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Do you have a family member that is obnoxious, and always upsetting others in the family? Then this video is for you! Here, Arnoux Goran gives you 3 things that you can do to help them change, and confronting that person isn’t one of them!

The fact is, the more someone dislikes themselves, the more likely they are to be a jerk to someone close to them. Yet when someone says something unkind, it only offends you if it is YOUR button that is being pushed. When you erase all your unconscious judgement programming, leaving only love and acceptance, you will have nothing left to be pushed or triggered! Check out Christy’s experience of her husband changing, when she used the Goran Technique I(aka: 7 Steps):

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Subtitles to the Video :

How do you deal with a toxic family member who always starts trouble and constantly has this victim mentality what a fantastic question i mean think about it how many people in this world have this problem of having a family member that’s always starting trouble and you can’t seem to to stop at the toxic family member the troublemaker the black sheep the wounded person my goodness what do you do about them i have got some secrets to tell you i have some information about this that maybe no one’s ever told you and i can empower you to do something about this like no one else because i have some tools that no one else has and no one else can even imagine having really and if you can apply I’m about to share with you in this video you can literally change your whole family I’m not kidding I’m not exaggerating this is legit i can’t wait to tell you so let’s just get into it okay in your family if you have someone who is a total opinion that you know what they most likely have negative programming inside of them negative thoughts and feelings inside of them that get expressed and get actualized in life in other words they might feel insecure and then they act like a big arrogant person,

Because they actually don’t feel confident right or maybe they have a lot of anger inside from things that happen when they were a kid and they fly off the handle really easily or maybe they have a lot of really bad feelings about who they are and they don’t know how to be a good person because they hate themselves so they keep projecting this negativity out into the world and out onto you the more that someone dislikes themself the more likely they are to be a jerk to those who are closest to them i just covered a whole video on that about how to get over being hard on yourself and so a lot of times people that are close to you are bad to you because they hate themselves I’ll tell you a story and then I’m going to break it down to a whole other level and then I’m going to tell you a better story and break it down even more so so you understand how you can change this problem permanently so one story comes from thanksgiving and i was visiting this fantastic family and i was sitting there at the table and this gentleman that I’ve met a few times before that’s like the brother-in-law so to speak of someone they don’t live there but they came to visit uh he’s sitting at the table with me and one other person and he says to me you have a brand new Mercedes and you dress really nice so you must be rich i hate rich people rich people are greedy and they just think money is important and it’s wrong and and i said wow thank you for sharing and he said why don’t you agree that it’s wrong for you to have so much money i said no i don’t agree but i respect your opinion i have my own opinion I’d be happy to share with you but you’re welcome to leave whatever you want it’s okay well the rich people are always taking advantage of other people and obviously it’s wrong to be rich and it’s bad to have that much money right no i don’t really agree with you but i respect your opinion you’re welcome to believe that if you want to

And he was really quiet and i could see the other people in the family giving him the evil eye like throwing daggers at him with their eyes because they were so mad that he was saying this to me i mean it might be considered really rude right and a lot of people in my place would have been super offended but i wasn’t offended at all you see when someone else tries to throw daggers at you or says something unkind to you it only offends you if it pushes your button and if you can learn how to erase your buttons you might come to a place in your life where people don’t push your buttons or very rarely do they because you’ve erased most of them or even all of them and i didn’t have any buttons about what he was saying it didn’t push my buttons at all because i erased them already it took years years of hard work to get to this place where i could sit in front of him and love him unconditionally despite him basically being a jerk to me i didn’t care but most would have been offended i wasn’t offended i didn’t care i cleared all those buttons and so there was just nothing there but it’s okay i accept you the way you are obviously he had issues with money i feel sorry for him you know it sucks to have issues with money everyone deserves to have lots of money everyone deserves to have lots of money it’s good for you and it’s good for me for you to have lots of money think about that it’s good for everyone for you to have lots of money what’s wrong with that then you can build a charity i mean it’s a wonderful thing to do so he just sat there quietly for a while because i wouldn’t fight him and i wouldn’t argue with him i just told him it was okay so finally he looks at me I’m talking like five minutes later he looks at me and he says you hate me don’t you and i said no i don’t hate you and that confused him i saw his face

He was confused because everyone else would have hated him for that and i think he experienced that over and over again people are hating him for being a jerk in fact he’s banned from another house i heard another cousin they won’t let him come over because he did that to the head of the house so he was banned and i didn’t care i told no i don’t hate you so then i don’t know how long ago was 10 minutes later he says to me I’m sorry about what i said i said oh it’s okay it’s no big deal he’s like can i get you something to drink i said no that’s okay you don’t have to do anything and after that whenever i had seen him he never did it again he stopped doing that and apparently that was his modus operandi’s that he did that with everybody all the time which is why they’re all pissed off because there he goes again being a troublemaker and he stopped doing it now this is an unusual situation it’s hard to repeat he was healed in a way by unconditional love and love can heal now you can’t try to do that you actually have to have unconditional love in you consciously and unconsciously you have to erase all the judgment you feel inside of your unconscious mind which means you have to get rid of all the programming all of them so that when someone throws that crap at you nothing’s there to get triggered and react out of you because even if you don’t say it people can feel it if there’s really nothing there no judgment at all what they can feel is love and acceptance and that broke his pattern which was amazing I’ve never seen it before I’ve never seen that before and it was really a result of doing the work now here’s what you can do if you haven’t gotten to that place yet you can remember that your goal is unconditional love and work towards it you might be thinking how do i do that you learn the seven steps to reprogramming yourself and the five-step emotional eraser and you start erasing all of your judgment that you feel about this person and your family that’s a big pain in the butt okay for example i know of a family um one guy and his sister took my training and they took all the courses 25 courses they’ve taken pretty much everything and they grew up in a difficult environment because their parents were refugees and went through a war their dad had ptsd and anger issues and was really bad and understandably so all his siblings except for one were murdered the two oldest kids starved to death during the war i mean it was a horrible tragedy that they went through and as a result of that there was a lot of arguing and anger and fighting and fear and panic in their childhood.

And so the son especially the guy had a lot of the anger and ptsd that his dad had in him which makes sense because you know we inherit from our parents their issues plus they experience it directly with their parents growing up and the interesting thing was that as he erased his panic and he erased his anger his dad started to mellow out his dad started to change and the rest of the family is saying what’s going on with dad he’s not like angry anymore now he’s just chill he’s mellow what happened and then the sister says well he’s been erasing all of his ptsd and anger and it seems like dads is going away too now this is really interesting see if you work on yourself it can affect other people in your life that have the same issue who have the same DNA as you in fact the same guy also had depression and as he worked through that he was no longer a lump on the couch according to his sister he started doing things like hey mom let me take off the trash and then the weirdest thing happened dad started doing that too so that’s another way that you can affect someone else is by working on yourself now I’m going to give you two more and that was actually a can and say hi story now here’s another one emirates and Sophia don’t want to go home to Houston for Christmas because there’s always fighting there they don’t want to be in the drama but Sophia’s grandfather’s going to pass away and they don’t want to miss saying their final goodbye so they go to Houston and when they get there on the first day what do you know drama drama drama so they take aside the two women who seem to be the biggest instigators one at a time and they say okay auntie we want to try something with you to erase your anger that you feel right now how do you feel about that sure let’s try it and they erased her anger using the seven steps to reprogramming yourself right there and then they took the other auntie aside did the same thing with her and just one layer each was enough to end the drama and for the entire rest of the holiday there was no more fighting and drama it was amazing and i mean can you imagine so that’s another thing you can do once you know the seven steps you can do it with someone and help erase their issues immediately.

But do not come from a judgmental place when you do it and so again you have to work on yourself in order to actually help them now these are the three most advanced ways in the order of most events the simplest now let me share with you the simplest easiest fastest way to deal with someone like that hit them with the baseball bat no I’m just kidding come on i just want to make sure you’re watching make sure you’re listening no what you’re going to do is you’re going to erase all your negative feelings you feel about them yeah you’re going to erase all of your negative feelings about them and that is going to affect them so much that they might completely change I’ll give you an example okay the last seven steps reprogramming yourself really recently just a few months ago this amazing girl and Chrissy’s in the course she’s a professional photographer she’s very vivacious and she has this great personality and she’s really fun and during the first round of clearing she was a little bit stuck and she raised her hand and i came over to help and i said what can i do and she said well my problem isn’t but i have something to work on my problem is that my husband finger being pointed is really negative and i don’t see how working on myself is going to affect him i said well how do you feel about your husband being so negative and she said I’m really angry i said well working on your anger may or may not affect your husband but at least you’ll feel better well that’s kind of hard to argue with isn’t it and they said would you like to get rid of your anger forever and feel better regardless of how it affects your husband she said yeah i could do that so we erased her anger and she cleared the whole thing that was on Saturday the second day of the course because she missed the first day which is a big no-no but she had to go to this massive film shoot so what can you say she watched the video of the first day and came in person on the second day what a smart woman i love it so on Sunday she comes in in the morning and she says i have to tell everyone something so she gets up there in front of the whole room you know we give her the mic and she says the whole story i told you up until now and then she says so after class my husband and i were supposed to go to a concert and you know i was prepared i was bracing myself for him being negative as usual but we’re in the car and I’m sort of dancing and singing because i like to do that and I’m thinking he’s thinking something bad about me and i turn to him and say I’m a dork right and and her husband turns to her and says no you’re just so beautiful and she said that in 10 years of marriage he never said that to her once not once they had a total blast the whole night and she went to bed thinking i can’t believe that he changed he’s not being negative anymore well it must have just been just like a fluke I’m sure tomorrow he’ll be back to normal the next day she’s getting dressed up and he says to her oh getting dressed up for another guy huh she’s like oh here we go again and she says uh yeah definitely and he’s like well hope you have fun at your class.

I’m wearing my scrubs because I’m going to go out for my dirty clothes I’m going to go mow the lawn have a good time she’s like oh my god he’s still not being negative when i forgot one part minutes i mean minutes after she erased the anger he texted her hey i love you and she said he never ever did that in fact she stopped texting him because he stopped responding these people didn’t even talk by text at all now the blue he texted her and i love you right after she finished erasing her anger about him being so negative now i can tell you examples like this for hours i mean hours and hours and hours of real students on my real stage telling stories like that that was just from the very last one the most recent course and her video is on my YouTube channel watches Christy and there’s a whole bunch of stories like that of when you work on yourself by erasing how the other person is pushing your buttons and your buttons are gone it it reactivates it turns off their butt their energy it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the issue they just don’t have it with you anymore now it might be then that they’re still deadly with everyone else just not you and you can laugh and enjoy the fact that you’re not bothered and they don’t act that way around you anymore or with you but you can then continue to affect change in your family by using the seven steps to reprogram yourself have your family members take the training with you.

And that’s how you can deal with someone in your family that is unbearable and a pain in the butt you might have noticed i didn’t say anything about talking to them or about working on them or yelling at them or making rules with them i just talked about doing the real work on the inside that actually affects change permanent change my name is Arnoux Goran this is my YouTube channel i hope you’ll subscribe if you want to learn more about the seven steps to reprogramming so which I’ve just told you is like the big key click on the link below and learn more about it i have some free webinars I’d love for you to take and just get some more information it would be so fantastic if you could post a testimonial about how this video worked for you in your home and your family because that would help other people to realize that what I’m saying is absolutely the truth I’ll see you soon