How do you manifest a husband? Watch Shelly tell how she did it, how she found the man of her dreams!

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But wonderful has been Tim’s getting in the back we got married we got married six weeks ago today actually six weeks and it was absolutely amazing and I went through some personal coaching calls with Arnoux and I grew up in a very abusive environment I had a really bad model for what a relationship should look like girl again unfortunately but you know who has it to some level we’ve all had something and so anyway I kept attracting my ex-husband it was a nightmare and I couldn’t get myself to get out of the situation

That was some you know repeating patterns that were generational there’s all different sources for these repeating patterns as we learn if you’re in the courses up in anyway I kept attracting the wrong guys kept attracting the wrong circumstances you know being being treated poorly lied to cheated on et cetera played the whole thing neglected ignored not valued all of those things kept happening no matter what I would try to do or how nice I try to be heater no matter what I try to do to make a difference and I was going to a particularly stressful relationship

It was really really bad and it was at this time that I started doing some coaching calls Burnell and I was doing some seven-step work and I did over 4,000 cancellations I cleared over 4,000 things you don’t even know that you have this stuff going on you don’t even realize it and Arnoux shows you the root causes he shows you where it is and you know a lot of this stuff I did the majority of this at home myself he coached me and guided me

And I would do this stuff myself at night before I go to bed at home by myself in the privacy of my room so it’s things that you can do yourself it is a great tool he’s not giving you fish he’s teaching you how to fish so you can feed yourself for life I know it sounds cliché but it’s very true but if it were not for me doing all of this and learned all this I never would have met and attracted and fell in love with such a wonderful man so it really is life changing so that’s that’s my story about getting married

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