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Should you end your relationship, especially when the other person is always getting under your skin and pushing your buttons? You might be surprised at how you can know for sure what to do!

Arnoux’s rule for troubled relationships is, “Don’t leave the person you love because you’re upset!”. His advice allows you to decide about staying in a relationship when you are clear about how you really feel, by using “The Goran Technique I”(AKA:The 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself) protocol. Erase your own hot-button stuff first, before moving to end the relationship, and you will act in harmony with what is best for you. He even gives clear guidance about what you should do if you’re in an abusive relationship.

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Subtitles to the Video:

Should I get a divorce should I break up that’s one of the most common questions of my clients asked me or no I think it’s over I think we should break up what do you think how do you know when it’s time to end the relationship I have a rule that I think is really valuable and powerful and really helps people to make a good decision about when to break up if ever here’s the rule do not leave the person that you love because you’re upset first erase all of your negative emotions erase all the upsets in a permanent way until there’s nothing left that they do that upsets you then you’re going to make a much much better decision people don’t make good decisions when they’re upset the upset the anger the fear the sadness is coloring everything it’s shrouding the revision you can’t see clearly when you’re pissed off but if you’re not pissed off anymore because you’ve literally erased the anger from inside of yourself then when you observe their behavior you’ll be neutral you won’t be triggered by them no I know what you’re thinking but it’s what they did they made me feel angry I’m angry because of what they did that.

What if that’s not true what if what they did is triggering your anger that was already there there’s a way to know which is right imagine this and we all know this story imagine that it’s a fire a big fire and then after the fire is over the reporters and the journalists they interview 20 different people and ask them what happened well they all say the same thing no in fact we know scientifically that you’ll get 20 different perspectives on what happened not just because they’re standing in a different place in fact sometimes they’ll give a completely different story and it sounds like a totally different thing happened how can that be it’s because every single person is viewing life through their own belief systems so their own filters and you can imagine that some of them felt very afraid some of them felt very angry some of them felt sad because of the fire and some people didn’t feel any negative negative emotion they might have been the ones responded because they weren’t stuck because of their old button that got triggered and turned on well it’s the same thing in your love life should you divorce someone or breakup with someone because they’re pushing your buttons that doesn’t make sense does it it’s better to delete the buttons wait a minute is that even possible people don’t think it is but it is I know that modern Psychology and people who think that they’re the masters have told you that it can’t be done but it can be done.

And we’re doing it thousands of my students have done it we have a university study to prove that 100 percent of the people who take my training and learn the 7 steps through programming yourself erased negative emotions permanently and they can do it on their own after the training so do that you erase all of your buttons erase all of your anger your sadness and your food that they trigger in you until they don’t trigger you anymore aren’t even going to look the same their behavior is going to occur very differently to you you’ll be like the person who has the neutrality and therefore the strength to run into the fire and deal with the problems powerfully instead of letting the problems deal with you that’s the rule clear your own stuff first before you end the relationship now there is one exception and that is if the person is harming you if they’re abusing you whether verbally or physically verbal abuse can be much worse than physical abuse people die from verbal abuse oh yes they do so if someone’s actually hurting you if they’re saying things to you that are designed and meant to harm you then you need to end that it doesn’t mean you have to get a divorce you can just separate for a while and you can clear all of your negative emotions without being abused and once you’ve cleared everything and I mean everything using all four major tools of transformation not just the seven steps then you can revisit the situation and see if the abuse is gone.

Because I’ve seen that before where the abuse disappears when all the negative emotions are gone you can see how that could be true so you need to stop the abuse and then you got to work on yourself and here’s the thing if you don’t work on yourself guess what you’re going to attract a similar situation aren’t you you know those people maybe you are one of those people keep dating the same kind of alcoholic or abusive person or cheater or liar or emotionally unavailable person or person who’s afraid to commit I’m not saying men or women because everyone has these issues male or female as a matter if you’re divinely masculine or divinely feminine people have these issues and we tend to attract people over and over again the same issues why because they’re mirroring our own issues when we change our own self then finally do we start to attract something different.

So it makes a lot of sense to follow the rule of the race and your own stuff first before you change the relationship a lot of times those feelings of being in love come back once you’ve removed the layers of pain that have gotten in the way the walls that have gotten in the way of your hearts connecting it’s a beautiful thing to see a couple who’ve been fighting for seven years who’ve been married for thirty fall in love with each other just like that again when the anger is gone couldn’t that do you now if you liked this video and you want to see more of my videos subscribe to my channel my name is Arnoux Goran if you want to learn about the four major tools of transformation starting with the seven steps to reprogramming yourself we’ll do some research click on the link below find out more I’d love to train you I’ll see you soon