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When you take the 7 Steps Course and do the 7 Step process, there are real indicators of whether it has worked or not. Arnoux explains how you can tell when the 7 Steps has worked in your life! 

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Subtitles to the Video:

How do I know if the seven steps to reprogramming yourself has worked it’s very simple if you think about something that hurts your feelings or brings up negative emotions in you something that triggers you and you use the seven steps on it you know it’s worked when you think about the thing that you used to trigger you or upset you and feel nothing for example one of my clients was in six car accidents and she was afraid of driving we did the 7 step and erase all of her fear then we went through each of the six car accidents in which he thought about what happened she didn’t feel any more fear and of course when she got in her car she didn’t feel any more fear that’s how you know it worked because you can think about something that happened and you don’t feel the pain anymore.

One of my clients was upset because she was her husband went to get a divorce and he was very negative she was angry about him being negative she erased all the anger she thought about a time that he was being negative and she didn’t feel any more anger that’s how she knew what worked in the moment but then something else happened then he started texting her and flirting with her he doesn’t text at all who is this man she says and so sometimes you see that it works because your circumstance has changed to match the shift inside of you that’s really amazing that’s why people say this is the most powerful life-changing technique ever invented because when you change yourself your reality changes sometimes other people start changing their behavior towards you because you’re being different you’re putting out a different vibe and it doesn’t have to be in person for them to sense that you’ve changed sometimes you know that it’s worked because you wake up in the morning and you feel better overall along with sometimes seeing your life change but always always you can feel that the thing that used to upset you doesn’t upset you any more and that’s how you know that it’s worked.