Alvaro shares how his mother no longer has shopping addiction and erased her fear of claustrophobia. He, himself, has erased all the anger and resentment towards his parents. He says he uses it everyday being able to live an upset-free happier life!

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the video:

Hello my name is Alvaro Sanchez I finished in the seven steps a la probably every day it’s uh well it’s my one of my favorite tools for Morneau I actually know a couple of other tools that he teaches but it’s definitely you’re going to see that was when they said it’s like waking up in a different universe and you actually do it every day well you practice it every day like I do you feel like I don’t know it’s it’s weird explaining because it’s a change of perspective of how you see like I’ve done seven steps to clear anger towards my dad frustration towards life

Frustration anger resentment towards my mother and my mother has also is those tools allowed she cleared her issues with the case for the shopping that was her and you know I remember when I I’m from Costa Rica actually and she’s been here like for fifteen years living now and first time I came here we practically believed that the shopping and the shopping center Hey and for some reason now I know why was that you know I started to visit her and she went there and she almost didn’t go to the shopping center and her finances were going pretty good she cleared her obviously the fear of being in small spaces claustrophobia claustrophobia yeah

So she wasn’t able to go into the elevators and she would never get into the electric stairs and now she does it the first time she said that she went into the elevator and just to trying because she wasn’t afraid and she was so happy because the tool worked that she went up and down up and down like that because she was so happy that you know it’s not there anymore and it’s really difficult to explain it but it’s when you actually live through it you will understand it I hope and I’m pretty sure that you really are you’re gonna feel that sensation so then just do the work thank you the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private Association