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We have 11 courses that go in order from basic to advanced. You start with physical or emotional health, The Solution (physical) or The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself (emotional).

The 7 steps is also taught in our Foundation course which is 10 days of recorded training and comes after The Solution. If you can’t wait until the 2nd course, we have created a stand-alone course for those who would like to start clearing repeating life patterns and old emotions now.

The Solution weekend is a great beginning in learning how the unconscious mind works and the ABC’s of why we are sick along with the latest breakthroughs for common illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, the big C, and high blood pressure.

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

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Are you tired of struggling in relationships? Are you lonely? are you upset? and brokenhearted over a previous relationship are you angry wherever you’re at that’s okay I can show you how to get rid of the blockages between you and your dream relationship I can show you how to drop that baggage from those old relationships that are in the way of you being happy now in your current relationship if you’re interested in learning more I’m gonna invite you to a free training it’s for a limited time all this is not a scam there’s no catch it’s just that I love helping people I want to make you as happy as you can be that will make me happy if you can understand what I’m saying all you got to do is click on the link below and join the free webinar I’m offering why your life is the way it is ending repeating life patterns ending relationship patterns ending patterns of domestic violence of verbal abuse of fighting of loneliness of sadness of getting the same person .

They all have a different name you want to get you past all those patterns into having the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted being able to manifest and attract into your life the kind of person that you really really want to be with it you know one of my clients she grew up terribly where her dad and her brother treated her like dirt her whole childhood and she said after that every man she dated treated her like dirt it was a repeating cycle she met me and she took my training and learned how to erase negative patterns permanently and within four months of hard work she had released all the crap wrote a description of her dream man two months later she met Tim I went to their wedding in Balboa Park in San Diego when I saw her she saw me the tears started coming down her face and she said I wouldn’t be getting married it was for you what a day I’d like to see that happen a thousand ten thousand a million more times is it your turn just click on the link below join the webinar I’ll see you there