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Today it seems people are quick to pass judgement on others, creating some heart-breaking situations like we see on the news. How can we stop judging, and instead, feel unconditional love for those we meet?

Passing unfavorable judgement on someone you observe is unkind, and certainly not loving. All walks of faith caution against doing it, yet sometimes, it seems we can’t help ourselves. Arnoux Goran takes aim at this pressing issue, and gives 3 action steps to accomplish it.

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Subtitles to the video:

How do you observe someone without labeling them or judging them?

how do you observe them without labeling or judging judging is really the key word because judging is a negative experience or a negative energy or negative way of being it’s not love in in many ways people say it’s actually the opposite of love because when you love someone you accept them unconditionally there is no such thing as conditional love that doesn’t exist all love is unconditional it’s just something that you feel and give it doesn’t matter there’s nothing else there there’s no conditions so if you’re in judgment you can’t be in love and so it’s really important to not judge in order to laugh but how do you do it now labeling is something different let’s come back to that a little bit later how do you observe someone without judging them here’s how you do it I’ve achieved it I’ve done it i figured out how to do it so I’m going to tell you from my own experience how i did it so therefore you can do it you have to first consciously decide you want to do that which obviously if you’re the one who asked this question you probably have decided you don’t want to be judgmental you want to observe them without judging what an amazing decision you made congratulations to you you’re awesome you’re fantastic if you haven’t made that decision yet steal the idea go ahead choose to be a non-judgmental person.

Choose unconditional love choose acceptance and boy is life going to open its doors for you can you imagine someone telling you you’re the safest person I’ve ever been around yeah those are the kinds of results that you’re gonna get when you make yourself into an unconditionally loving being people are gonna say things to you like I’ve never been on anyone as amazing as you you’re the best person I’ve ever met at one time i was teaching a long series of health courses and there was a nurse on the course whose husband and both parents were medical doctors and i asked her if she wanted to share anything about my training i knew or at least i expected she would say that my health training was better than any training she’d ever seen no joke no exaggeration and she did say that but before she said that she got in front of the room and she said this is the safest place I’ve ever been I’ve never felt this safe in all my life that was amazing and then she said how great my courses were i didn’t expect her to say that how did i make that happen how did i cause this woman who was you know over six years old i assumed feel that safe safer than she felt with her family how did we do that it’s not an accident it was done on purpose you can do it too and those types of experiences will happen for you it also applies to sex i don’t mean to go dirty but sex isn’t dirty is it sex is beautiful there’s something wrong with talking about it isn’t that the truth if you can make someone feel safe then you can have incredible intimacy which means you can.

Then have incredible sex you can have sex that is so good that they’ll say the very first time they ever have sex with you that that was the best sex they’ve ever had or they say they never liked sex until they had sex with you or they’ll say they didn’t know sex could be that good because it’s so much more than physical when you can experience real intimacy then you can have a spiritual sexual experience all these types of things can happen as you choose non-judgment and to work on becoming a person who is not judgmental it does take work i gave you the first step let me give it to you again decide that that’s who you’re going to be so what i did was i looked in the mirror every single day and said who i am is unconditional love i made that my singular focus for many years before that i chose to be different things and since then I’ve chosen to be different things but i ingrained being unconditional love so strongly that it is forever permanently who i am I’m just adding other things to that so i decided every day who i am is unconditional love every morning i looked in the mirror and i said who i am is unconditional love looking myself in the eye i say it over and over sometimes and then that’s not what you that’s not all of it i hope you don’t think that’s all you have to do that’s only the beginning then i observed myself to see any time that i felt judgment or that i had a judgmental thought i tried my very best never to express any judgment but the interesting thing about being judgmental or having judgment inside of you is you don’t even have to say anything people can feel it and you might feel bad that you had a single judgmental thought that flew by that wasn’t you it was an expression it was not an expression of you i just said three hours ago who i am is unconditional love and then all of a sudden this feeling of judgment just flies through my mind and the energy kind of resonated in my body and the person felt it and then they felt judged i didn’t even say a thing what do you do you erase it those judgmental thoughts and feelings that just sort of bubble up those are in your unconscious mind they’re in your programming they’re programmed into like files on a computer you got to erase them.

How the seven steps to reprogramming yourself of course i don’t know if this is the first video of mine that you’ve seen but if you’ve seen a lot of my videos you know that i talk about the seven steps through programming yourself as a way to erase negative emotions permanently judgment is a negative emotion and negative thought so you erase the judgment using the seven steps to reprogramming yourself that particular judgment will never come back again but there’s layers of them layers and layers of them you might be judgmental about people smoking cigarettes so you erase all that judgment no longer do you feel judgmental about people smoking cigarettes and then that that person starts guzzling a fifth of whiskey and then you find a different judgment oh your judgment about people drinking alcohol so you erase that one and then that same person starts chowing down on a bunch of steak which is the biggest destruction of our planet’s environment of anything that we do is eating meat you’re like oh my god he’s ruining the he’s destroying the rain forest and there’s more judgment so then you erase that judgment don’t be a food Nazi that’s terrible and you keep going and then you see someone who’s fat and you erase that judgment you see someone who’s skinny and you’re ray Saturday’s when you see someone who’s tall and you’re raised Saturday you see someone who’s short and you’re right sad judgment and you keep erasing all the judgments that bubble up and you might find what i found as i was erasing all the judgments that were bubbling up i noticed that the judgments i had towards myself i also had towards everyone else and the judgments i had towards other people i also had towards myself most of these judgments were not something i decided i wanted to have they were like installed in me like i got all these viruses on my system on the computer and I gotta delete them all that’s what judgments are they’re just bad programs and so you delete them one by one by one by one as they come up until a day goes by where you’re just being unconditional love all day that’s what happened i get up in the morning i say who i am is unconditional love and I’d be unconditional love I’m observing I’m watching I’m listening I’m feeling for any judgments.

I didn’t feel anything I’m just being unconditional love all day long and then a whole day goes by and then another day and then another day and then oh i felt judgment there i was judging that guy for being dirty okay let’s erase that one okay now a whole week goes by two weeks goes by and then oh i was judgmental there i just noticed that judgment i was judgmental of that person being rude here i am teaching this three-day workshop i don’t have to teach i don’t need the money I’m good I’m teaching because i want to help people and I’m teaching this class and this person is so mean for no reason and i just want to go over there oh i guess i better clear that one but i cleared my judgment about most of that long time ago that’s what you do as a teacher you clear all your judgments about the students until they can be whoever they are and doesn’t bother you at all and then what happens is they reflect back to you.

How safe they feel you see that’s how my student the nurse was able to have that experience of feeling safer than she ever felt in her life because i had erased my judgments to the point that she literally was safe it wasn’t just an idea it wasn’t just a decision i made consciously i had literally cleared it out of every cell of my body i had removed the judgment all the way through my programming to the point that i was automatically genuinely and completely being unconditional love and non-judgment and she felt that so strong so did the whole audience that she felt safe now i on top of that during my live events do different exercises with the audience to make them connect i don’t mean force them i mean help them because everyone wants to be connected and most people feel very alone and they have all these walls between themselves and other humans and so i melt them down little by little slowly and as they go through more courses they finally get to a place where they don’t feel any of that ice between them and any of the other students and they feel really connected and i keep creating the space the context of unconditional love in the room until she felt safer than she’d ever felt in her whole life so i did it on purpose consciously and i worked really hard for years on erasing all the layers of judgment from the unconscious mind until i didn’t have any more that would show up that i could see and then i started getting it reflected back to me from the audience that was only one example from a student in a live workshop.

Another example I had was when i was teaching about health and the body and a student came up to me named Deborah and she said i know I’ve taken a lot of courses on health but yours is the only one I’ve ever taken where i didn’t feel judged for eating any way i wanted to eat that i could eat anything i wanted and do whatever i wanted and it was okay which allowed all the information to come in and really changed my life she lost like 20 pounds and that was the student reflecting to me the world reflecting to me that I’d become unconditionally loving on that subject and on many of them and it showed up in every area of my life friends telling me i feel like i could tell you anything i just feel like no matter what i say you’re not going to judge me clients doing 101 consultations.

That’s so important when you get into my coaching training and learning how to coach people you’re going to find out that learning how to create a safe space so that a person you’re working with in a one-on-one situation can be fully open and vulnerable is powerful and crucial necessary and it even showed up like in my family and my love life people reflecting back to me i just feel so safe with you and of course intimacy naturally follows with that and after i got that experience that reflected back to me in so many places i started thinking about how else i could grow because i had really grown into unconditional love to the point that it was permeating every cell of my being so that’s how you do it you decide that you’re going to do that you focus on it every day you look in the mirror you might want to write it down i had it on my phone to remind me every day Who I am is unconditional love and then all day long paying attention to see when the unconscious programming is going to get triggered and I’m going to be judgmental of myself or others because there’s really no difference because if I’m judging me I’m judging them and if I’m judging them I’m judging me erasing and erasing and erasing i mean permanently erasing every single layer until you can’t find one and then you’ll be there I’ll see you soon