Ken had been teased and bullied for the way he talked, so he became very shy and quiet. That was until he completed the transformational courses taught by Arnoux Goran! Listen while he shares the difficult life he had and the amazing changes he has made. From shy and reserved to an actual on camera news reporter! Wow, check him out now:

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the video:

Hello everybody my name is Ken so the five day I took the course first time I was like two years ago yeah two years two years ago and each year I try to review it if I can’t I try to help out become an event angel but yeah that’s so the thing about the the five day it is very transformational it is like I guarantee you’re gonna change your life because I’ve spent to see lots of money with different coaches different events learned so many different modalities and the thing that are no teaches you’re not going to find anywhere else in the world I mean really in the world the stuff that he’s offering man it is like the price for that it won’t like to change your life you can’t really put a price on that so I’m very fortunate because I’ve got to take that course and I got to you know work out my mental spiritual emotional the physical you know you learn everything there there’s so much to learn you like in in the five day and then when you come out it’s like you’re like a butterfly you’re like in the whole process you’re cocooning you’re getting out of this cocoon right and then when you come out you just shine so bright so I had this thing like I’m always like before I was like kind of shy timid and and and so when I get nervous I get nervous you know I used to get nervous like speaking in front of public speaking like on a stage or just you know talking to keep.

I’m just very shy because I grew up in an environment where I got abused by my dad and for just speaking you out stuff I get beat up and it was just so painful your oh no I just don’t want to talk to anybody I was always like the weird kid you know they call the weird kid you know like you get picked on you know bullied because you know you have that at home and you have that with you bring that energy everywhere you go and at school and that’s really really like transfer that whole energy out and that’s something that you learn from the seven-step and that’s the thing you’re gonna learn from the five-day so currently right now I’m working like I’m not afraid I’ll be honest I do door-to-door sales now and it is not easy but I can tell you I’m so happy because I broke through like that whole fear of people and that is amazing something like marriage for that Arnoux for that because these guys and you know the rest of the staff man I’m just so thankful so thank you you’re welcome can anybody your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery us the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association