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Having courage means you act in spite of fear. Courage and facing your fear is wonderful, but being FEARLESS is spectacular! Learn the 7 Steps of the “Goran Technique I” to eliminate all of your fears!!!

Sometimes your fear can be so overwhelming that no amount of willpower can overcome it, then what? You absolutely need a permanent solution, rather than a repeated temporary one. How can you really be yourself, when you are being afraid? If you feel that fear is something you would like to conquer for good, then click on the link and sign up for the online course!

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Subtitles to the video :

I want your opinion on fear sir I suppress it how do you cope with fear what a great question you know throughout our civilization we have tried to suppress fear because we didn’t know what else to do we’ve overcome fear we’ve defeated fear we haven’t let fear stop us the definition of courage is to act in spite of fear so that’s what pretty much everyone does and that’s why I love this question because it’s basically saying isn’t there a better way how do we do this I mean are we just gonna keep forever bumping into the same fear and overcoming it for the rest of our life like if you’re afraid of flying do you have to overcome the fear with willpower every time you go on a flight isn’t there a better way yes there is you can erase it permanently that’s right permanently gone never to return so you were once afraid of flying and now you’re not never again how can that be possible everyone knows that’s impossible no it’s not impossible just because people didn’t do it before never meant that it was impossible it just meant they didn’t know how to do it.

And then people made it even bigger mistake they thought because no one knew how to do it that meant it couldn’t be done but that’s not true it actually can be done it’s being done and I can even teach you how to erase your fear courage is wonderful to overcome your fear and act in spite of fear that’s wonderful to be fearless and now that is spectacular that is amazing and you can become fearless you can erase all of your fears you don’t need to be afraid of anything nice have a terrible fear of heights and I remember the first time I went hiking way up high and I looked over this very very steep hairy deep cliff down into a huge canyon I didn’t even remember that I used to be afraid because I used to freak me out I actually looked down and thought wow wouldn’t it be a to jump off and fly like a bird but never in my life did I ever feel like that die whenever I was up high and looked down that my body would literally freeze up and I would I would feel like I lose control of my ability to even stand properly I’d be afraid that I would just fall over and then to be hard to even walk back and then when I realized that I actually felt like I could fly or jump off the cliff without being hurt it was just such a huge departure and you see you can have that experience with any and all fears it used to be very difficult for me to talk about my childhood and the way that my parents abused me and my brothers and it’s just the whole thing would just God would just lock up and I couldn’t talk about it.

It was very very difficult and there was a lot of fear that my father would kill me because he told me over and over again that he would and all that fear was buried in there you know it mostly was from like age four and five and so as an adult all I felt was like I couldn’t move or like I was frozen but I didn’t know why sometimes fear can be so big that no amount of willpower can overcome it then what do you do it’s better to take this strategy of a permanent solution than a repeated temporary solution rather than trying to use your willpower to constantly and forever after overcome your fear or in some cases be stuck because you can’t even move it’s better to erase it and have no fear about that subject so like for example if you’re a man and you like women and you want to go up to a girl and talk to her but you’re afraid it’s better to erase the fear so when you go up and talk to her you’re not being afraid while you’re trying to talk to her it’s better to be confident women love that don’t they I mean isn’t that what they all say like the number one thing a woman likes about a man is his sense of confidence but fear even if you’re overcoming it doesn’t come across as being confident it comes across as being scared and you’re doing it anyway good for you and you probably crashed and burned because you couldn’t be yourself how can you be yourself when you’re being afraid so we’ve got to get in there any race these fear in a permanent way there’s so many different fears that people have that I’ve seen erased during my training and I love them when kids show up I remember one year this girl named Victoria took all my courses I have 25 courses and back then I think I’d 11 so she took all 11 of them on the very last day at the very last course.

I said Victoria you’ve been sitting on the ground and coloring most of the time she was 9 and do you want to share anything she said yeah I want to share something so she came up on stage and we gave her the microphone and she said well my friend came to visit and I don’t have a nightlight and she does at her house and she couldn’t go to sleep because she was afraid of the dark so I did the 7 steps with her and erased her fear of the dark and we went to sleep so this is a true story a different year a different nine-year-old came up on stage and I said what would you like to clear because I asked for a volunteer to come up him erase something permanently right and she comes up on stage and I say what would you like to clear and she says I want to clear my fear of bugs and the audience laughs at her and she looks at them and says no you know you guys don’t understand I can’t sleep at night I am afraid of spiders and bugs kidding me and I can’t sleep and this would be really huge if it was gone I said ok let’s erase it so we erased it then the next day was the next day of training and I asked her to come up on stage and she wrote the audience how she slept and she said she slept fine and her fear of bugs is gone and then someone threw a giant rubber spider at her and she turned and caught it and laughed because she wasn’t afraid of spiders or bugs at all I know these were cute examples of kids overcoming their fears but adults have real fears too that can be a lot more serious like a fear of going broke fear of survival a lot of people maybe the whole planet is running on this big problem of being afraid that there isn’t enough to go around.

And for people to survive and a lot of adults have a fear of death fear of getting old fear of getting sick we got to get rid of all of this but what happened if the world erased their fear of survival and everyone felt safe that they would be able to survive and have all their needs met he might even have peace on earth when that happened okay I’ve teased you enough now you want to know how do i erase these fears or my fear in the way that you’re talking about you need to learn the seven steps to reprogramming yourself click on the link below learn more about it find out what the seven steps is how to take the course get the courses online and in person how long it is and learn about all that stuff.

Sign up for it take the course erase your first fear and send me a testimonial video post your testimony couple it to YouTube and post your video in the comments wouldn’t that be cool but if you email to us we’ll post on our channel with your permission of course you’re gonna have a testimonial this works for everyone I know you’re thinking it sounds too good to be true if you think that watch the hundreds of testimonials on my channel and you’ll see it’s not too good to be true it’s about freakin time that someone figured out how to erase fear permanently and isn’t it your turn now otherwise you wouldn’t be watching this video see that is the sound of the truth ringing right there did you hear that the bell rang right when I said that it’s for you it’s not a coincidence it’s for you now is your time if you’re really interested in erasing your fear do it there’s so many many examples I can give you people erasing their fears of everything you can imagine I probably have a testimonial video for that so now it’s your turn my name is Arnoux Goran subscribed to my channel let’s hang out I’ll see you soon