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There is an old saying that “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die”. The fear of death is a big cause of stress and anxiety. It’s hard to enjoy living, when you’re afraid of dying!

But what if you could erase your fear of dying? Would it open you up to enjoying and living life now to the fullest? In tackling these questions, Arnoux Goran explains how even after you eliminate the unconscious/subconscious thoughts and feelings about dying, you will need to choose a belief system that allows you to feel free to live, and supports not being afraid of death.

Most people are afraid of the unknown. What happens after death, is it heaven or hell?! A more empowering belief system is needed, not based on the idea of eternal punishment for human failings, but that allows you to grow and be transformed into a more enlightened person now, to enjoy love and happiness forever. Heaven or hell appears to be more of a choice of how you live your life on earth right now. Your point of view in this matter determines whether you will suffer with a cloud of fear, or be free to live life to the fullest!

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Subtitles for the Video :

Death is something that most people fear and don’t want to think about but is it is it possible that facing our morale mortality can inspire us to live our lives to the fullest yes you don’t want to ever live in fear so if you’re living in fear of dying you’re not actually able to fully be present and enjoy living so yes it helps tremendously to be able to face that fear and erase it and i believe there is conscious and unconscious work to be done to get rid of the fear of death some people might say it’s impossible but it’s not you can finally achieve uh the the Lakota saying a Hokahe which means today is a good day to die there’s nothing to be afraid of and yet some people are deathly afraid of dying which means they have some work to do now the unconscious stuff is easier to talk about but harder to do and then I’ll tell you about the conscious part of it that can help you not be afraid of dying anymore.

The unconscious part is that you have feelings inside of you that are embedded in you they’re not conscious they’re not chosen they’re not what you choose to believe they’re beliefs that are stuck in you like programs on a computer that need to be deleted from the file folders like like bricks that are stuck on top of your back that are weighing you down or making you feel afraid of dying so you’ve got to learn how to remove those there’s four major tools for transformation the first one you start with is the seven steps to reprogramming yourself and with that tool you can erase the unconscious fear of death in other words you can imagine dying and not be afraid anymore wouldn’t that be cool okay but that’s still not enough even if you erase all the unconscious stuff you still have to consciously choose a belief system that allows you to feel free to live and not be afraid of dying I’m not saying wanting to die you want to live with full passion forever don’t you of course you do some people say they don’t want to live forever it’s because they haven’t learned how to undo the suffering of their life when they change their life into a life that is one of their dreams coming true then you want it to keep going and then of course you don’t want to die.

But we’re talking about the fear of dying so I remember my grandmother she didn’t believe in anything after death she said that when you die you just turn to dirt and of course she was very afraid of dying and i wanted to help her get over her fear by sharing with her my point of view I’m not saying my point of view is right it’s just a different point of view the thing is her point of view left her in fear for a very long time my point of view causes no fear of dying so I’m going to share with you mine then you can decide if you like it or not it you don’t have to like it may I like parts of it here’s my view when you die you don’t stop existing that your mind your conscious mind and your unconscious mind your mind and your soul which is the real you live forever that’s what I believe that all humans are designed immortal now when I say your soul you might say i don’t have any connection to what you mean by that think about this who is listening to your thoughts

When you have a thought in your head you hear the thought who is the you that is hearing the thought isn’t that the real you well that real you doesn’t die this is what i believe that you live forever okay so then what happens do you go to heaven or hell well if you study history you find out that there really wasn’t a teaching of hell from the great master Jesus there was actually a teaching of going to heaven and then coming back which sounds like the devil like that’s impossible but what happened was and you can reference this in Dr. Brian Weiss’s book uh journey through time into healing Dr. Brian white says amazing journey through time into healing in his book he talks about the historical fact that when the roman leaders put the bible together they decided to make a change or at some point they decided to make a change you see at the time people would kill you for stealing a loaf of bread and then they would say oh well if i kill someone it’s no big deal because I’ll just pay for it in my next life so they wanted to eliminate this idea of having a next life so that they could have peace and order think about how barbaric it was back then Vikings would sail down rivers and their ships and just come into your town and murder all the men steal all the women and children and enslave them and take all the money and it wasn’t just them that was part of the world right people fought brutally with each other and so they just needed to come up with a way to survive and make things better at that time that made sense at that time which is not the original teaching so that’s okay it makes sense why they did that but we need to now upgrade to our time there’s no need to believe that you’re going to burn in hell forever to scare you into behaving anymore

I hope I’m not challenging your mind too strongly I’m hoping that you’ll do your own research and decide if you think what i’m saying is true or not maybe I’m wrong I mean that’s not the historical fact this is just my point of view so my point of view is there’s no such thing as hell except for hell on earth and therefore there’s no reason to be afraid of dying and going to hell so then what does happen well I believe that you die and you go to heaven that every single person goes to heaven and then that’s it you live there forever no I think you can choose to come back to earth or stay in heaven or you could even be say a helper to the people that you know and love and potentially do both many many people report that after someone they love dies that somehow they connect with them they contact them they do something in the physical world that proves their presence it’s a common experience I’ve even have have had it happen in my live seminars yeah we were doing the seven steps to reprogramming yourself for Elise.

Elise’s mom had died in a motorcycle accident 12 years ago and we were erasing her horrible grief that her mom died and she had had it for 12 years and we erased all of it and the moment it was gone the sound came through my speakers the sound of skype being turned on I mean the seminar speakers everyone in the whole seminar heard the sound of skype turning on it’s the only program that I know of that makes a sound when you turn it on i didn’t touch my computer everything was plugged into my laptop and it just turned on on its own right then and there everyone got a chill when Elise said oh that’s just my mom so it literally happened in the seminar so her mom didn’t go away forever her some part of her her spirit her mind was still in existence and was able to actually affect my computer to let at least know that she’s with her isn’t that crazy so I know there’s a lot and a lot a lot a lot of stories of evidence of things like that happening so there’s nothing to be afraid of is there because you’re definitely not going to disappear you’re going to go on in a spiritual sense forever it’s only your body that will die well it’s not so scary.

Then is it knowing that you’re never going to stop existing that death is not the end it is actually just a new beginning right isn’t there a song about that that song closing time every beginning comes from some other beginnings end that’s all it is it’s just some other beginnings and therefore creates a new beginning for you to look forward to that doesn’t mean that you should try to escape your problems by killing yourself because what will happen is you’ll probably bring those same problems with you next time it makes a lot more sense to erase the real causes of those problems from your unconscious mind so you don’t carry it with you because i believe that that goes with you forever and so when you erase those unconscious programs you actually erase them forever forever like literally forever not not as an expression but actually forever and so doing the work of transforming yourself now is actually doing the work of transforming yourself forever ending suffering forever releasing weight that you’ve been carrying forever removing the armor of the soul forever and bringing you into the highest form that a human being can be is our goal is it not isn’t that every soul’s goal no matter what on some level and we’re just experiencing different things until we finally make that our conscious path well if you’ve reached that point where it’s your conscious path to start removing the unconscious and spiritual programming’s that have been causing you to experience negativity in your life.

Then get to it start learning how to do it so removing those things because then you won’t carry them with you in your mind or your soul into the future which means you’re going to only go upwards until finally you get to heaven on earth you might think of that as enlightenment or becoming an avatar you might think of it as just being happy all the time which is the natural state of a human being our natural state is happiness our natural state is joy and bliss and love that’s what we actually are but we don’t always feel that we’re not always present to that because we have all this other negativity inside of us that we may have picked up in our childhood we may have inherited it in our DNA from our parents that we picked or we might have brought it in with us from before because we are immortal beings who carry with us our experiences and as you undo these experiences and programs that you’re creating unconsciously you stop creating those problems and life becomes more and more and more of a dream come true and in the permanent way therefore life gets easier and easier and easier and it might be very difficult to undo.

The thousands of layers that you’ve created over who knows how long of darkness just so you can know what darkness is but eventually you’ll get to a place where all the areas of your life are better we’re not swimming upstream anymore the life is starting to get easy and you can sit on the side of the river and watch people swim upstream but you don’t have to swim upstream because the struggle has ended and then you can start surfing on the river and you can continue the upward climb towards heaven on earth that every soul is destined for and if you’re watching this video maybe you’ve reached that point that you want to start consciously making that climb which is what all of my training programs are actually about and how to do that and how to do it as fast as you can i do have some free webinars that you can sign up for I’ve got a bunch of free videos of course that you can watch here just go ahead and subscribe and start watching all these videos and see uh how they’re affecting your consciousness and how you feel and then maybe you’ll start learning the tools to start making that conscious upward climb towards living the life you’ve always dreamed of that you really can have my name is Arnoux Goran I look forward to meeting you in person someday please make some comments and we’ll hang out alright talk to you later