Jennifer’s daughter was the victim of sexual abuse by a family friend. As a result, for many years her daughter was depressed and unable to interact with others. After completing the “7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself” as taught by Arnoux Goran, she is now out and about, living a full life! As a mom, Jennifer too felt the trauma of her daughter’s abuse. Feelings of guilt and unworthiness stifled her confidence. The 7 Steps released her from those debilitating feelings, restoring her power as a mother, woman, and healer.

Childhood sexual abuse is painful, frightening, traumatic, often with long-term impact. Take action now to heal and free yourself to live your life with confidence, and without pain.

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the video :

You know actually I’m gonna start by saying thank you you’re welcome thank you and Merritt you’re a godsend thank you so much for giving our life back about five years ago it came to light that my daughter had been sexually abused and molested by a best friend of my ex-husband for years that lived under my roof and I had no idea and I’m supposed to be the intuitive one and and I had a lot of lot of stuff and she didn’t – and she spent years just not being able to get out of bed and I never understood life and so we’ve been searching and searching for an answer and and the anger and the frustration and lots of stuff and then we found Merritt about it’s only been a couple of months and three months and the transformation that has happened for her has been amazing that she’s been helping people throughout the weekend.

She couldn’t even look at people and she’s out there wanting to make a difference in the world you’re doing it and my daughter yeah and I mean it is literally a transformation that was a miracle and a godsend and so I do thank you and I know that it’s going to continue and and new doors are opening already but for me I was the mother that had to wait to clear my stuff at least I thought that was my block until she was healed and and so I do the let me lose weight let me put on the 50 pounds let me get rid of the 50 pounds let me get on that and it’s the same thing I’m 50 pounds on and off and I so I’m like okay that’s done we need to be done it needs to go and so this weekend I worked on that I worked on my shame and my guilt and my not safe to be intuitive because and just shutting off my power so it’s time for me and I stand in my power and I feel my power coming back and I feel it back hmm yeah then it’s time to really allow those gifts to come back online yeah and then they’re started for years I could not see vision and I couldn’t see the future and I said I know what I’m gonna do and then I was a director of engineering at a telecommunication company and I retired 11 years ago and I was a closeted healer for a my whole life as well and then I said okay time to come out of that closet in the healing world and but I couldn’t but I couldn’t hmm and now it’s time to lift that vision because that was one of the other things as I was lifting other things it part of what I kept saying over and over and clearing and clearing was I can’t see.

I don’t want to see I don’t want to see I can’t see it’s not safe to see and and now it’s safe to say it’s okay to see and now the vision can come back then do I say thank you thank you you’re welcome I’m so happy that your vision is back and especially for your daughter and how amazing she is and she’s such a gift to all of us she’s very talented and she picks things up really quick she’s only 18 years old and you’re obviously an amazing mom I’m sorry for what happened to you guys but you know one time Teresa came up here and she’s like I know I’m sorry for all the crap that you grew up through what you went through but I’m glad you did because it helped me changed my life right so sometimes those terrible things can be the impetus to get us on the right path etc and I hope that you feel that you are now because you’re amazing too thank you sir and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association