Got Rid of My Allergies & UTIs From This Emotional Healing Technique

You know when you have a health issue that just won’t go away. You’re been to the doctors, you’ve taken western medicine, eastern medicine and everything in between but you still have that pesky issue? Teresa was dealing with debilitating UTIs on and off, until she had a THM student help her do an ERT (Emotional Repolarization Technique) on her in 2014. Ever since then she hasn’t had an UTI. It is now 2018. Recently, she came to the last course and worked on her allergies. Her allergies are gone too! Can’t wait to check in with her in six months, a year or in two years on her allergies! Hopefully they are permanently gone too.

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the video:

Okay so I’ve got two Artie’s I want to share one I did a long time ago which was my first one and was amazing so I hadn’t taken the course yet and I actually missed taking the course because I had a UTI urinary tract infection which I got from the time I was little and the doctor said oh it’s from bubble baths that’s what they told my mom and so I have them forever so I miss taking the ERT course in the completion because I had such a severe one summer no said you need to do an ERT have Karen fire bro far far bro don’t help me and so they did and it was amazing it was just like what you saw on stage when I think it was Tina was up here and she just immediately started crying because you know when Emily’s your body there goes never not Tina Hillary well send a couple of them good and you can feel it leave your body like you know that’s what it was and it was something that my mother and my grandmother said when I was in utero and I wasn’t expected so I think there was a lot to do with that I was like the fourth child and had three older brothers and blah blah blah so yeah so it cleared and I’d never had one since and it’s been I don’t know four or five years so you cleared your UTI infection with the 1e RT t not even done sharing are you

And then yesterday you told me to clear my allergies all week I have been so bothered by allergies which had not had before and it was interesting because John was working with me and he and one of the first things he said which I knew what he was gonna say was coffee and milk and that’s the only thing I haven’t given up in my diet is my aunt Ayse and I know that that’s what’s bothering me so then Emrys helped me yesterday afternoon and I’m gonna said get rid of the allergies so we did we got rid of the allergies and I feel we didn’t your team won ERT Kimani Artie and I and it was interesting because part of the ERT with the allergies was my school and I went right back to my elementary school and I remember what she said in the foundation about how they tell you you need to have a balanced diet and you know the the milk and all that BS that’s not true and was just a marketing ploy so I know that the milk was an issue there’s other allergies going on so anyhow I woke up this morning and I feel so much better better I’ve not been sneezing I’ve hardly had any runny eyes I was able to put on my makeup this morning and I just I feel better I don’t feel like crap and that’s just been dragging for like a week and a half but what’s the year to finish my statement was am i drawing a blank right now yes I have a leg I do not have allergies find out and forgive stones know where they said no I don’t have allergies and now I don’t have allergies isn’t that crazy

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