super confident in my knowledge and I’m not afraid of cancer I’m not rid of any diseases even STDs or any of that it’s like no fear of any of that stuff that’s the best gift I think for anyone

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