As a child, Lois was told to be quiet; that children were to be seen, not heard; perhaps you can relate, which resulted in Lois speaking in a way you could hardly hear her voice. After taking the “Goran Technique” (AKA the Seven Steps to Reprogramming Yourself), created by Arnoux Goran, Lois took the stage and spoke from the heart with a microphone, finally allowing self-expression after a lifetime of living in the shadows.

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Here in Lois Own Words…

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I do not do public speaking. I hardly speak in when we’re closed up. All you gotta do is hold the mic close, look him in the eyes, speak from your heart.. that’s it! But this is something I’ve cleared so but it’ll be short.

But I’m up here. All my life since I can remember it was… “Don’t say that.. Be quiet.. Don’t say that!” It started out as a fifth child and two of the three of the older ones were getting it and I was hearing it and I’m finding myself, I’m very quiet and I can be sitting next to somebody and not say something and, or if I say it, I say it quietly where it is hard to hear me and I don’t get a response.

And so I worked on that today by myself which was probably best right into the microphone or yeah and then I thought it’s not gonna work this is going to take a month. All of a sudden it moved, it shifted and a little bit later it cleared up and then I could go on into the positive, you know, and how it’s good and bla, bla, bla. Yeah! Okay? So now you can talk! And now I can talk…And now I can talk in front of people more than just to a person. 

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