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Subtitles to the Video:

Get rid of your baggage you know what I’m talking about you go on the first date you roll up with your cart like at the airport with all your bags on it you set it next to the table you sit down hi I’m Arnoux it’s nice to meet you hey don’t look at any of that stuff I’m not going to show you that for at least six months and isn’t that what people do they go on a first date they go on many dates and they really want to win the other person over so they think and they’re very focused about everything they say they’re really careful but after a while they fall in love with each other they feel comfortable with each other and once they start playing comfortable the demons start coming out and they started having issues and what that is is all the old baggage is starting to come to the surface and be presented in the relationship an interesting study showed that most people who are married are married because they have a matching major emotional pain but that was what attracted them to each other a similar baggage but what if you could get rid of your baggage.

I know it’s considered a bit of a revolutionary idea in psychology today in the year 2019 they say you can’t get rid of the old pain from previous experiences that basically are stuck with your baggage but that is a limiting belief that you should not accept it’s just a chosen belief you can find evidence for almost any beliefs but what about the belief that you could permanently get rid of your baggage and what if there was absolute evidence with no question that you could do it would you be interested in finding out how to do it I would be if you’re not I don’t know about you honestly so what I’m going to share with you on this video are the four major tools for permanent transformation to get rid of baggage in a permanent way the first one I have mentioned T before the 7 steps to reprogramming yourself and we started talking about some of the basic fundamentals of relationships I’m responsible for all my feelings no one can make me feel anything if I work on my issues and affects other people because we have matching issues and of course if you want to amazing intimacy you’ve gotta clear away all the judgmental stuff you have all that is baggage that’s all that that is so in the process of removing your baggage you can then become someone who can have an amazing relationship with anybody so you can either start relationships in an amazing way or you can transform the relationships you have with the people in your life that matter to and turn them into amazing relationships and it’s all about dropping the baggage.

So you’ll become more and more of your authentic self more and more of who you say you are let me give you an example let’s say you come home from work your spouse has left a big mess in the kitchen maybe you’re gonna get angry as a response but someone else might feel sad someone else might feel afraid oh if I say anything they’re gonna yell at me all kinds of different buttons can be pushed and all of those buttons are baggage if you didn’t have any baggage you would look at the mess and say oh look at this mess honey can I talk to you about the mess let’s make an agreement let’s work it out no yelling no arguing no fighting just amazing powerful conversations that’s the kind of life that you deserve to have I know it’s a little bit of a jump from the average relationship but you’re not an average person otherwise you wouldn’t be listening and watching me right now I know you want to become an extraordinary human being and if you think about what a great master would be like they would not get their buttons pushed so easily well how do they do it how does a great master not get their buttons push they remove them they don’t have them anymore so there’s nothing to push that’s what getting rid of your baggage is about removing the buttons of negative emotion and thoughts that you have from your being so they’re not there anymore now there’s four major tools for doing that the first one is called the seven steps to reprogramming yourself it works on the unconscious mind which means repeating negative thoughts stuck in your body.

Because your unconscious mind is actually in your whole body and these repeating thoughts but recur all day every day without you noticing you think 50 to 60,000 thoughts a day that’s over 2,000 an hour all the time and you’re not hearing them all but every single thought creates biochemicals in your brain that you feel in your body as emotions and it’s easy to find them really easy to find you’re unconscious program yeah let’s do it right now then think about something in your life with another person that you have a relationship with but upsets you when they do it where do you feel the upset in your body you have to go in your body when you think about what they do how do you feel okay you found it you have put your attention in your body now what is the size and shape of that feeling get that feeling we’re closer to anger fear or sadness which one would it be closer to now you have found the negative emotion that is the unconscious programming in your body inside that negative emotion are tons of negative thoughts the seven steps reprogramming yourself can erase that permanently it’s scientifically proven to do so it is so fastest most powerful method ever invented that’s a fact no question about it I have thousands of students who have done it I have a hundreds of testimonial videos on YouTube let me tell you bout one of the most powerful ones this gal Deborah comes to the seminar when I meet her she tells me she’s tried everything and nothing has ever worked she’s been angry at her husband for eight years since their divorce he went off with another woman they had kids together she’s been furious so she gets up at the seminar.

I think it was about a year eight months after she took the three-day seven steps reprogramming herself course and she tells everyone about how angry she was she said I was so angry when I walk into a room everyone would clear out without me saying a word because my anger was so huge everyone can feel it and they would run away and I didn’t blame them because I could tell how mad I was I tried everything and she listed all these modalities hypnotherapy and I don’t even remember them all she said I did therapy of course and I went all the way down to Peru to take ayahuasca I was I tried everything I could find life coaching like you name it I tried it and nothing worked and then I took the 7 steps to reprogramming her self training and I did the process and it took a while it wasn’t like one layer and that was it it was layers and layers but one day after several months of clearing stuff out she woke up and it was gone the last layer was gone you know something to choose have one layer some have ten some have fifty the bigger the problem the more likely or to have more layers he said I woke up and there were no more layers there was no more anger nothing and she wore her wedding ring to the course to tell everyone in the audience look I have my ring on and I’m not mad this would have made me so angry before and I’m so relieved that I’m not mad because we have kids together and now I can co-parent much better isn’t that amazing that’s called dropping your baggage in a serious way it’s not just about romantic relationships.

Karen told us that every single time she saw her mom her mom criticized her she criticized her for being a lesbian she criticized her for having short hair she criticized how she dress you criticized listen dipper what you criticize everything every single time she saw her mom and mom criticized her so we said okay Karen how does that make you feel I feel afraid and frustrated just like you might have found a negative emotion she used the seven steps for your programming yourself she erased it then she told us I saw my mom for lunch after we had all that clearing it was the first time in my life but she didn’t criticize me yeah it was a mate and then of course she started crying because she always cry of joy with joy about things like that but how amazing is that meanwhile Theresa also cleared her anger against her ex-husband the one that she had put in jail who abused her and her daughter that ruined her finances and caused her to lose her house and she could everything and she wasn’t mad at him anymore but then she started working on her brother her brother that she used to be close to you but they hadn’t spoken in years and she said after she cleared her feelings about her brother in her not talking he called her and they’ve been in touch and communicating ever since and so by dropping your baggage you could be neutral to someone else who you used to be mad at you could become different whereas someone else actually treats you differently because you’re not holding on to that stuff or you could literally rekindle a relationship that was broken just by working on yourself with the seven steps reprogramming yourself and talk about creating intimacy by working through those layers.

Now that’s not the only tool you need you also need the five steps the five step emotional eraser we often call it or the secret term is – five steps to clearing a picture what’s a picture a picture is a previous experience that creates a repeating pattern but it’s more in the intentional or energetic or spiritual realm like you visualize something and it starts to come true that’s not really words mental is words but when you’re visualizing and creating pictures or images it’s a different part of you we call it spiritual you might call it mental but it’s certainly a different aspect of your design and you cannot clear pictures with the seven steps reprogramming yourself I told you bout my friend Tamra in one of the previous videos the first person who learned the seven steps and understood it after I invented it in 2003 well she went to a really amazing school where they talked about pictures and how they affect your life and how they create repeating patterns and what a huge deal it is and they blow up the pictures but they always come back and if you take neural linguistic programming they blow up the pictures twenty Robin stood in his personal power training and they come back so how do you get rid of pictures permanently because supposedly there is no other way that’s all you can do and they just keep coming back and coming back and they’re temporary methods well my five-step process be racist pictures permanently and Maria told us about how her dad was an alcoholic and abuse her for years and then she got married to an alcoholic who also abused her and she has so much anger inside of her and that she was using the seven steps and the five steps she said I had to use all the tools but after she erased all of her anger towards her husband the pain in her hands went away.

Can you believe that incredible right and she said when her friends talked about their problems she kind of feels bad because she doesn’t have any upset she doesn’t have any problems to have any button side she literally cleared them all but you need the seven steps and the five steps someone came to my public speaking course and every time he spoke he stuttered the whole clan it was it so difficult to watch and I said to Elise at least test this guy I won’t give his name away test okay fine test this guy and find out what the root cause of the stuttering is and it happened to be one negative emotion from the past that we use a tool called ERT to remove the emotional repolarization technique only taught by me in the way that I learned it from my good friend Dr. Randy Freiburg and his wife Cole nobody else teaches it like this on the planet so the very next day after clearing this emotion he comes in and he talked without stuttering it was a shock and Karen who I mentioned started crying because it was so amazing to see this fine young man talk without stuttering and now he’s actually a professional stand-up comedian in Hollywood can you believe that and he says I never would be able to do this without your program so you need that tool then there’s completion ray came to the completion course because his mom and his wife both died of cancer in the same year and at the end of the course and this is all about releasing the baggage from previous relationships from the conscious mind totally different than the spiritual plane the unconscious mind or the emotional part of you physical emotions which are chemicals that’s what a artistas get thrilled the physical chemicals from your body completion is about releasing from the conscious mind.

The undelivered communication things you didn’t get to say and he did that process with his mom who passed away and his wife who passed away and I said to him at the end ray how do you feel how was the course for you and he and his chest was so big like Superman and it was so chunk shrunken in before he’s a big guy strong guy muscular guy and he says I feel so much better like my heart is opening it and then one of our mutual friends who referred him to the training told me oh no ray can fall in love again he has fallen in love he couldn’t fall in love because of all that pain and now that it’s gone he’s able to fall in love again so you got to have the completion process these are the four major tools of transformation and in fact they’re the only four major tools really that I need to fix almost everybody physically I’m sorry emotionally mentally and spiritually physical that’s something else there’s a whole three series of courses for that and we’re talking about relationships and dropping your baggage those are them those are the four major tools and I know what you’re thinking how do I learn these tools where do I get them I want to know them right now I need to work on this stuff immediately I can’t wait another second okay I’m gonna help you out.

I want to give you a free training complimentary training for a limited time called why your life is the way it is it’s going to help you see feel no fine where a lot of your baggage is coming from and why you have the repeating patterns that you and at the end I’ll tell you about the seven steps to reprogramming yourself course which is the first step in learning the four major tools wire life is the way it is is the most powerful workshop I’ve ever created that’s an introductory workshop I have over 20 of them this is the one that people say years later that course changed my life it was a turning point because I woke up and realized why I was creating the life I was creating and I finally understood how to change it so it’s not just about relationships it’s about your whole life relationships finances and money health even your self-esteem and self-confidence are gonna be affected as you see where these issues actually arise from and you’ll see some of your patterns you didn’t even know we’re there it’s going to be highly illuminating and transformational in and of itself and it’s only an hour it’s a very short workshop you’re gonna need pen and paper so when you’re ready go ahead and click on the link below and you can register for why your life is the way it is and watch that training and that’ll help introduce you into learning the four major tools for transformation I’ll see you in the webinar