This drug and alcohol counselor helped her intern quit smoking easily and effortlessly using the 7 Steps to Reprogramming as taught by Arnoux Goran. Tina also erased the pain of an abusive childhood at the hands of an alcoholic father, opening herself up to her first real “dad hug” in 69 years!

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I have an intern I’m a drug and alcohol counselor and I have an intern who came to came to work the other day and set and said I’m gonna quit smoking I couldn’t breathe I was playing with my grandkids and I couldn’t breathe and so I’m gonna quit smoking and she always disappears on me and I was like where the heck is she she’s outside smoking so so she she said it’s gonna be horrible I just know it’s gonna be horrible it’s gonna be hard I’m scared you know all this stuff when I said okay later on we’ll do some work she said okay so we got down to her feelings of fear and anxiety and and and I just kept working with her until it was gone so the next day she came in and her face was different she was brighter she had no anxiety and she and she didn’t smoke that all day Wow and and then she then she didn’t come in for four days she had one cigarette that whole time Wow and she came back to work after those four days and she’s she has no anxiety and and she’s a different person well it’s amazing anyway.

So I wanted to share an experience I had this past weekend you know I my dad was was a violent drunk he was a molester he was you know he was he had all those those issues and I grew up with that so I grew up with a lot of rage but anyway I’ve done a lot of work doing these you know coming to these these seminars and I’ve done a lot of work enough and I’ve gotten rid of all of that stuff so they had a little gay pride thing in Victorville and so I went to it and it was really it was very small and but they had a group of people that were they were hugs from mom and and these people go around to game events and they hug people because there are a lot of people who still to this day their parents you know don’t approve and they don’t get hugs so I’m with my friends they’re my straight friends and so I said I’m gonna go get some hugs so I went to get hugs and we were talking – all the way there and there was a guy standing off to the you know like behind them and he had a t-shirt on and it said hugs from dad and I kept looking over there and he was just standing there and you know just nobody was going to get hugs from him and you know and I kept noticing he you know he wasn’t getting any business so so and I’m in a good mood enough.

Okay so well I might go get a dad hug so I went over there and I walked towards him and he goes is a high I said can I get a dad hug he said sure that guy hugged me in a way that I’ve never been hugged before and I’m a pretty good hugger and so I was hugging him back and and I didn’t realize what was happening at the time but I’ve never been hugged like that before so later on when I had time to process I’m 69 years old and that’s my first dad hug my first real dad hug and if I wasn’t open if I hadn’t been doing this work and I wasn’t open to receive I would have missed that and it’s been amazing the the healing that went on it’s been amazing the results and benefits of our training are only available to members of our private association to learn more call 8776808200 or visit