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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the video:

How to manifest your soulmate in this video I’m going to share with you secret techniques to help you manifest your soulmate and bring them into your life the true hearts desire of your romance and love life and bring them in now my name is Arnoux Goran. Arnoux Goran.com I want to share with you some techniques that I’ve used successfully in my life and that many many other thousands of students and people have used successfully in their lives to bring into their life their true hearts desire their soulmate and in their love life let’s begin with the most important part.

Most people will tell you to write a detailed description with all the details of your perfect person coming from your mind and the problem is your mind may not be able to grasp everything there is to know about you the universe and what’s available and possible for you I’m gonna share with you a different strategy a different technique you can use right now to create a different way of bringing in who your soulmate is the universe knows a lot more than you do so what you’re gonna do is get yourself into a very quiet safe place calm yourself down maybe take 20 30 50 deep breaths if you know how to quiet the mind practice out for a little while get yourself very calm have a pen and paper ready or you could use an audio recorder if you prefer and you’re going to ask this very specific question please tell me what’s in my highest and best good for my love life and then just start writing whatever comes to your mind matter.

What it is no matter how crazy it is just write it all down write write write write whatever it is and let it flow through you imagine that there is like a lid on the top of your head way up high where your halo is and open the lid and let it all come in put your analytical mind on up in a big jar and put it on the shelf and forget about all that stuff don’t try to think about anything just let it come through you ask that question please tell me what’s in my highest and best good for my love life and it may not be to manifest a soulmate you might need to do some deep emotional work so you can be even be ready to have a soulmate but you might also download exactly the right person for you something you never even thought of you might read what you wrote and say oh my goodness this is way bigger than what I imagined.

I could have for myself can I even meet this person and what that’s getting us to is the reason why it Maine not be the best thing for you to begin visualizing and imagining that person right away it might be that you need to do some inner work first remove the blockages the roadblocks the trees in the way of you bringing that person in you might still have some unconscious programming belief systems stuck in your mind you don’t even know we’re there or old feelings from the past old sadness from old relationships or fear of of you know something not working out or something bad happening in the in the relationship blocking you from bringing them in the relationship will manifest when 100% of you every cell in your body says yes this is the person I want

I’m ready to bring it into my life if one percent of you says no it doesn’t show up the intention just sits at the edge of your energy field just waiting for you to fully say yes with every cell in your body now what you need to do of course is learn how to release or heal or erase the old programming on the inventor of the seven steps reprogramming yourself the first Everett method in human history to erase old unconscious programming I want to teach it to you let’s take a really powerful first step in that direction I’m gonna give you a free training hey thanks for checking out my video today I want to give you a free gift a webinar the five secrets of ending drama in relationships to take advantage of this free limited time offer go ahead and click on the link below and you can sign up for the free webinar the five secrets of ending drama in relationship what would it be like if you lived a drama-free peaceful life go ahead and click below to get started things