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What if you had suffered from sexual abuse, and no one believed you. How can you overcome the painful feelings inside? Watch as a new 7 Steps Practitioner describes how she guided her client to a miraculous life, completely healed from the trauma of sexual abuse!

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So or have you been making money coaching people I have do you find that it’s very fulfilling very fulfilling you love it in loving it can you tell us one story of how you’ve helped somebody oh my gosh yes I can’t so this was when I first took our nose class and let me just say this the book is also part of a series that I took to learn how to create a book so I used that as part of my my format for completing that first book so thank you so very much welcome that yes so um when I first took this course I had already been coaching about 30 women and had developed something but there was still that little thing that was missing and so I invited those 30 women to come into a group called maidens bouquet and it was literally like you know you’re the flower girl and you want to be happy so what is your bouquet of life and so one of the young girls you young ladies she she wanted to be the first to to try the the seven steps and we were all in a video zoom call so this was witnessed by 29 other people she had been molested from the time she was 3 to 12 years old and her parents did not believe her so it wasn’t a parental thing it was somebody else in the family so she had run away from home.

Because now she just doesn’t have the trust of the family and it was still happening she runs away from home now she’s also having a debilitating emotional triggered body issues so fibromyalgia as well as many other traumatic body issues so she was on all kinds of drugs medication let me see it that way best so we began working on her trauma and at first her trauma was caught right here and she couldn’t get it out of her diaphragm and in this process it took a 75 minutes to clear the trauma she was so present to her body it went from English to rage to euphoria which was interesting to watch somebody going to her spherical laughter and then fall right back into crying again and she could tell where the Bott the the pain would shift and move from her diaphragm it would go underneath her breast plate she could fill it she could feel going into her lymph nodes she felt it going into her neck she would even say where it descended into her pubic area she was that present we would see her couldn’t retain her body because it was moving everywhere and we finally got to the last clearing and I asked her I said let’s go back to that moment let’s go back to the first moment that you remember and the last moment that you remember that that occurred to you and she said I’m neutral I realize it happened but I don’t feel that in here any longer I said that’s excellent everybody was crying just watching this whole thing happen so a week later I get a phone call she does something weird is really happening I said what she was so you know we did the clearing I said yes she says two days later my parents called me unprovoked and said we believe you she’s how did that happen and I started to tell her how to happen she goes oh wait a minute there’s more she said two days after that my my perpetrator called me to ask forgiveness but he doesn’t even know my parents No

She’s like how’s this happening so I go to tell her she’s but there’s more I said okay what else and she said so you know I want to be a death doula I said yeah I do she says well I have another certification that I have to pay for could not figure out how I was gonna get the money to pay for it was like $600 she goes she begins telling me one of her mother’s friends had been watching her transform and saw an immediate change in her in the last week because she had noticed her post on Facebook had changed dramatically and she says whatever she just did I need to support she calls her and asked her how are you doing she’s unfeeling really good she just aren’t you supposed to be doing some death thing and that’s what she called she goes yeah my death doula class and she is I want to contribute wrote her a check for $600 she even know how much it was she says why is that happening so I said to her you’re holding a vibration cuz you’re just a vibrational being and that whole vibration was in a victim state all the time and you owe me and you owe me and I hate you because you don’t believe me and that’s what she was carrying so therefore she was making every person guilty even though they weren’t even if they couldn’t understand and would she let all of that down then all of a sudden that vibration now what I say was like this now became like this which now that people in and so therefore they received her complete forgiveness the beautiful thing she’s decreased her medication what she says what was two handfuls of medication now became one handful because some things she still had to process out of her body that was just my first client from taking this course.

My first set and from that time frame I ended up working before the summer was done because I did we did that in the summer time I had taught 90 women about this process and I did it in a class form so it was quite amazing I have some incredible great shares and even today I cleared this major thing and Lydia was in a Hurt my daughter was in a horrible just traumatic car accident and this beautiful woman was there when I was on the phone with her and she just wanted to pour it out and I was gonna cut her off to fix it I was like yes and she’s just like mom can you just listen that was my lesson I said yeah I can just listen so she just said it all she was lonely she’s afraid she’s mad she’s angry she doesn’t have her car anymore she completely totaled and I said oh thank you for trusting me to hear your story I said mommy went through something pretty funky today too but it was really life-changing can I share it with you she as I listened I said okay so you’ll just have to repeat after me and that’s how I got into without teaching her the seven steps we just got right to the point she did her not statements and by the end of that I asked her how do you feel about your car because that was her that was her baby she says I’m not mad anymore I’m not angry I’m not lonely and I’m not sad she is I’m just pretty okay next chapter or your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery USA calm the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private Association