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Do you want to learn how to permanently let go of grief, anxiety, resentment and other negative emotions?  

Show host Betsy Wurzel said 6 days of doing The Goran Technique by watching Arnoux’s video of the course at home did more than 2 years of grief therapy. She released anxiety, grief and resentment towards her family.

Arnoux Goran’s technique is a proven way to permanently release negative emotions and thoughts from any previous experience. During the show it is discussed with great enthusiasm as Betsy asks Arnoux about the unique method and how it can change your life, transform your relationships and free you from terrible grief.

Caregivers especially will relate to this show as Betsy started her weekly program after her husband passed away from early onset dementia.

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Hello everybody. This is Betsy Wurzel, your host of chatting with Betsy and passionate world talk radio where a reminder is to educate, enlighten and entertain the views that the guest may not be those of the host or the station. Folks, you’re gonna want to listen to my guest today. I am so excited. I am always excited about doing my show. Are you looking to change how you feel? Are you looking to do self improvement? You’re gonna want to listen to my guests because I already did this program and I feel a change. Do you say affirmations to yourself and you’re not going anywhere? Well, my guest is going to tell you why. I want to welcome our new girlfriend and I do something different today I’m gonna let the guest tell about themselves because our no has quite a resume. And I want to welcome Ariana Grande, who is founder of Total Health Mastery. Welcome Arnoux.

Arnoux 02:15
Thank you, Betsy, thank you so much for having me on your show. It’s such a pleasure. And thanks for giving me a chance to tell everyone about myself. Here well, my friends wrote, he wrote that I was raised by two deaf crack addicts, which is true, both my parents are deaf and had a terrible drug addiction. And then I was left for dead at 22. Which is because I was so sick physically, that no doctor of any kind of medicine could figure out how to help me and my last naturopathic doctor told me, If you don’t do something different soon, you’re not going to be around much longer. There I was 22. And I’d been to every doctor I could find in the phonebook. And then my friend writes that I live with Jay Paul Getty life in Orange County, which just means that I achieved Jay Paul Gettys definition of success, which is being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, which is a big change from growing up starving, and being yelled at constantly or witnessing fights of all kinds and just experiencing what I would call hell on earth as a child, which is obviously why I got so sick physically, and to be able to transform that into doing what I love for a living.

I’ve been in Hawaii for three months traveling for fun, and still helping people and have changed 1000s of people’s lives through my work. And what happened was 22 when I was told I was gonna die. I just started praying for help, what should I do, and I discovered a lot about how the body works. And I began following this new information. I was just shocked that none of my doctors knew. And my body started to work, right. But then I started to confront the horrific emotional weight that I was carrying from my childhood. It was like a mountain of bricks. You know, some people have a big backpack, I have a mountain of bricks, things that I needed to deal with, and I couldn’t find any permanent solution. In fact, everyone I talked to every course I went to said there is no way to permanently get rid of your old emotional and mental pain from the past. But I just I didn’t believe anyone who said I couldn’t get better physically, which is probably the main reason why I did. I didn’t believe anyone who said there is no way to erase the old traumas from the past. So I just kept researching and praying for more answers and different pieces would come to me until I figured out how anyone can go into their mind and take out the old repeating negative thoughts and all the emotion that comes with it from any previous experience even if you don’t know what happened to you. Even if all you know as you’re upset right now, get actually erased set up set permanently. And I started teaching that right after I invented it in 2003. And it’s now called the Grand technique because it isn’t like anything else. because my name is Arnoux Goran.

And I’ve been so fortunate to share both my health knowledge and how to work on the inner self, you might call it with 1000s of people. And at first, it was just this incredible joy. And people would come up on stage and say, they no longer have this problem and that problem, and they don’t fight with their spouse anymore. And these are amazing things that happen, they would almost make me want to cry that these people were having results like this until I finally just got used to it and figured out that’s just how it’s going to be for my life, that people are going to come up and cry and tell me that I saved their life. And that was just going to be a normal experience for me. And that’s exactly what happened. And almost every seminar I teach, someone says that to me, nerves, no amount of money that could ever compare to that feeling that you actually helped someone to that degree. And I feel so fortunate one of my clients, Teresa said, I’m really sorry for how you grew up and what you went through or No, but I’m so grateful that you did this because it’s changed my life. I do have 29 courses, anyone can go take them online on my, my websites are no grants I’m an author. I’ve got a lot of different certifications, taught martial arts, energy work, and all kinds of research in my background, college degrees, things like that. But I think the most important thing aside from degrees and certifications and 20 years of experience teaching is just being able to help people and produce the results when they need them. I think that’s the real PhD that we want to earn in life. So that’s my story. I’m sticking to it.

Unknown Speaker 06:41
Well, that is quite a story. And folks, I just want to tell the audience, I talk, Ariana Grande, seven steps, but what’s the exact name of it? RnL. Seven Steps. It’s,

Arnoux 06:54
it’s called the Grand technique. Now, it was called the steps. And there are seven steps in the process of going into the mind and taking something out permanently. But my my team, they said are no, we got to change your name to the grand technique, because so many people think they can say I’ve done something like that. And they’ve never done anything like there is nothing else like it. So I said, Okay, fine. Change it to my name. So we just did that Dorian

Unknown Speaker 07:20
technique. Oh, okay. I’ll tell you folks, and I know I, I emailed you about this, or know that I ordered, it was kind enough to send it to me. I cannot even believe how much I feel better about myself. I also had trauma, childhood trauma, emotional, verbal abuse. And in taking your grand technique, I realized I wasn’t just had anxiety in my adult life, from caregiving, I always had anxiety and stressed from as a child, never knowing if I was going to be picked on never knowing about is going to be bullied from my father. And so I’m thinking, wow, I thought I had to let the stuff go. And I do have to let the stuff go. And what I found interesting, and one of your steps that you mentioned, is that you could say positive affirmations, but it won’t do any good if you don’t get rid of the baggage. Can you expand on that? Because, you know, people hear oh, I have to do affirmations. And they’re not going anywhere with it. Like I wasn’t going anywhere with it. And I know why if the check in your technique. So I’d like you to explain that to the audience. Because I think that’s very interesting and helpful.

Arnoux 08:56
Yeah, it’s really important to think positively consciously, to choose a positive perspective. But when you have some negative emotions inside of yourself, and you try to think positively in spite of them, it’s like trying to paint on a painting that has mud on it. And all you’re doing is just adding more energy to the mud, or trying to cover it up. But later on, you’ll look and see that it’s still just mud with paint on it. And until you scrape the mud off the painting and have blank, white canvas, you can’t really create that painting or that beautiful experience in that area of your life. Another way of looking at it is that if you have a rock inside your heart that hurts, no amount of putting love in is going to take that rock away unless you have some kind of superpower or you’ve got to remove the rock, which is what the grand technique does. It actually permanently removes those rocks of pain from inside your body. Be. And once it’s gone, then when you think those positive affirmations, they come easily, because you know, I’ve had clients who literally could not think positive no matter how hard they tried until we removed all their depressed negative feelings, and then it just started coming automatically. So it’s like, if you try to put flowers in the garden of your mind, and there’s something that weeds there, the flowers aren’t going to sit very well. And you might be able to get a few in there, but you still need to go through and pull the weeds out. And then it’s so much easier to notice that you’ve got all these flowers.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
Yes, and I had to thank you, or no, because your technique has helped me more. Then I go for grief counseling, because my husband died two years ago, and has helped me more than two years of grief counseling. And, you know, I’m not telling people don’t go for counseling, go for counseling. I always recommend counseling, I also highly, highly recommend you checking out the grand technique, because you will not be sorry, I would do this podcast, you hear it, I would run to the computer and get online to take this course because it has helped me release anger, hostility. And even you know, grieving, I was angry at the hospice and how they treated us I was angry. I had a lot of anger and hostility towards family members also. And I just let it go. And I’ll tell you why I feel so much lighter. I turned a corner in my grieving. And I’m all for living like life is to be lived and I want to enjoy life and not be caught up on you know, being weighed down by just like by rock from my past. And you are fantastic. Or you are really phenomenal. Can you explain some of the your techniques that you use?

Arnoux 12:29
Yeah, did you meet like how it works? Yeah. Yeah. So for everyone listening, you’re probably thinking she’s telling me to run to my computer? Where do I go? There, I have a free webinar you can start with. It’s why your life is the way it is calm, why your life is the way it And part of what we’re doing with the process. And when we’re erasing this old stuff, is we’re changing the the patterns that we create in life, we’re changing our experience of reality. You know, our reality is affected by our perspective, no one can deny that. I mean, it’s psychology 101. It’s called preconception bias. And there’s so many different ways of explaining how our perspective is distorted, or colored by our anger and sadness and fear and other negative emotions and thoughts that we have that are automatically there. That are they’re like programs on a computer that are just running. And we didn’t even put them there.

They’re there, though. And this, the grand technique is about going into the hard drive of the computer, which means into the unconscious mind, and deleting the programs permanently. Every other technique that I’ve ever found, is about closing down the popups popping up on the computer. So you get upset, and you have some way to make the upset go away temporarily you let it go, you blow it up, you put it in a balloon you. I mean, I looked up what to do online, and the first three blogs said, then you just choose to let it go. And the thing is, when you let it go, that’s great for the moment, but then later, it’ll just come right back. As soon as you think about anything that triggers that issue in your life. You’ll feel it again, it’s still there. And it’ll always be there until you go into the hard drive. If you go into the unconscious mind where it’s embedded, really we’re talking about going into your DNA and deleting it permanently, which is what my process is about. And then that particular button can never be pushed again, because the button is gone.

The brick is gone. The actual software the this file doesn’t exist anymore, so it doesn’t pop up on your screen ever again. So the process is sort of like identifying what you want to work on. Going inside, deleting it permanently, which is the really unique part to my process. I don’t think there’s ever been any process that’s about deleting thought forms permanently, and then writing your new coding of the matrix. because your whole reality is formed by your mind, and your spirit, your energy that’s being put out. And if you think of it as being made of information, because everything’s made of information I’m getting into quantum physics here. But that’s basically what you’re doing is you’re changing the information, that’s coding reality. So you’re gonna write some new code and create a new feeling a new experience for yourself. And then there’s a step in my process that makes it permanent.

Because your unconscious mind is protected. It has a filtration system, a software, it has a design to it, that doesn’t allow it to be changed. Which is why when you go online, and someone says, here’s how you reprogram your unconscious mind, and they tell you, throughout the day, when you hear a negative thought, just say cancel, and then make a new positive thought that that doesn’t work, it’s never going to work. unless somehow, you’re able to bypass the filtration system, the middle of the day, which doesn’t describe 95% of people, 95% of people cannot do that, and see a permanent change in their unconscious mind, it would only work on the conscious mind. And there is a distinction. The conscious mind is what you’re able to choose in your waking awareness to think. And the unconscious mind is all the programming that’s embedded inside of you. And you can delete programming permanently in the middle of the day, just by choosing to think more positively. If that worked, we’d all be billionaires, wouldn’t we? So those are the basic steps. That’s the basic idea, right? You just identify, delete, and then use the correct step to make it permanent, and access the unconscious mind. That’s it, it’s all gone. It’s a seven step process that, to me, it’s like if you were if you were given a manual for here’s how the mind works, here’s how you can take things out. That’s what my that’s what my first course is.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
And that’s fantastic. I like having your course you talk about saying things before you go to sleep, so that you are thinking subconsciously about this, as you were sleeping, and I started to do that. And I feel much better about myself. Can you explain that to the audience?

Arnoux 17:19
Well, part of the the magic of the program is being able to bypass the protection on the unconscious mind. And when you’re falling asleep at night, you can access your unconscious mind. Which means you can put things in and you can take things out. So that’s what you’re referring to is being able to access it at that time before you fall asleep at night and how it sounds like you were able to not only take some old stuff out but put some new, new energies in. And it’s remarkable to watch someone who wasn’t happy or even when suicidal and watched him change into someone who wakes up happy regularly, and actually waking up in a good mood because it’s become an automatic thing to feel good instead of something you have to force every day.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
Yes, yes, yes, it is. And people who listen to my podcast, they know my book. I mean, my life has built a bug. And I have such heavy sadness. And I don’t have that anymore. I know that not only would my husband that would not want me to be sad. But I chose I made that decision. I don’t want to be sad. I want to go on enjoying life Life is too short. And I want to enjoy life for myself. And in honor of that memory. And your technique really opened my eyes I was so excited about it. I have to tell the audience this they knew this or no talking to my cousin. I told her about you. I told her about your your program. And she said to me bad thing. You sound so much better. I could just hear in your voice that You sound confident you sound happier. And I said yes. That’s the I told you that that’s RnL grants technique. And she said she was gonna look you up

Arnoux 19:41
Give her my free give her my free webinar.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
Yes, yes I mean, folks free webinar. I mean to me that’s like a no brainer. I go through anything that’s that’s free. I just I can’t I mean, like no sound redundant, but I can’t didn’t impress upon the audience enough to check out our No, he’s pleasant to watch is funny and nice to look at. I really enjoyed it. And you have, you have many courses and you have many booklets that only are available on your total health mastery website. Is that still the name of your website? Or did that change?

Arnoux 20:34
Well, we’re in a rebranding process from Total Health Mastery to our no grand seminars. When I first started, I was teaching about health. And I guess you could say the grand technique is in the realm of mental health, right over erasing old emotional pain permanently. So nice of you to say that going through my program was better than or more helpful to you. And then two years of grief counseling and I agree with you counseling is very valuable, it’s really important to have someone listen sometimes. But having someone listen doesn’t remove that pain permanently. So there’s a distinction, it’s like two different ways of, of healing and working on ourselves. If you if you type in Total Health Mastery, you’ll you’ll find my website, it’ll come up number one, if you can figure out how to spell my name, or know, you’ll find me because I’m the only one. And then of course, you can just go to the free webinar, why your life is the way it You’ll find me there. But yeah, that’s, that’s that’s the deal. We’re changing. Because we’ve expanded from a health program, which is what I started with in 2002 1001 actually coming first health training to its we have relationship courses, courses on money, life coaching, there’s just a wide breadth of courses. Now, it doesn’t make sense for it to be just a health program. So that’s why we’re switching over to our no ground seminars.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
That it says totally awesome men are now you are a perfect example of someone who had, you know, tragedy in your life, and you turned it into a positive you are you are helping 1000s upon 1000s more people that is has to be I know it’s powerful. And it’s rewarding, and sometimes overwhelming to know that. I mean, I know my self when people would tell me when they saw one of my videos about caregiving, that, uh, how it helped them, and I would just be overwhelmed with emotion. And I’m sure you probably feel the same, you know, you’ve helped all these people, and people that you don’t even know about. And that has to be quite a wonderful feeling for you.

Arnoux 22:58
It’s the best feeling in the world for the first two years of teaching. I felt like my heart was going to burst with fulfillment, it was just a lot to take in to help people. And it wasn’t just a few people, it was like the whole audience wanted to come up and share it. That’s okay, who wants to come up and share anything you got out of the training at the end of the course, everyone would want to come up and they’d be a line of people. And then they keep saying one thing after another and these incredible, amazing things that you would never imagine. Well, I’ve been angry about my divorce for eight years and I’ve traveled the whole world trying to find something I’ve been in therapy and I don’t want to prove to take ayahuasca and I’ve done every modality you can name I’ve done EMDR and EFT and NLP and these go on and on. And they’re like, and nothing worked until I met you are known and I just want to say you saved my life. I don’t wake up angry anymore. I can co parent now and and then the next person comes. My daughter was molested by a family friend. And, and nothing, nothing works. She was living in her bedroom until we met your protege and started doing private sessions with her. And now my daughter has her life back and she’s here actually in person and should never do that before and she’s smiling again. And then she starts crying. So everyone starts crying. And that is a lot to take in. But at the same time. Like you said, I went through a lot of tragedy of my own so that I could help other people so I got the salt but I got the sugar too.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Yes. You have a phenomenal story. And right now I just want to I feel led to just tell caregivers out there. I know how you feel, then that you’re angry and you’re sad and if you’re grieving and you’re sad. I really want to encourage you to take this free seminar and I really want you to take a look at what are no grant offers. because it will change your life. You don’t have to live in the sadness, you don’t have to live in misery and guilt anymore. And you would feel so much lighter. And that’s such a better emotional and mental, spiritual, physical, healthy well being of a person. And if people think better, you’re just saying that because you’re probably getting a kickback. No, I’m not getting a kickback, or no, it’s not paying me to say this. I’m saying this from my heart. Because this is what has done for me. Now, everyone is different. Sure, everyone responds, different, has different experiences. But this is what has happened to me. And I want everyone to feel as wonderful as I did. And that’s why I am sharing how garden technique has helped me. And I just find a phenomenal and you even have a book on weight loss, or no. So your technique also helps people with weight loss. You even have one of your programs, I think about weight loss.

Arnoux 26:19
Yeah, I have a book called wider, why you don’t lose weight, and how you can, which does include the idea that you need to reprogram your mind or you need to take out of your mind, anything that’s causing you to not be able to lose weight, because it can be mental, and it’s root cause but my book covers the full spectrum of causes as to why people don’t lose weight, even though they try everything you might I’ve worked with people that were over overweight or even obese their entire life and nothing worked for them. I had just one client. She said she literally did five days of exercise a week and only a 1200 calories a day, she’s trying to do too fast. And she tried every MLM product out there, she did everything. And she was a health care practitioner herself. So Mr. Christie, and I met her and told her one of the principles of my weight loss book as the real cause of her problem, which is that if you don’t incorporate enough good fat into your diet and your your lifestyle, your thyroid won’t have the fuel, it needs to create metabolism.

And you’ll have no metabolism. And she said, Oh my God, my doctors told me that I had zero thyroid function, and I don’t want to be on artificial hormones for the rest of my life. And I said, well, we need to give your thyroid the fuel that it needs to make the hormones. So you’ll have metabolism, then you’ll actually start losing weight. She thought I was crazy. I found out later. But then she came to one of my two day workshops on health, which had nothing to do with the grand technique. And then she decided to try what I had told her. And in six months, she lost 55 pounds. And she was slimmed down for the first time in her whole life. He sent me an amazing after photo. But she said that eating super healthy the way that I taught her, also corrected her brain damage that she got when she was three and someone threw into all threw her into a wall. And she was able to drive on freeways for the first time in her life, and she wasn’t getting lost in grocery stores anymore. And her friends would be shocked How’d you get here so fast, I took the freeway you because she couldn’t drive on the freeway ever. So she found multiple benefits and working on her body. And that’s my approach. You know, it’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, for any challenge. And then you need to find what the real cause is.

For a lot of us the cause is in the unconscious mind. So then you use the granting, that’s what it’s for. And that’s his right, if you are suffering emotionally and mentally, if you’re in pain, you don’t have to be anymore. And I know that we often feel like what we’re going through is just part of life. And it’s really common for people to believe that when someone dies, you’re supposed to feel sad. But that’s a normal human response. But what if it’s not? What if it’s not a normal human response? And here’s an interesting point of view. There are cultures on our planet that celebrate when people die. And it’s becoming an American thing to have celebrations of life instead of funerals. And it’s because they believe that when you die, your spirit is free from the body and you’re no longer in suffering. But that same culture cries and grieves and mourn someone being born because being in the body is pain and suffering. That’s the opposite of how we do it, isn’t it? Well, who’s right? Well, maybe we could just choose to be happy on both ends being born and transitioning out of the body. And that the sadness that we’re feeling is actually something that we can heal or remove.

That’s from the past. And Betsy, if you’ll allow me I’ll tell a story about that. Sure. So I was teaching the grand technique, and I asked for a volunteer to come up and demonstrate erasing something permanently. This guy wanted to erase that his daughter went to talk to him. So we erased that. And that was really nice. And it’s amazing when people do that and then all of a sudden they’re there. Your child or their friend or their brother that they haven’t spoken to, and you’re instantly texting them, that happens all the time. It’s remarkable how that happens. One person erases their sadness that their son won’t talk to them. And then the next second their son text, hi, mom. And then the tears start flowing, I want to talk to you. So this guy goes and sits down, and there’s this girl in the back, and raises their hand and says, What do you do about grief? I said, Do you want to come up? So she comes up, she’s 19 years old. And she tells everybody, her name’s Jamie that her brother, who is only one year apart from her just passed away from leukemia. He was her best friend. And she’s totally devastated. And she was like, in a black cloud, you don’t have to be a clairvoyant or have some kind of superpower to see this girl was in a funk. She did not look good. She looked awful depressed, and the cloud was worse than the pigpen thing from Charlie Brown.