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Locally, nationally, and globally, people are asking how to stay balanced during this time of tremendous social change. Are there any spiritual practices that can help?

So far, the 2020’s have been a most challenging era. Social gatherings, religious services, school graduations, jobs and business have all been affected by the virus pandemic and resulting social restrictions. In America, that has been magnified by the civil unrest over incidents of police brutality and racial injustice. What should you do? Arnoux Goran thoughtfully shares his suggestions for you to find your balance during these changing times.

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Subtitles to the Video:

During this time of the covet season and lately the riots how do you stay positive how do you stay strong what spiritual practices or what do you do to stay strong and positive right now that is the question many people have how do i stay strong how do i stay positive during the pandemic during the time of sibilant rest and what are my spiritual practices that i use to do that wonderful question i’s so glad you asked first of all your environment does play a role in how you feel but the biggest factor in how you feel is you your unconscious programming and the conscious thinking that you choose so choose positive thoughts choose positive perspectives choose the silver lining for example i choose to enjoy the fact that people seem to be nicer since the pandemic started have you noticed that people seem to be nicer why are they being nicer we now have a new motto we’re all in this together i know it’s a song from high school musical i know but people really feel that way we’re all in this together wasn’t America the country of we’re all individuals and now we’re all in this together to me that’s a really positive change i know there’s a lot of tragedy around the pandemic what are you going to do why not find the bright side and focus your mind on that of course there’s other positive things that you can look at a lot of people are going to be working from home now and they love it why because the pandemic forced some changes and all the changes are going to stay the nfl draft is going to be different why is it going to be different because during the draft this year they had cameras in the homes of all the players that might get drafted and when people got drafted to the nfl they showed them getting the news and their family going crazy the dad or whoever was the grandpa falling off the couch and rolling on the floor and they showed the general managers and the owners and the coaches at home they showed coach Bill Belichick with his dog Nike.

This little cute little dog him feeding the dog and people felt really connected like like we felt like we all got to go to each other’s houses and be friends instead of Bill Belichick was this like great super coach and he’s way up here and I’m way down here all of a sudden we’re all closer by being apart what an amazing thing and i know that there might be some difficulty for example i saw that a lot of people are starving to get to death for touch well I’ve been teaching for years that touch is an essential part of life that you need touch just like you need air and water and food it’s part of being human it’s it’s an essential nutrient to the human body so what should you do well go get a massage start to get together with your friends as the country is starting to open up make sure that you get your needs taken care of that’s important so what are the spiritual practices that i use to deal with the pandemic well talk to my friends on the phone or do video chat and stay connected in other ways that’s one practice i think a lot of people really would benefit from quieting the mind and then of course if you get triggered if you get upset to use the seven steps to reprogramming yourself the five-step emotional eraser the emotional repolarization technique and completion the four major tools of transformation to erase those negative feelings that are coming up so you will genuinely feel better now are those considered a spiritual practice of course they are how is getting rid of negative energy negative thoughts and negative emotions from your body not a spiritual practice it’s like the spiritual practice right and i already mentioned learning how to quiet the mind um I’m sure you’ve already heard it.

I mean I’ve been watching the news in two different times a major psychologist was on tv on national tv and they asked what they recommend people do and the psychologist said i recommend people meditate which to me means quieting the mind down quieting the mind down quieting the mind and bringing peace into yourself now there are some other things that are really going to help you besides quieting the mind choosing to see the bright side and thinking positive and erasing the negative emotions and programming using the four major tools of transformation it’s also really important to take good care of your body so that means trying to eat as well as you can that doesn’t mean eating more chicken and rice that means eating more organic uncooked fruits and vegetables the more that you can go towards fresh natural food the better your body is going to feel in general if you jump all the way from fast food to nothing but organic vegetables you’re going to detox and you’re not going to feel that good but as you can move gradually that way you’re going to feel better some people so they gained lots of weight during the pandemic but other people lost lots of weight because they really focus on their self-care and they really focus on eating at home not drinking as much or any alcohol and eating the best quality food that they can that is also a spiritual practice because how you eat affects your emotions.

It affects your mind and affects your spirit along with that if you can move your body that will help a lot some people started jogging some people a lot of people started bike riding people started bike riding so much that all the parts to fix bikes are out of stock everywhere you can’t even order a part for months because they’re all gone why because everyone took their bikes out of their garage another silver lining about the pandemic people went outside you know i have this lake that i film out a lot maybe you’ve seen a lot of videos with me at the lake in the background i used to go there on a Saturday and i might see one person in three hours nobody went to the lake and now that the pandemic hit i just like tons of people there all the time I’m like you guys are at my lake it’s mine no don’t be selfish right I’m happy that people are out and in nature i like seeing people jogging i love seeing people riding their bikes i like seeing people doing yoga and stretching and personal trainers are meeting with their clients outside the park doing social distancing no one’s touching anything they’re just doing exercises on the grass right so getting your body moving can really help especially stretching stretching releases the acid buildup in your body and allows your body to feel better if you stretch every muscle in your body every day for one month your body will feel incredible compared to how it feels right now no joke and there are lots of other things you can incorporate into your exercise routine that don’t take up too much space like the five Tibetan rites or super power breathing these are exercises that will make you feel fantastic and you can do them in your living room or in a pretty pretty reasonably small space you don’t have to have a gym membership or even be able to go to a gym if they’re still closed to do those exercises and you can learn them online for free yeah take a deep breath.

And let that go what if you took 10 minutes every morning or during your break or before lunch to just sit and take 10 deep breaths over and over until your 10 minute timer went off and what if you breathe in and out only through your nose and let each breath be longer and softer and slower than the one before it

Would that help you feel better every day

I bet it would what if you did that as your practice of how you go to sleep at night would that help you it probably would also really important is to go outside it’s easy during a pandemic and you’re working from home to stay indoors and order in and go shopping once or twice a week and be inside for days in a row go outside every day even if it’s just for a 20-minute walk go outside every day if it’s raining put on rain gear get an umbrella if it’s sunny i mean come on it’s it’s June right now go outside for the brain you need to see i don’t mean looking directly at the sun you need to see natural light for one hour every day according to Dr David Judd one of my most favorite doctors of all time 90 percent of the benefit of sunlight is recede through the eyes because it helps balance your brain chemistry and it has to be light that comes to you without any glass in the way no sunglasses no car windows so you have to be outside without sunglasses you can be in the shade you don’t have to look at the sun but you need to be outside without glass in the way of you and nature for an hour every day just to have normal brain chemistry people don’t do that normally well now that it’s a pandemic and you’re working from home maybe you have the time to spend an hour outside every day can you take a phone call while walking can you have a business meeting while walking why not go for a walk be outside and still do your job what an amazing thing to do so those are some of the spiritual practices and disciplines that i employ to maintain feeling fantastic every single day if you’re not used to working from home make the adjustments.

Make the adjustments so there was one other thing about this question which was what do you do about the the civil unrest people protesting i say go protest i say support them personally for me both my parents are deaf so my dad saw me Jewish and my dad experienced horrific discrimination for being Jewish I’ve had some cousins and family members who were in the holocaust I’ve seen their tattoos so my family has experienced oppression both for race and for disability and i experienced it personally that’s terrible it’s a terrible thing for one human being to hate another human being for such a stupid reason isn’t it stupid it’s just stupid racism is dumb and only dumb people are racist that’s what i think I’ve always thought that I’ve thought that since i was born and anyone who thinks otherwise it’s just lost and i forgive them and i erase any negative emotions i have about them right so that’s what you do how does it make you feel that an innocent man was brutally murdered by the police in front of other people and no one was able to stop it does it make you feel sad does it make you feel angry doesn’t make you feel afraid erase those emotions use the seven steps for your programming yourself and the other tools to erase how you feel about it all so that when you speak out when you donate when you protest when you take a stand for righteousness justice and equality you’re coming from a place of power not a place of anger not a place of fear.

Because those were disempowering places a anger-driven protest is not as powerful as a protest driven by peace why did Gandhi and Dr king choose non-violent protesting because the truth is the real power that we have we don’t have to fight with violence because if we fight with violence then we look like the bad guys and we’re the good guys we’re standing up for what’s right so let’s just stand there and demand what’s right and don’t move until they give it to us well that’s how Gandhi freed two countries from an imperial oppression and so what can we do erase all of our negative emotions about what happened erase all of our negative emotions about racism choose to love and embrace all human beings regardless of their race religion economic background gender sexual preference or anything else love each other embrace each other and then if you are inspired to go out and protest do that if you’re inspired to write about it do that do your thing I’m making a video expressing my opinion right now it’s just my opinion but you asked how do you deal with all this stuff well make yourself feel really good and then from that righteous power go do something about it so i hope I’ve answered this question well if i haven’t please post some questions in the comments and i can then go ahead and follow up and answer those okay if you don’t know my name’s Arnoux Goran now you know our no I’ve got lots of free webinars you can take and of course subscribe to my YouTube channel I’ll see you soon